niche site tools and resources

Many visitors have asked me about how to start a website (blog) like this and how to start an Amazon Niche Site.

These are my toolsets in my business all-in-a-box and I only promote what I use here.

They are part of my business operation and I chose these services because they are in high quality and provide world-class technical support.

0. How to Start?

I took this Blueprint Training to grow my knowledge and next level, and it’s the foundation and my Amazon Niche Site Blue-print. The Module 3 and 5 were my favorites and it has been paying off big-time.

It’s NOT a $99 ebook, it’s a full-intense Video Training and Action Items to follow.

Get the education that you need and help yourself!

I. Niche, Market, and Keyword Research


It’s my Number One to-go Keyword Research Tool in 2016. It helped me to dig out hundreds of low competition keywords.

Also I got to say NO to many competitive ones -> SAVED me tons of effort, time, and cost.

It’s very Affordable and User Friendly.

2. AMAsuite Amazon Product Research Tool

This is my Ninja Secret Tool in my business.

I do my Amazon product research and always find high rated products with it. It saves my product research time whole a lot.

In every product niche, there are products popular, but out of top 100 radars. I find those “sub-niche” keywords with this.

3. SEMRush

I use it to dig out my competitor site ranked keywords. Always there are low hanging fruits (ranked keywords) and I can analysis along with LTP.

Also it helps me to know how other competitor sites are doing, and I can grab their keywords and run with #1 tool for reference.

II. Build a Niche Site

Domain Name Registration – NameCheap

Name Cheap┬áis my to-go Domain Name Registrar. It’s easy to register and keep all my domains in one shot. Also there is Privacy Protection (who-is block FREE in the first year.)

Web Hosting – HostGator

HostGator – The reason I chose it is because other Internet Marketers promote and use. They have very user friendly and nice Control Panel and excellent technical support.

Try to click “Live Chat” icon at the top right corner of their homepage. You could tell how responsive and technical their support is. I got most of hosting questions answered within a few minutes.

The up-time is 99% and never let me down.

Thrive WordPress Theme (My To-Go WordPress Theme)

Most of my niche sites have been switched to Thrive because of the mobile friendly responsiveness. Content Builder and Option Forms are brilliant.

It contributes to my niche site success big time.

If you want to have Authority Style Look and Feel and Mobile Responsive and speedy theme – this is what you need.

III. Write Quality Content and Get Traffic from Search Engine

1. iWriter

I source most of my content with iWriter these days. This is a high quality writing service and I really love the fast turn-around time and experienced writers in different niche area.

Always go with Premium at least. I have more success with Elite Level writers as they do great research and give me the quality that I need in my business.

Invest in your content, and it pays out long-term in my opinion. Build QUality Asset online, you will be rewarded.

2. Text Broker

I order some Premium Content Here. 3 Stars is a minimum to start off. It would be like $18+ for 1000 words article, but it’s worthy for the deep research and quality.

3. EasyAzon

I insert my Amazon Affiliate links with it. Not only that, I earn some pounds and euros out of my international traffic. It’s a must-have for all Amazon Affiliates.

4. Compear WordPress Plugin

I love the Comparsion Table and great layout with it. It contributes to HIGH conversion rate that I have. It helps readers compare similar products and make purchase decisions.

These are my tools in my business. Every trade has its own sets of tools like Handy Man. Contact Me if you need anything on my recommendations.

(P.S.: some are my affiliate links. I get Commissions if you purchase through my links, but no price impact on your side. Thank you for trying out.)