MMO Monthly Report April 2012

MMO Monthly Report April 2012
MMO Monthly Report April 2012

We are stepping into Q2 2012(April to June) and I’m thankful that April was over. It was a tough month regarding to the niche site traffic and my online income.

This is my 7th month really into this Make Extra Money Online business – I mean thinking and acting on it on regular basis.

I love writing this kind of income report for journey and sharing my experience. I’m more than experienced than I was a year ago. Let us learn and grow as a community together.

My 3 Lessons in April

1. Be Flexible about my business

Google had some new Panda and Penguin algorithm update and hit some of my new niche sites badly. Many of those new ones were in 20’ SERP in April and now are all out of 500+, probably sent to the sandbox.

Unexpectedly, my Adsense Income was double up. It was a pretty bad month in March and I didn’t expect it went well and hit another $100 Mark month finally.

Niche Site Traffic is pretty dynamic. Some keywords that are ranking today, may not rank tomorrow due to the competition and Google Algorithm change.

After Penguin update, I was sitting back and kind of like in a “reactive” mode. What could I do next? How could I maintain and even grow my business to the next level?

I don’t agree on those making money online fast, hit and run business model. I’m looking for a long term and passive income still making me decent extra income a few years later. All my hard-work today still pays off a few months later.

2. Being Focus and Productive is Not Easy

In April, I was “planning” to add in more content and built a few new niche sites for testing post-panda (After Blog Network being deindex update in March.)

Indeed, I added only around 10 articles to my best money making niche sites and some new ones.

I felt I didn’t accomplish much.

Also I didn’t hit my weekly blog post goal and only added 3 blog posts here in April.

Setting your goal and accomplishing “something” could be totally off.

Indeed of setting goals, I think it would be better to set schedule and stick with it, either outsourcing, posting, or backlinking for my niche sites.

Sometimes I am “working” online, and waste time on reading emails, blogs, twitter, and Facebook. I really like setting 25 min time-box, and focus finishing tasks these days. Check out this FREE desktop app at Focus Booster

3. Get to have Life Balance

Although my income was getting a little lower in April, I felt this was a much more well-balanced month regarding to work-load and how much time I spend on this business.

Being honest, it was about 1-2 hours a day which is kind of what I like to do online. Working too much doesn’t mean working smart.

Also things happen, life priority shifts and I focus much more at my full-time job (kind of satisfying to get more done there indeed). Family thing happens and I treasure much more time I spend time with my kids these days. They just grow fast and my “online business” is not totally the top priority.

I enjoy working and growing this business as this is “mine”.

Better Life Balance = More Productive = Happier Life = Enjoy more what I do online.

In Jan and Feb, I was very stress-out as those are the first months that I am “fully” involving in this business. I started blogging on weekly basis and trying to maintain my online business for 4-digit a month.

It took more than I could afford regarding to time and energy after 9-to-5 and family commitment.

Sometimes I just need to sit back and relax. Refresh my mind, and Have a fresh eye.

I was over-working from Jan – March. April was going slower than I’d like, but I feel my stress level went down as well.. which is great.

I get to enjoy life and this business journey. I love Spring and summer is approaching earlier than I thought this year.

I’m thankful that this Online Business is not my full-time and any extra income is bonus.

I highly suggest you to take a break from your Online Business. Have a refreshing view about how to go forward!

Online Income Report in April 2012

My Total Online Income of April 2012 was ~$553.36

1. Amazon Affiliate ($237.82)

Amazon Affiliate Income April 2012
Amazon Affiliate Income April 2012

This was a bad month that I couldn’t hit 7% commission rate and shipped fewer than 110 items totally.

Some of my high traffic pages (~50 a day) were impacted and ranked out. You could tell that my conversation rate dropped. I could claim it was a tax filing month and people wasn’t in the mood buying online especially on my niche sites.

I enrolled Azon Commission Classroom in early April. Learned some new tricks and am pretty involved in the forum. I learn the best by watching training video and watching Case Study – how Jeff and Dave made some sales on a 10-page product review live site. Unfortunately, this is closed.

I highly recommend Niche Profit Course which have helped me to build my Amazon Niche Site Empire. It comes with Azon WP Theme that I have been using on my Niche Sites and you could check out Chris’ mini niche and authority Affiliate site Case Study – they are the models I have been following along these days. Check out my $11K Amazon income proof here.

2. Google Adsense (~$120)

Since many online folks got their Adsense Account Ban, I hesistant to post the traffic trend chart and specific number of my Adsense Summary Report.

One of my niche sites hit $100 Adsense in April. I’m going to grow it even bigger and add 2 articles a week on this Adsense site this month.

Google doesn’t like Thin Content Niche sites, and as a long term business, I am operating as an Adsense Publisher. I know this site is in decent paid CPC niche and people are looking for the information that I could provide.

I didn’t move fast enough for my Adsense Case Study as planned. All the Panda and Penguin keep me panic to react.

As April 1st, I have hit $1,000 Mark as Google Adsense income (I have accumulated this income from the last couple months.)

Adsense definitely works and one of the easiest ways to make money online. I’m testing and trying to grow it on monthly basis.

3. Affiliate Income ($195.54)

My Affiliate income didn’t do great as in March, which is kind of expected as I haven’t really promoted any Affiliate offer lately. (I only promote what has been working out for me just that there are too many spams out there.)

I’d like to focus more on my Core Business (which is Amazon and Adsense Niche Site), scale it BIG, provide a lot of values on my blog, and help others to succeed too.

Meanwhile, I’m exploring other Affiliate Network as diversifying my income stream.

CJ.com is my next. It really takes time to dig into it.

My Game Plan in May

My bottom line is to increase the traffic to my various niche sites. For Amazon Affiliate, driving more clicks to Amazon.com; for Adsense, more ads impression.

My to-do list:
1. Add 12 posts to my big Amazon Affiliate Site and 10 posts on various ones
2. Add 8 posts on my big Adsense Site and 10 posts on various ones
3. Work on my Azon Theme Niche Site (It’s a brand new.)
4. Work on my First Authority Niche Site (Will blog about how competitive this keyword and my approach is.)
5. Finish up my mini-site work for my Adsense Case Study (Have a follow-up post)

I will be out for 2 weeks vacation in June. Yes, I will be in Asia and I love to think outsourcing more and hope I could have more “done” in June when I’m on vacation. I will spend more time with my parents back home and just chill out.

Adding Content

After all Panda and Penguin update, I reflect and am lucky that 2 of my sites are not impacted much regarding to the traffic and income. They are just “low” enough that I don’t feel hurt. ☺

Update after update, Google just wanna honor more “authority” style sites. I heard the algorithm hurted some legit ones too which is another story.

I ran out of niche site content ideas. I’m thankful to get a copy of Erica Stone’s Niche Site Master and following the blueprint & 10 templates to add more “informative” posts to my Amazon Niche Sites. Those new pages should get more longtail keyword traffic.

Also I got Jamie’s Amazon Mind Control. This guide has listed out the 4 visitor buying thought process and I gonna create new Product Review posts with different approach. Highly conversion pages are what I need to grow my Amazon income. (I have been creating product review posts most of time but some are just not converting.)

The goal is to increase traffic to my niche sites by adding new fresh content and getting more longtail keyword traffic. I’m telling and proving to Search Engines that my sites are being updated and deserve for higher SERPs.


Be honest, I don’t have much to tell except that I’m testing out SocialAdr these days. This is a great service that I am paying $17 a month (the Lazy Free account) and have other members do social bookmarking for me.

It’s like having “outsourcing” workers doing social bookmarks across diff networks and working for me.

The work is so minimal that I really like and sort of passive. If I see good return, I may upgrade to the higher level one later.

I simple set up 10 url across my niche sites and let other SocialAdr members social bookmarking them on their accounts. You may have shared some of mine there already. I love receiving emails like this:

socialadr share
socialadr share

Google loves this kind of social signals as they are coming from different accounts and ip addresses. That is a lot of effort to get my niche site content shared socially. I do ping.fm another free service you should try out too.

I’d suggest you to register a Free Account at least, you could earn some free credits with 5 mins work a day. (The pain was the initial account creation and sign-up process; anyway, it was a free account, why not?)

The SEO world is not falling, just that I really don’t know what and how Google loves these days. At least I think Google wanna honor bigger and authority sites based on my recent analysis.

SEO Afterthought

I have been reading a lot about Penguin Update and how this really impacts other Internet Markets. It really hurts those “thin” niche sites as well as some other Authority Sites.

After all, I don’t care much how bad the impact is. It’s all about how much traffic you get from the search engines, and social media.

I think the best way to be less dependent on Search Engine Traffic is to build a community page through Facebook and other Social Media. Get decent traffic from other source instead.

We shouldn’t have relied on GOOGLE too much. I’m learning how to drive more traffic from various sources. GOOGLE could snap your Search Engine Ranking BAD one day, but if you have great content, people follow and come back!

My Own Product Niche Blog

To diversify my income stream a little, I finally have my own product. Yes, I acquire the Azon Theme PLR right and I could sell it directly.

The site is still under construction and I’m writing unique related content and even out-source some of those. I hope this Niche product blog could help other Amazon Affiliates too.

I will blog how I customize Azon Theme and have decent conversion. Stay tuned.

New Authority Site Project

Creating new niche sites with thin content like those 1-3 pages one just don’t click. (For me, it’s not interesting and kind of dry for me. I enjoy getting more Adsense clicks, but not the work.)

To “test the water”, I am focusing to build my first (10-20 pages) mini Authority niche sites and throw in some “testing” money on Fiverr in May.

I prefer working on those over 5000 keyword search volume niche. Let them age and grow them big as 30-50+ pages.

I rather create new pages and rank them, instead of creating another new domain name and let it rank in 3 mos (it may not get any traffic after a few months though.)

I plan to find some long-term “winners” and make this kind of project as reproducible process.

Thank You

For this IMT Community, big thanks and loves for all the retweets and regular visitors. Your support & visit traffic helps me move forward and continue providing values. I can’t GIVE what I don’t have.

I’m working hard and gaining some momentum, being a better Affiliate Marketer, and share more tips and news with you guys on regular basis.

I realize blogging is NOT my thing.. I rather work on my niche sites, than on this blog, but I love contributing and helping others to accomplish your goals online.

Sharing and Feedback

How did Panda and Penguin impact your Online Business? Do you have any plan in May? Let me keep you accountable too.


Meeting Adam 23 year old affiliate making $7,500 a month online

Meeting Adam 23 year old affiliate
Meeting Adam 23 year old affiliate
1. Great to have you here. Adam, would you introduce and tell us more about yourself?

Hi Kent, My name’s Adam and I’m a 23 year old affiliate. I’ve been affiliating for a little over 2 years across the gambling and finance industry and have gone from $0 up to more then $7,5000 per month.

Recently I’ve been diversifying into non-affiliate streams of income (pre-paid advertising and adsense models) in addition to developing my own affiliate blog at AffiliateFYI.com.

2. Interesting to meet you a young talented one like you. How did you start your Affiliate marketing?

During my 2nd year of University I found some summer work writing news and reviews for other affiliates. By the end of summer, I earned $2,000+ from writing and my employer motivated me to set up my own affiliate website.

For the first 6 months, I really had no idea what I was doing. I went for the typical “large portal” approach in affiliating, only to find out that I was targeting a poor niche with zero conversions. Eventually, after around 1 year, I started developing a couple of other niche websites which started to make me a little bit of money (e.g. $500 per month) and I went on from there.

3. Nice start journey, why do you do what you are doing?

First of all, I really enjoy managing my own business, being a creative and developing new projects. It’s really fulfilling when you see a new project start to make money after working with writers, designers and coders, not to mention the research required to start a new project and find a new domain to develop.

I originally took a gap-year after Uni (graduated June 2010) just to see what I could accomplish in 12 months as an affiliate. I set a target of $1,000 per month by the end of my gap year, however I quickly achieved this after just a few months.

By the end of my gap year, I was earning close to $5,000 per month, which is around £38,000 per month in the UK. I think the average graduate salary is around £25k, so I made the strategic decision to continue working on my business and see what happens.

4. Very cool! What kind of niche are you going after? Any special affiliate program or network are you focusing?

I’ve made a lot of my money in the gambling industry, which includes online poker, casinos, bingo and sports betting.

In the last 6 months, I’ve diversified more into finance niches including Forex, banking and precious metals. Although I’m still growing my gambling affiliate network, I’m making a conscious decision to try and develop high quality, information sites on premium domains on more of a CPM/CPC business model. Sites such as StudentBanking.co.uk are an example of this.

Recent niches I’ve made some domain acquisitions in include mobile gambling, mobile recycling (selling your old mobile phones) and binary options.

5. You do have interesting niche that I haven’t explored. What is your 1st Successful Mindset to keep you going?

First of all, SEO is a very new industry in which a number of young, ambitious people are making a lot of money online. I’ve seen pretty big growth in income over the last year or so, and I like to think that this will continue if I work hard.
I’ve also seen what other affiliates my age have accomplished – some of them on my Skype earning $20k – $50k per month. There’s literally no limit to what you can achieve or do online.

Of course, I think it’s wrong to be solely motivated by money, but I just like managing projects and being in charge of my work day.

6. How do you rank and do SEO on your niche sites?

I rely on competition analysis and my existing contacts for the bulk of my SEO campaigns. This is what gives me an edge over my competitors. Never underestimate the value of making contacts and friends in this industry. I like to think I’ve built links where others can’t.

Most of the time I look for very high quality sites to source links on, mostly in blog posts. I also outsource a small bit of SEO to a close friend who runs his own SEO Company. I don’t use any automated link building methods or tools. I’ve always found these a very unsustainable, short-term form of SEO.

7. What was your biggest success online?

It’s hard to track down my “biggest success” because my revenue growth over the last 12 months have been divided pretty evenly across 10+ sites.

The single, biggest turning point in my opinion was when I bought an exact-match domain for $300, which I developed, added some content and links to, and was then making $300 per month just a month later. This is the first ever-decent income stream I was making. Since then, this site has gone on to earn me more then $10,000 in the last year and I haven’t even updated it or touched it in the last 12 months.

8. Do you have any “failure” lessons to share with us?

I’ve had plenty of failures in internet marketing, ranging from website penalties, sand boxes and investing $x,xxx on premium domains, only to find they were penalised when I bought them.

I’ve also developed my fair share of sites that didn’t make any money. Sometimes it’s just a bit of luck whether a certain site will go on to make you a lot of money. There’s one site I recently developed and invested probably $2-$3k (eBookReaders.co.uk) which has barely made me $20 per month.
I justify these failures by having success elsewhere that makes up for them.

9. For those newbies, what would you suggest for going into this business?

It seems like a lifetime since I first got into affiliating, lol. I wouldn’t know where to start!
I was quite fortunate because I was still studying in my final year at University whilst I was developing websites and learning about SEO. By the time I finished University, I had the confidence to take a gap year developing my own business and apply everything I’d learned without any financial pressure. By the end of that 12 months, I was doing OK for myself and could justify continuing for another 12 months.

My top tips would be to develop a high quality site with excellent content in a growing niche with high CPAs and little competition. But make sure you still have other sources of income before you delve straight in to the affiliate industry – and try to get affiliate mentors to help you out. I know it usually takes brand new affiliates around 12 months before they start earning money from their websites, so you need to be patient and not be tempted by the short-term solutions that black hat SEO offers.

SEO is definitely starting to favour high quality white hat websites more then it ever did, and a lot of people are going to get left behind in future Google updates.

10. Any inspiration and encouragement to share with us on IMT?

I don’t think the SEO industry is ever going to die and I think links will always play a huge role in the Google algorithm for the next 5-10 years, which should give some people confidence.

I’ve seen plenty of affiliates my age start to make a good living (e.g. $60-$100k per year) after just 2 years. Some of the people my age I know are also making $250k+ per year. One of my previous writers from 2 years ago is now working with a partner and is making close to $1 million per year. This just goes to show that there IS money in SEO and affiliating. You just have to be patient and be willing to put in the grind, and then make smart re-investments in your business in order to get to the next level.

11. How do you interact and work with other Internet Marketers? Are you active in social media? Do you have any tips for our readers?

I keep in contact with lots of other affiliate marketers, coders and designers daily on Skype. Like I said, I think good contacts and relationships are a key part of affiliate marketing. I went to my first affiliate conference at the LAC last January, which was really fun and interesting too.

In the past I havn’t been active enough in social media, and this is something I am definitely making my target for the rest of 2012. The problem is that I think getting a core following, or list building, is more important then social media per say. For example, would you have rather build active list and following of 500-1,000 customers, or 500 likes on your Facebook wall?

12. How do you diversify your business? Are you going to create your own products or do offline marketing etc?

These recent Penguin updates hit a few of my sites hard, and have taught me a very important lesson. From now on, I’m going to be working with a partner in London, just as a form of insurance (e.g. having experience as a Marketing Director and managing writers on my CV) and extra-diversified income. I’ll still be developing my own business at the same time.

13. Do you have any short and long term plan for your Affiliate Marketing business?

My short term plans are to get settled in London and work out of my partners office in London. My other plans are to either restart or fix my penalised sites.
My long term plans include a complete overhaul in strategy (focusing on building an authority site, investing lots of excellent content, high quality links and list-building, rather then small sites with tons of low quality links).

I also want to write a quick word about SEO and internet marketing post-penguin. It’s very scary when you lose some of your sites overnight, but I’ve realised that I always had this coming. SEO is by no means over and there are some great opportunities now that a number of big players in the industry have gone. Build a great site focusing on content and long tails, avoid buying low quality links, and you should have a lot of success. Investing in high quality content and high quality links is also a zero risk strategy.

After Thought

It was very inspring to meet Adam. I wish I learned about IM when I was in college 10 years ago. 🙂

I admire his energy, out-of-box thinking, and willing to take risk and dedicate to try/test out (like taking a year off college). Also being patience is the key. You can’t just buy a “PUSH-button” software to make millions online.

Thanks so much, Adam! Your story is very inspiring and motivating to all of us. Get working on your Online Business today, it’s never late!


Do you have any comments and questions for Adam? Please feel free to leave here.


Learning and Following Niche Site Masters and Buddies

Learning and Following Niche Site Masters and Buddies
Learning and Following Niche Site Masters and Buddies

After the Panda Update 3.4, my main money-making site traffic sank to ~150 daily traffic. It was about 300 daily 2 months ago.

I’m back to Zero.. Learning and on Action Taking Mode these days.

Also, I just grabbed this Azon Classroom training for $20. The training video quality and content is awesome. The core value is in the forum and community that I am pretty active getting involved with. I could have direct access to Jeff and Dave, who are making great Affiliate income from Amazon. Also I picked up some new tips that are new to me and I could execute on my Amazon Niche Sites.

I treasure education a lot as they help me become a better niche blogger and marketer. I run and take actions with some tips that I have learned recently. They will make me money..

Also I buy plugins and services. They not only save me time, but also make me extra money. For example, I bought an Amazon plugin and I just checked recently. It made me $200 Amazon Commission last couple months. ☺ Crazy enough, if you don’t try, you never know if it works or not. $20 was an awesome investment as an education. I am making way more than that from Amazon some days.

Niche Site Masters you should know

Regarding to free education, these are the guys that I look upon on regular basis. You could learn a lot of great tips and improving your business. These are something that I had love reading last couple weeks.

These guys are making their full-time income from home. Although they have different scale and time working on this business.

1. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

I have been following him since 2010. It’s awesome to see his growth. His income reports are always inspiring to me. I hope I could grow my brand as great as SPI.

2. Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits

I got to know Spencer from Pat’s Niche Duel. Spencer has been providing a lot of great and free values on his blog. His LongTail Pro is my favorite keyword research tool and is running on my Desktop most of time.

3. Adsense Flippers

Joe and Justin are rocking and I love their podcast shows. They are very strong in their progress – outsourcing in Philiphiss. I have been learning so much on growing my Adsense niche site with their tips. Check out their recent release FREE
Building a Niche Site Empire guide here. It’s in high quality and one of the best FREE ebook you could have online.

4. Chris Guthrie from Make Money On the Internet

Chris is my first mentor making money with Amazon Affiliate. His NPC has helped me to make my first $10K online. He has various online business and I’m following his footprint on building Amazon Affiliate niche sites.

Niche Site Buddies that I interact with

These are Niche Site Buddies that I contact, follow, and learn practical tips from them. Their income reports keep me motivated too as we are walking along together. The list is growing, join the band!

1. Wesley Chasing Pace

Wesley is a real deal and I’m excited to see his Amazon Affiliate income growth last couple months. His dream house is very motivating.

Recently, he had an interesting post about what type of links convert the best? For me, anchor text and product image links convert the best. I love to test out those “Buy Now” buttons too.

2. Eric My 4 Work Hour Week

Eric is an tax consultant and has been working on his “4 Hour Workweek” since Feb, 2010. He has many interesting case study for Amazon and Adsense that I have been following. Passive income is hard work and you could get some insights following his blog .

This is an interesting one that he “unveiled” some of his top earning niche sites.

3. Andre Garde

Great to get to know another Online Daddy and Family Man – Andre Garde. Awesome to see your Adsense growth in March. Hard work pays off.

I picked up some tips about Buying high PR domain from his post How to buy a high pagerank domain

4. Mike from Maine

I’m very impressed with Mike’s aggressive Niche Site expense and his Growth. I was wondering if I shall scale up my niche site creation like that. Anyway, I’m still fine-turning my business process and love to catch up with Mike’s journey too.

How nice! Mike had his $100 Adsense Day recently. Congrats!

5. Tom from Leaving Work Behind

Would it be nice to be your own boss and leave work behind? Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy doing software and my 9-to-5. It was nice to meet from UK. He quit his job and working on his online business – a full time writer and various online business.

Also he had a lot of success with guest blogging and growing his blog traffic.

6. Adem from UK

Adem was very cool and I got to know him from my blog comments. He has pretty profitable Adsense profile and he writes the niche site content himself.


From all these follows, I learn that this business is pretty dynamic. You can’t just follow ONE set of how-to and rule to succeed. Everyone has his/her own process, investment, business models, and focus.

I’m trying to figure out my Own way and process too. If you wanna grow big, you should have those in place while figuring out the How-To.

After all, niche selection, keyword research, creating content, driving traffic, and conversion are the CORE of Online Niche Site Business. You can’t go wrong if you master these skills.

I’d say working on this Online business behind the screen could be boring and dry sometimes. Let us motivate and learn from each other along the way.

As Internet Marketing and SEO Landscape evolves, so do my education and keeping up with other IM buddies.

Note: I am behind on my blog post these weeks, sometimes you just need to push the “publish” button and enhance along the way.


Do you know of any Big Niche Site guys I should follow. Are you willing to be my Niche Site Buddy too? Join me at IMT Facebook


MMO Monthly Report March 2012

MMO Monthly Report March 2012

March was over. It was slower and worse than I thought. Also there was Google update de-indexing “private blog network” especially BMR and Panda 3.4 worrying this IM industry and myself.

I was a little bit “panic” – how it would impact my niche site traffic and income mind going-on last 2 weeks. I was hesitant to take any actions like building too much backlinks and stuff. I was kind of “passive” observing the impact and how other bloggers react.

I’m glad that it was over and I could start from fresh in April again.

Learned Lessons in March

1. You should have multiple Online Income Streams and Niche Sites.

Some of my Amazon Niche Sites got ranking slapped and you could tell from my Amazon Income. Also some of my niche site fellows got Adsense Site Banned. It tells me that it could be happening to me and you should always have some backup plans. I was very sorry for those guys as Adsense is part of their major online income streams.

What is my action item? Yes, I gonna explore CJ, Clickbank, and EPN opportunities in Q2. (I will have more update in the next post about my game plan.)

I need to block out time to focus exploring in Q2. If I work on multiple projects, it would kill my productivity and becomes NO focus given I only work 1-2 hours online a day.

Building and ranking new niche sites do take time. Google wouldn’t honor and give you massive of traffic right the way.

From what I see, a few sites that I have built back to Jan… comes out of Sandbox (500+ ranking) and start getting some traffic. This is pretty nice and telling me that I am doing things right in Google eyes. I wish I had built much more new sites early in Dec and Jan…

Start planting your seeds today. If you wanna make profit out of niche sites, you won’t get Amazon and Adsense checks as I do right the way. It does take patience and right skills.

2. Working on many things means NO productivity and FOCUS.

I was working on other Amazon Niche Sites to grow my Amazon Income (They are higher ROI projects for me); and wrote 4 blogs posts on this blog; and built various backlinks etc.

Early March, I was focusing and working on my Adsense Case Study and building out some new niche sites.

My goal was:
1. Spend $500 totally
2. Spend 3 hours each site
3. TO make $100 a month out of Adsense totally.

I did pretty good and built 4 new sites in March. Will have more updates on those later. After First 2-week focus, I realize it’s out of my capacity and finding good and profitable keywords really takes time.

I am thankful that I just got Keyword Blaze Pro at $17 (First 5 hours after launch)

You may have heard about SEOockpit which is $77/month. I was “tempted” to get something like that to help me find High Profitable keywords and save me time.

I’m in love with Keyword Blaze Pro as this is a server side solution (It runs fast behind the scene.) Once I identify some potential keywords, I will double check in Competitor Analysis Module in LongTail Pro (which is my Number One tool) running on my Desktop all the time.

I’m positive that I could find more Winning Keywords in April and cut out the time doing keyword research. lol

Instead of building all 8 sites per my Case Study in a month, I’m spending time and working on this Case Study in 3 months.

The goal is not to “waste” $500 quick. I need to get it right, have right process and schedule in place, and add another $100 Adsense monthly income.

In my Adsense case study, when I reach my income goal, I will just repeat the same processon regular basis.

Once I have that “project experience” in place, I should be able to outsource, streamline and build & rank 8-10 sites in a month.

Also I am behind on my serial of Adsense How-to and Process blog posts. ☺ Need to get my blogging schedule in place and make it happen.

3. Work Less means Working More.

In March, I spent more time “thinking” about my to-do list and they occupied my mind – but I didn’t make all happened. It wasn’t productive as I wish.

4 Hour Work-week is a mind opening book to me. I am 30% done and the 80/20 rule rocks and like a baseball bat hitting my head big time last week.

Sometimes we work online and look very busy. Am I productive today? Hell no and sometimes I am reading on other blogs, too much tweets, and spending time on FB. I know engaging with your audience and do social is important. It’s part of my Online Branding.

What do I do make me productive? Adding new blog posts and building backlinks do. They are time-consuming, but they are the CORE of this business and how this process / model works.

I feel great publishing this post and other Niche Site posts today.. everyday.

March Online Income

My Total Online Income in March 2012 was $782.1 (+$136.58 comparing to Feb)

1. Amazon Affiliate ($290.83)

Amazon Affiliate Income March 2012
Amazon Affiliate Income March 2012

Amazon income was the lowest in the last 6 months. A reason is my niche site traffic went down(due to Panda update), and people are not “spending” much and busy with filing tax. I forsee that it will go in this pace for another 2 weeks before April 16th Tax File Deadline.

As you may see, I have some good Conversion Rate (>10%) on Amazon. I wish all 192 shipped items were at $100 priced. That would be like 192 x $100 x (7% commission rate) = $1,344 income stream from Amazon.

Well, reality is reality. Those $100 items that I promoted didn’t sell well in March.

Also I had some “high-priced” items returned and it hurt.

Amazon Return Items
Amazon Return Items

Another surprise, I don’t have any niche selling Jewelry, but someone bought “10k White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant” through my links. This is way better than a click from Adsense.

Diamond Sale
Diamond Sale

That’s why I love doing Amazon Affiliate comparing to Google Adsense as you are awarded by driving traffic to Amazon. Amazon is just converting and promotes/sells stuff to your visitors.

Per Niche Profit Course, I should have aimed for those $100 or above items to promote. Yes, I am building a few one that is in high price tag and more evergreen product niche – that people buy on regular basis (not seasonal – like those just selling hot in Christmas only.)

Many readers email me about how I start and do Amazon Affiliate, and I highly recommend Niche Profit Course as this is my blueprint and I have been following this for a year and received my $11,000 check from Amazon. [Note: the income result varies, all it take is picking right niches, writing good review content and driving traffic to make profit.]

Yes, I’m building some niche sites these days and working on my second $10,000 goal. It’s just slow moving up the ranking and traffic these months.

2. Google Adsense ($63.45)

Google Adsense March 2012
Google Adsense March 2012

I wish I could get back to those $100 level as in Jan. I had many $0 days as you may see in the chart. I know a few of my income sites have $1 or $2 a click.

I will spend more time adding content, building backlinks, and growing the traffic on my existing winner sites. Focusing too many sites means NO focus.

I am happy for that 20% growth, but still this is a small portion of my Online Income. Anyway, every pennies add up.

To grow this income, it’s not only about number of sites, it’s about the Page View Traffic on Daily basis. I will talk about my Q2 Game plan later.

3. Affiliate Income ($427.82)

Affiliate marketing is killing this month. This is by far the most growth and best month that I have regarding to the income source. This is pretty surprising.

I only promote what I do and use on my niche site business and I am thankful to all my IMT fans and those who buy through my Affiliate and Discount Links. Your support keeps funding this site.

Kindle Book Give Away

I’m still working on The 4-Hour Workweek of Timothy Ferriss that I started last month. This is really eye-opening to me and I’m reflecting on this slowly. In order to work less, one needs to set priorities, cut out those “bothers”, and automate the process.

Think and Grow Rich (Kindle Version) Give Away
Think and Grow Rich (Kindle Version) Give Away

In April, I gonna give away 5 copies of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill [Kindle Version]. This is a classic and I read good portion of it last year. Once I am done with 4HWW, I will go over this again.

I wanna have more discussion and sharing over this book with you guys. Yes, I am going to give away 5 copies – Kindle version so you could read on your computer, iOS and Android devices anywhere you like.

Just answer the question on the Contest Page here and I will do Random Draw and pick the best answer ones by April 15th 10:00 PST.

The Give-away winner will be announced on April 16th!

In Marketing Tips Facebook Fans Page was launched on April 2nd with new Timeline. This is a Fans page for those want to profit from niche sites.

We will have discussion, tricks, and news sharing here. The goal is to learn and help each others profit from Niche Sites.

Please feel free to post your blog posts related to building niche sites on the Fans Page too. (Those good ones will get promoted and shared.) It’s a community and hope we could motivate and help each others along.

In Marketing Tips Fans Page
In Marketing Tips Fans Page

2012 Q1 is over. I will have another blog post about the summary and my Q2 Game Plan next.

May you all have a great April.


How did you do in March? Did Google Update impact you much? Let us encourage and reach our business goal along the way.


Epic Quotes that Energize your Niche Site Business

Epic Quotes that Energize your Niche Site Business
Epic Quotes that Energize your Niche Site Business

I love to share my favorite quotes and mindset motivating and energizing my Niche Site Business. Are you almost giving up your Online Business? Are you frustrated and disappointed by the outcome and going no-where? They help me to think and reflect about what I am doing and why. They keep me going.

Niche Site Business is a dynamic and competitive one. Search Engines on-going optimizes their search engine result for their benefits and end users.

Last week, Google just de-index and sink some blog networks especially BMR for reasons, so do some niche site owner traffic and online income.

Online business could be stressful and hard to start with. I was a newbie a year ago and pulling my hair out just to figure out piece by piece.

Today, I am more experienced than I was.

Hope these quotes help you move forward. This is a fun business!


To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.  - Anatole France

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. –Anatole France Tweet this


For me, my niche site business is a dream that I could make extra money for my family. It would be nice making “passive income” when you are in sleep or traveling.

Indeed, there is a lot of work up-front, but it’s a DREAM and I am working on and making it true.

Positive Mindset

If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.

“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.” – Louise L. Hay (Tweet this)


Don’t say “I can’t” to yourself. Nothing is impossible.

Say “I CAN”.

Many times, I say “Wordpress is just too hard”, “SEO is just hard”, “I can’t compete and rank this keyword”.


Those just become part of you.  Go and unlearn yourself. Nothing is not learnable.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn (Tweet this)


All of us have New Year Resolution and Goals. I set mine as $100 a day goal for this year.

Goal Setting is great, so what? Take actions and follow through your plan. Sometimes, we need to go extra miles to accomplish some tasks.

All it involves is DISCIPLINE and DEDICATION.

Could I wake up 30 mins earlier and stay late to finish that task today?

Look for opportunity. You can’t wait for it to knock on the door… You might not be home. - Jinger Heath

Look for opportunity. You can’t wait for it to knock on the door… You might not be home. –Jinger Heath (Tweet this)


Consistently, I am looking for the niche and keywords. You can’t wait when great ideas come.


Who knows, you may have the next big niche site idea making you thousands a month.


The secret of success is consistency of purpose – Benjamin Disraeli

The secret of success is consistency of purpose. – Benjamin Disraeli (Tweet this)


Sometimes we don’t know why and what our purpose is doing this damn Online Thing. J

If you haven’t checked out my WHY you make money online post, you should.

Know your purpose and your success will come along..

I have pretty strong “purpose” and why. They keep me working extra hours on daily basis.

I couldn't wait for success so I went ahead without it

I couldn’t wait for success… so I went ahead without it. ~ Jonathan Winters (Tweet this)


Everyone when I build a niche site, I have hope that it will be a successful one with decent traffic and Ads or Affiliate income. Sometimes, we just have guts feeling and go ahead with it. It would apply to any Online Business and life too.

If you don’t take actions, you will never know what will happen next.

What if I didn’t take NPC, what if I didn’t spend time figuring out the steps, I wouldn’t have made my first $10K online.

Overcome Failure

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” Dale Carnegie (Tweet this)


How many times was I discouraged? Even today, I was “discouraged” by some niche site traffic and income.

Keep moving and Success is there waiting for you.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail Better.–Samuel Beckett

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail Better. –Samuel Beckett (Tweet this)


Don’t Fear to be failed. You failed on one niche site, doesn’t mean that you are a Failure.

Many many times, some of my niche sites just sink and don’t  even have traffic. Some are still in the sandbox, ranking at (500+) for my targeted keywords.

So what? Does the “frustration” keep you away from creating the next Niche Sites?

Does your traffic drop keep you away from the next Success?

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines

” Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” – Robert H. Schuller Tweet this


Problems arise in every business and life no matter where you are. Be positive and solve them as opportunities and guidelines.

Google has many Algorithm updates. Many times, it hurts and sink our niche site traffic; at the same time, they are guidelines about how to drive better and quality traffic.

You Can and Do it

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt Tweet this


Sometimes you don’t need to have perfect steps to move things forward. Do what you can together and you will grow through the process.

One year ago, I hated blogging and didn’t even know how I could earn couple hundreds “passive income” on monthly basis.

Does “I can’t” stop you today?

Do what you can today, maybe the publish button to post a blog post.

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” – Ralph Marston Tweet this


We all worry about tomorrow. Why not take good care of today first? What you do today matters.

Niche sites don’t grow traffic by itself. What you are working on does.

Above are great reminders and hope they help you to FOCUS and keep going today.


Which one is your favorite here? Do you have any quotes to share with us and help us motivated?


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