Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012, IMT Community!

Definitely 2012 is a blessing to me, my family, and my Online Business.
Happy Thanksgiving 2012

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After I was hit by Penguin 1.1 update in late May, my Online Business sort of died out and my niche site traffic slowed down pretty bad. Indeed, it’s a blessing to me and my family. I used to spend and work extra 10-20 a week in early part of 2012. I was “thinking” too hard.

My Online Business slows down; so did I. I took a good break during the summer. I work and read a few hours on weekly basis to catch up. I have been thinking about something long term and big (just a few sites that I have passion with and on-going update them.)

Up to this point, I have made over $4,000 from Amazon Affiliate, Google Adsense, and various Affiliate programs in
2012. It’s not a huge money, but at least it pays off my business expense, and I know how this “Make Money Online” works. (At least I have accomplished something.)

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Ambition Is Crafted

This is the first Guest Post in this IMT community. Tapha got my attention as he has an online business creating iPhone App template. I am always amazed how others have courage and motivation to continue working on their business online. While I am hit by penguin and re-working on my online niche empire, let’s get some motivation charge together.

Have you ever looked at a high achieving individual and wondered how they had so much motivation to do what they do? Wondered why they have this ridiculous drive to achieve that could not matched by you? Or more importantly, wondered if you would ever have such a high level of motivation to do what you want to do?

Most people think that people of high motivation are born with it and have always had it. This is furthered by the fact that most of these people themselves tell others that they have always had their motivations.

I don’t believe this to be the case.

I think that ambition is something that you can create, craft and grow to be something that resembles the drive of the high performers. I think that ambition is a muscle that can grow. And i don’t think that its out of reach for anyone. To illustrate this point, i’ll share a short story (true) from my childhood:


I remember when i first decided that i wanted to be an entrepreneur. It was a tiny little pinch of a feeling, that made me think to myself, ‘i want to make some money’. There was no big revelation or overwhelming desire. Just a small, harmless pinch of a feeling. It was on my desk in North West London, as i wrote up my plan to sell name tags in my high school playground, the following day.

I was 11 years old (High school here, starts a 11) and at first i didn’t know how i was going to get the name tags printed. But i kept my eyes peeled. Eventually i found what i needed. I was with my Mom, shopping at a Staples store, when i stumbled across the Dymo Embosser. It was a simple, small, but very effective gadget that printed indented name tags onto small, 3d label tapes. I looked up at my mom and asked her if she would buy it for me. Having no idea what an 11 year old would want to do with such a gadget, she obliged. She probably thought that i wanted to make a pencil case label or something.

The initial pinch started to grow.

The next day as i made my way to class, i met up with two of my closer friends at the time. I told them about my plans and asked them if they would help me out for a cut of the profits (i sold each name tag for 10p). They agreed.

The next day i brought in the Dymo. Loaded with 3D label tape and along with my two friends, we started on the task of winning customers. We asked people everywhere. On the playground, in the classroom and even on the way home. People loved it. The pinch started to become a little more intense. And it grew with intensity with every person that replied to our question of whether they’d be interested, with a yes.

Within a week we had sold over £10 worth of name tags. Remember that this is a product priced at 10p, so we sold quite a few. I was ecstatic. But i wanted more. I could feel the pinch turning into a tight grip.

I decided to double up my efforts and purchase another Dymo. I also went around asking other friends if they would join my entrepreneurial enterprise. I was seriously pumped at this point.

Unfortunately, this time around, we barely made a cent. We had pretty much saturated the market. Which consisted of a whole 1000 students in my high school playground.

I decided to let the business go.

Everybody else that was involved went back to their normal lunch time routines, no longer interested in pestering their fellow students about ‘the unique name tags they could put on their pencil cases for just 10p’.

I did not.

Something in me had changed. The tiny, innocent pinch that i had felt when i first got that inkling of idea, backed with a sliver of desire for money, had transformed into a permenant clutch. Infinite in its intensity. I was never the same after that. That desire slowly pushed me towards that first purchase of the Dymo, which led me to action that only further increased my desire. Crafting it, with every action.

The little flicker of ambition that i had when i started, became a roaring flame and that has only grown in intensity, to this day.

And it is still growing.

Your Feedback

Do you think Ambition is important in your journey? Do you have any stories to share with us?

Let us know in the comments!

Tapha is the founder of MyAppTemplates.com, a site that provides custom iphone app templates to people who cannot afford to spend $1,000′s on their iphone app design.


I am in 30 Day Challenge (Day 1)

Yes, I am back and had a refreshing vacation in June. It was awesome to be away from IM for 2 weeks in Asia.

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Early June, I was reading and learning about this 30 Day Challenge blog post and wanna give it a shot.

Kris from Detailed Success has invited me to join over email. Check out the Challenge and feel free to catch up with other Participants as well:

The Goal is:

“The goal is to learn and share knowledge with other people and to prove that niche sites aren’t completely dead. With many different people in this challenge we can find out what strategies work the best.”

For me, it’s to have some accountability. I was hit by Penguin 1.1 update and love to build a new set of niche sites with better approach and new “backlinking” strategy.

I have a series of process in place and wanna do it in a complete cycle. After all, just rise and repeat for another month and so.

• The challenge starts on July 1st.
• You have 30 days to find the niche, build the site, write articles and do SEO.
• You can’t register your domain before July 1st.
• You don’t have to reveal your niche and website.
• We will compare our achievements after 120 days or November 1st.
• On the 60th and 90th day mark you can boost your niche site for one day!

Let’s to have a refreshing July, I am working on some projects at the same time. I gonna spend about $100 and 30-min a day on this challenge.

My Ultimate goal is to make my investment back and hit another Home Run in the Shopping Seasons in Nov & Dec.

I may not be able to document the process in detailed as other participants. Please feel free to check other notes if you are interested.

My time is wisely spent on “high priority” and long-term retuned value tasks and projects. I have been thinking and playing 80/20 rules.

I will keep a 30 Day Challenge Task Log and let you know what’s going on and how much could be done in 1 month.

Today is Day 1 of 30 Day Challenge. I have been brain-storming some seed keywords following this process (My previous post: 15 sources to find keyword seeds)


What would you like to know about my process in 30 Day Challenge? I will reserve some time blogging and addressing your concern.


Niche Site Business Monthly Income Report May 2012

Online Income Report May 2012
Online Income Report May 2012

May was over and I’d say it was a good month to shake things out. Finally my Major money making site got hit by Penguin 1.1 update on 5/26 (right before the memorial long weekend.)

What’ve happened in May

1. Frustration

I didn’t accomplish my May “goals”. Main reason was I was “procrastinate” and fear to build “new sites” and sort of wanna wait for the penguin update settle-down. I was lucky that it didn’t hit my money site right after 4/24. The traffic was steady for the entire month until 5/26 Long weekend.

No dobut that this is the lowest income month since I have actively blogged about my online business on inmarketingtips.com

Be honest, I am feeling a little bit frustrated and all my hard-work since last Sept flushed in the toilet over Penguin update over night.

My “christmas” success keeps me going, but I need to figure out what would my next big success be.

2. This is not truly Passive Income

I totally bought in “Passive Income” scheme and thought my niche site business is “passive”. I was naive to think that my Amazon Affiliate income would keep up.

Reality is not. My niche site traffic would be slap by Google Search Engine Algorithm update. It may go up and down and out of my control.

I used to spend good 2 hours a day working on my niche sites and thought my hard-working would pay off.

Well, I could say there is a passive income, but it may not be residual and “passive” as I have “dreamed” out. It definitely keeps consistent hard-working.

In the beginning of my MMO Journey, I took hundreds of hours reading and learning. While I was making more than $100 a day in Nov/Dec, I was working even hard and trying to write fresh content and build backlinks.

Not only that, I used to spend hundreds buying WSOs on monthly basis. I was looking for that “secret sauce” and had the dream what is the next making me thousands.

This is the reality check for myself. This Online Business is dynamic and not easy as people scam.
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Meet CopySean Making $10K a Month without Google Traffic

Meet CopySean Making $10K Monthly

Meet CopySean Making $10K Monthly

I met Sean on a blog comment and conversation. I was very impressed by his monthly online income and the way how he drove traffic. I’m sure that you will be inspired by his success too.

1. Sean, I am very excited to have you here, would you introduce and tell us more about yourself?

My name is Sean King and I’m a 21 year old dude making a full time income from my dorm room. I never expected to become an “entrepreneur.” Growing up, I thought this required you to either invent something awesome or build a giant and thriving business. Luckily I stumbled upon making money online in October 2010 and have since found awesome success with one website.

2. Awesome to see you have success in such as a short time. How did you get into this Make Money Online business?

During my 3rd year in college, I heard that the founder of a popular site was making money online with a silly website. I thought I could easily recreate a similar website with a different concept and make some side money. This led me to study all I could about “making money online” and opened my eyes to a new world. I found that hundreds of thousands of people were making money in all different kinds of ways.

3. Sure that you are a fast learner. Why do you do what you are doing?

I’m sharing my journey of how I am able to make over $10,000 at CopySean.com because I learned countless of free information to get me to where I am today. I believe that you only need one hit or spark of an idea to become a success. I’m hoping that my journey will show that every success story is different and there are so many unique paths to “making it.”

4. I visited your blog and you do have an interesting journey. What is your 1st Successful Mindset to keep you going?

For some reason, I always knew that I would make it someday. For me, it was just a matter of getting through all the failures as quickly as possible. Having confident in myself was one of the most important factors because if you don’t even believe in yourself, who will? I saw other people making a killing online and I knew that if I put out my 100% I would be able to achieve the same. ANYONE and EVERYONE can do the same. The hard part is actually going out there and just DOING IT.

5. Very encouraging. From your blog, I know you are into Dating/Relationship niche? How did you stumble upon and approach this niche?

This past summer, my friend was using dating websites to meet new people in person. I met several of these people and found that dating websites no longer have that stereotype attached to it that it did years ago. I found a market of desperate people who wanted to make friends and meet potential partners. When I launched my site, an overwhelming number of the audience were women, so gradually the site morphed into a dating advice site for women, but from a guy’s perspective. It sounds crazy, I know. But it just goes to show that you can build a success niche in almost anything! Uniqueness and creativity is key.

6. How do you rank and do SEO on your niche sites?

I don’t do any ranking or SEO. I have a very large audience of women who love my content. Every blog post I have (I only update once a week) averages over 1,000 Facebook Shares so my growth is very natural. I don’t rely on Google at all. However, I’m starting to see many of my keywords climb the rankings because I have a hunch that social media is beginning to play an important role in SEO.

7. Very impressed to know your FB traffic especially after all the Google Panda and Penguin in April. How do you do it and do you have any tips to us?

Use images! Images on Facebook get shared like crazy. I also include a watermark of my site’s URL on every image so I get a lot of direct traffic from people who see an image and type the URL into their browser. Another tip would be to actually use the words “like” and “share” when posting an image. For example, my status will read: LIKE if you agree with this.

8. Do you have any suggestion about building Facebook Fans pages? Especially for those Adsense and Amazon Niche Site owners?

To be honest, unless your adsense and amazon niche site amass a huge following and gets lots of traffic, I don’t think that Facebook Fans Pages should be your number one priority. It definitely depends on the content of your site, but most sites I see can only generate maybe 1,000 fans at most. I know most bloggers stress the importance of social media, but I believe that you should only be present where you are seeing actual results. And then going all out on those methods. If I were to create an adsense or amazon niche site, I wouldn’t focus my efforts on fan pages.

9. Great feedback. By the way, what was your biggest success online?

My biggest success online was creating an authority website that grew a loyal following on it’s own and then releasing an eBook that was a hit with my audience. I will never forget January of this year when I made $15,000 online for the first time.

10. Do you have any “failure” lessons to share with you?

Before my current authority site, I went through many, many, many failures. Failure is inevitable as an entrepreneur. It’s bound to happen. The key is to realize that you WILL fail until you finally find the one project that works well for you. Take each failure, learn from it, and bounce right back up. The word “fail” has such a harsh stigma to it, but in the entrepreneurial world, we all fail and it’s really nothing. No big deal. Just move on!

11. For those newbies, what would you suggest for going into this business?

I would suggest learning as much as you can from free content online and brewing up several ideas. Different approaches work for different people. You will never know which approach works best for you until you go out and do it. I’ve tried an adsense site, niche site, email newsletter site, etc. But found that an authority site works best for me. Just go out there and start something! The best teacher is experience!

12. Any inspiration and encouragement to share with us here?

If you have the drive and motivation, you will succeed in anything you do. I grew up in a very, very poor family with a single mother. I wanted to provide for and support my mother and sister more than anything else in the world. This crazy obsession made me have no other option but to succeed online. Find what drives you. If you think you have what it takes then go out there and truly give it your 100%. If not, you may be able to find some success online, but it will take you much longer and you may never reach your fullest potential.

After Thought

I am very into Amazon and Adsense Niche Sites these days. Sometimes it’s great to meet others doing well with other models. With Sean’s Authority Site approach, it’s about to identify a niche and target audience, create great content to solve their problems and serve them really well. Create a community and let your fans share and drive you “free traffic”. I was very impressed and this is something creative to me.

I do Facebook LIKE and Twitter Tweets to do backlinking to my niche sites. This Facebook Fans page traffic is something new and totally awesome! I love to explore this approach with my upcoming Authority Site Projects too.


Do you have any questions for Sean? Please feel free to check out CopySean.com and leave your comments here.