How to Start a Blog like a Pro

This blog is a couple days old and I am impressed with comments, feedback, and traffic I have received from the blogosphere. It would be nice to share my tips how to start it like a Pro although I am not a guru and pro yet. 🙂

Is it an article linking to bunch of hosting, themes, and products? No worries, it’s not a sales pitch and no advertising and affiliate links here.

Your Niche

Every blog has a purpose and is in a niche. I was reading many blogs about Make Money Online, Entrepreneurs, Blogging Tips, and designing your own life style. It’s a niche and highly demanding, but very competitive.

Finding one that you have passion with and you won’t run out of ideas down in the road. Write great content around it to build your readership. Your niche defines what kind of readers you would have attracted.

Your branding

Once you clear define your niche, do Domain Search and find one that is available and create your branding around it. Your name and the domain name is the brand that you go promote and market.

Web Hosting

All the pros use reliable ones and promote theirs as affiliates. Do your search and host with one. A web hosting is required. It hosts your blog and files on the web server. I don’t prefer using WordPress.com and Blogspot.com services as you don’t have much control as hosting on your own.


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform among bloggers. It’s open-source and you could download and install on your host. Some people call it CMS (Content Management System). It comes with great features like Widgets, Categories, and Tags. The Administrative UI is user-friendly as using your own web email system.

I think the best part is the open-community plugins system. There are tons free ones available and it lets you extend your blog features. . As a pro, there are some setups that you should know. We will go over that in the near future.

Blog Layout and Theme

Your blog look and feel is kind of like your clothing. When WordPress is installed, it comes with the default one. Probably you would like to have an unique one representing your style and your public image.

There are tons of free or paid premium themes out there to choose. Finding one and customize on your own need. When your blog grows big enough, you may consider hiring a designer customizing and designing an unique one for your branding purpose.

I like DIY and bought a premium theme and doing customization by myself for now. I gonna write one about how to customize your own blog theme. Please stay tuned for the update.

Writing King Content

After all blogging setup and installation, it’s time to write great content. People follow and read your blog because of your branding and what you say / blog. Focus on this prospective and keep your content fresh, interesting, and useful to your readers. They will miss your blog like a Pro.

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In conclusion, starting a blog is not that hard. It involves some planning and time to setup and execute. If you are new in blogging, like a pro, you are on the way to be a Pro blogger.


Do you have Pro tips to share here? Do I miss anything that you’d like to enhance here?

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5 Free Ebooks about money-making blogging you should have

Everyone loves freebies. Don’t you? When I started learning about Internet Marketing, I downloaded every free ebooks that I could. Indeed, there is no FREE lunch. Most of ebooks come with affiliate links to various products and services. I agree that the authors should get paid and compensated as they provide valuable information about Blogging, IM, and Make Money Online and spend time writing the books.

These are my favorites and personal preference. (Sorry, no affiliate links here):

Yaro Starak’s Blog Profits BluePrint

John Chow’s Make Money Online

Daniel Scocco’s Make Money Blogging

Robb Sutton’s Problogging Is Dead

Zac Johnson’s Six Figure Affiliate Blogging

These ebooks really help me to learn about the Real Business Model and how they do IM and Make Money Online. Instead of attaching all pdf files or showing you the direct download links (I’m not supposed to), I’d suggest you to opt-in their email list and receive their blog update and newsletter.

Side Note: Although they are free, you’d expect to pay to buy a domain, web hosting, wordpress themes, email autoresponder etc if you like to start doing IM and creating money making blog. No surprise and I assume you may have already known. If you have these, just go ahead and execute the gold-minded ideas.


I am only listing 5 ebooks as there are hundreds and thousands available out there. Any good one I’ve missed? Please kindly leave the links and I’d go ahead and download one.


Internet Marketing 101

As an Internet Marketer Newie, it would be nice to take Internet Marketing 101 in a college. I found that you could “take” it FREE online. Back to the basic, let’s go over these terms together.


The best and concise definition I found is

Marketing is getting people who have a specific need or problem to know, like, and trust you.

– Reference from Duct Tape Marketing: The world’s most practical small business marketing guide  – John Jantsch

Internet Marketing – IM

To promote and sell your or others’ products, services, or business through Internet or Online.

Ways to do Marketing Online

One Way (Single Direction)

  • SEO Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Podcast Marketing

Two Ways (Bi-directional)

  • Blog Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
      Twitter Marketing
      Facebook Marketing
  • Forum Marketing

Focus Area

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • etc…

The objective of this blog is to document, collect, and unveil THE Internet Marketing Tips so you could go ahead and execute your marketing plans and do Internet Marketing effectively.

At the same time, I gonna exercise the tips to promote and market this blog.


Do I miss anything that I could add in the “Ways” list? Which is your favorite?


The KEY to start a new blog

To start running your car, you need the key.

As what I have learned, planning and executing consistently is the KEY to start a new blog. As a IM newbie, my primary focus in July is to write great content and meet other bloggers through Social Media and Blogging. July would be a great start.

In Internet Marketing world, there are a lot of words, terms, definitions, skills to digest. I need to set priorities and focus. From all experts, I learned it would take time to build experience, traffic, my branding and identity. Being patience is another KEY.

Your Thought

Do you have any advice for a newbie myself? What was your KEY when started blogging?

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InMarketingTips is born

It took me a few months to take courage to start this blog about Internet Marketing. In the beginning 2010, I was exposed to the idea about Make Money Online and Blogging. It was very interesting and I started reading and learning about it. I have encountered a lot of scam and e-products about Get Rich Quick. Most of sales pages showed how to make tons of money in short period of time.

I’ve downloaded free ebooks and signed up email alias whenever I encountered. I was information-overloaded (which is the dark-side). The more I study and read, I realize there is a pattern and real business model behind the scene.

This blog is to share my journey, tips/notes that I learn, and what working or not to me. I hope you find interesting, informative, and intuitive Internet Marketing Tips here.

In Marketing Tips is born
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Here, I’d like to give special thank you to Rob Rammuny from RobsWebTips.com. He is one of my inspiration and encourages me as a newbie. His blog comes with a lot of creative and encouraging ideas living in Internet Life Style.

Also Josh Katherman from themesheep.com (Not my affilate link) who is a designer behind this theme. They do have beautiful WordPress themes and awesome friendly technical support.


Nice to meeting you here. What kind of IM tips would you like to see more here? Please feel free to drop down notes.

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