How would you spend $1000 extra income?

How does spending $1000 extra income impact your life? Let’s say you just made $1000 extra income today, how would you spend it?

How does it make difference in your life? We are doing Online Business for reasons including making and spending income I assume.

I have drafted out some ideas. They would be my daily motivation to hit $1000 three times a month as 2012 goal. – 36 times a year.  To dream evern bigger,  how about $1000 a day? It’s possible and online business potential is unlimited as you may know.

spend extra 1000
How would you spend extra $1000 today?

Spend $1000

Since this is an extra income, it would be nice to spend it all right the way. How would it improve your daily life? If you have it monthly, will you move in a better living home like an apartment in a nice neighbor?

As an extra income, I will let my kids to take music, dance, and sport classes over the weekend. It easily costs hundreds on monthly basis. What if I buy a new mini-van?

Do you have any dreamed vacation? Would you go to those countries that you haven’t been? Is $1000 enough for a nice vacation? Or save it up, so one day you could make the trip?

For me, we could have a nice Disneyland Weekend Trip in Los Angeles. It could cover gas, entrance tickets, nice meals, and hotel accommodation with $1000.

How to invest 1000 dollars?

Be honest, I don’t know how to invest money wisely. I don’t even buy stocks aggressively.

Anyway, you have extra $1000. Would you buy a few shares of Apple or Google Stocks?

Since this is an extra money, I will reinvest in my online business with outsourcing. I will outsource more article writing and backlinking so I work less. I will buy software or services to save me time and be more efficient so I could spend more time with my family.

For your reference – how to invest 1000 by other professional advice (I think it really all depends.)

Saving $1000

I could save $1000 in a saving account with 0.1% return, so it would be my emergency money when things pop up such as I need to fix the toilet leaking or pay a medical bill.

I may have a bigger item to buy such as my next house. $1000 could be saved up for the down-payment.

$1000 is not whole a lot to spend right the way. It could be saved for bigger use. Would you?

Giving $1000 away

Have you been giving on regular basis? One of the joy is be able to give to those in need and donate to clarities and non-profit organizations? How about to give away a portion of it?

The more you give, the more you get.

How I will do with my extra one thousand

While my online business is still kind of green, I gonna do this breakdown:

50% – Invest back to my online business so it will grow like a seed and help making the next $1000 faster.  I’m trying to spend at least $500 a month as my annual goal.

30% – Spend. Easy enough, just spend $300 for pleasure, buy a nice meal to award myself, buy some nice toys and clothers on the kids, and family. It’s one of my motivation to make extra money online.

10% – To Save for rainy days. I feel great and secure to have an extra $100 in my saving account.

10% – To Give to Charity. The more I make, I’m more than happy to give and help others out. I’m not all about myself.

Dream Big and spend Extra $1000 would be one of your motivation working online.  I’m hitting a $1000 this month (it’s already half way through this month) and scaling up to hit X3 monthly. Meanwhile, it would be nice to dream and plan how to spend extra money like that.


Do you have any ideas how you will spend your extra $1000? Any fun idea to share? How would you spend your extra $1000 today?


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Kent Chow

I am an Amazon Niche Site Publisher. I love sharing how I make extra income online and inspire you do so. This Bootcamp Training is my 2016 blue-print and all you need. I highly recommend it as for Amazon Newbie.

21 thoughts on “How would you spend $1000 extra income?”

  1. Kent, from the title, I believed you were giving out $1,000…LOL. Seriously it will be nice to earn $1,000 a day on the Internet Market business. I like it when I am challenged so I will be following your series keenly. I will also be updating you with my progress as we go on. For some strange reasons, I foresee that 2012 will be a great year for all IM gurus.

    Bring it on Kent!

    1. I wish I could give away $1000 too. 🙂

      No more dream, just get things done to make it happen. Martin, as I’ve asked, how would you spend that extra income?

  2. If this $1000 would be “extra”, I’ll probably expand my silver and gold coins collection. It’s a pleasure and investment, so I’ll be happy and safe for future 🙂

    In my business – mobile apps – outsorcing is really expensive, so I wouldn’t do that. Maybe some graphics or sounds, but for sure not coding.

    1. Nice idea.. Spending that $1000 as investment on Gold and Silver coins, and pleasure to yourself. Hitting 2 birds with one stone, smart!

      Yeap, I think you would outsource the graphics and background music, it would be a plus to your Mobile Apps Success.

  3. $200 on new domains, $400-$600 on content and $200 on seo. and repeat this process infinite time.

    later keep some money for seo on for aged domains..maintenance cost.

    1. Rahul, it looked like you’d invest all the money back to your business. The split percentage is interesting to me. I am doing similar like $50 per site – $10 for the domain name, $20 for the content, and $20 for backlinking.

      Do you build niche sites in Adsense and Amazon Affiliates?

      1. I have one dedicated writer for my niche sites. Currently i am building two big sites of 50 article each for long term.

        I do have both as i got few good earners and competitors is coming to many. I guess we may need 1 more year to get full time income from home.

  4. That’s a very good question if your living on a budget of $400 a month LOL

    I would stick it on the side to cover the ups and downs of each month, mine a are probably a little different living in Asia as they include things like buying 3 months worth of cheese in one go “so you get a half decent price” you can add coffee and butter to that list also.

    1. Neale, I think living in Thailand would be different and $1000 may let you live comfortably there.

      You may miss a point that $1000 is an extra income online assuming that you have regular income paying off your living expense. Smart people would just bet all of those on investment. 🙂

  5. Family, debt (mortgage), savings/investments, and business/SEO in some calculated percentage. I think that’s how I would divide it.

    If you want to spend $500/month on your business, here’s a tip: Buy the best possible tools and services you can to make things faster, easier, and more efficient. Reduce the amount of time that you’re doing the monotonous stuff and use tools/people to automate that. 2 hours a day is actually a lot of time. That’s pretty much all I get as I need to take care of my kid all day, so you have to do things more efficiently.

    1. Andre, you made very good point about how to make that $500 a month investment. For me, it would be about $100 for my SEO tools like UAW monthly cost and web hosting. This month, I bought $40 plugins/software from WSOs to help me work faster and more effectively.

      I try to spend at least $200 on content outsourcing. When my business scales big enough, I hope I could hire someone full/part time from oDesk.

  6. The problem with a lot of people who find they’re earning an extra $1000 a week is that they find their life style changes and it all disappears. If it was to happen to me I would put it to good use. If I had a credit card debt I would put it towards that. Otherwise I would put it towards my home loan so that I could pay it off that much quicker. Both actions would save you a hell of a lot of money in the long run.

    1. Sire, that is interesting insight. With that extra income, one could save and pay off a little debt or mortgage with it – saving interest as well. Thanks!

      1. It’s probably because of the way I was brought up. Finding ways to save money actually helps to grow your wealth.

        For instance paying a 20year home loan in 10 years would save you tens of thousands of dollars.

        The same goes for credit card debts, speaking of which I’ve never had one because I always pay it off in full so I don’t incur any interest. I make the credit card work for me, amassing points that I convert into dollars, and not the other way around. 😉

  7. My biggest earner apart from my real job is writing online. Through Hubpages and Webanswers, and various other sites and affiliates linked to my writing I’ve earned well over $1000.

  8. Kent, at this stage, an extra $1000 would go 100% back into my business – either more sites and content or experimenting with outsourcing more than just article writing. Unless a new Call of Duty is coming out, then I’d reserve $60 for pleasure, rest business.

    1. Nice that you would be all in, maybe as NSM, build 10 Adsense niche sites – flip and sell some, and keep a few; then reinvest it as another cycle.

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