MMO Monthly Report January 2012

This is my first Make Extra Money Online Monthly Report. In the past, I was hesitate to talk about my Online Income. I am not boosting about how “much” I do. Indeed, it’s open and great to let others know and keep each other motivated. It’s not a huge money. Anyway, it’s an extra income and it’s do-able to do it part-time around the clock.

MMO Monthly Report January 2012
MMO Monthly Report January 2012

I’m proud of my accomplishment and my hard-working pays off. Indeed, it’s not “passive income” as I was sold to. Everything takes hard-work and dedication. It’s totally not a Get Rich Quick and Make Money Online Scam.

When I document this, I found that this is not only about how I was doing last month, it’s also about what I have learned and how to grow myself and the online income on monthly basis. Sometimes, people just care about your numbers. Indeed, it’s my journey and hope my learned lessons help you as well.

My Inspiration

I got to know Pat Flynn back to early 2010 and was very inspired and “jealous” by his famous income monthly reports.

I know it is possible and finally I have my own first one publicly online.

Please note that I would only document my Online Income. Indeed, my full-time and offline income are non-disclosure (Everyone is different.)

Why am I reporting this publicly?

I was inspired and thought it’s impossible. I wanna share that nothing is impossible. Taking baby steps will get you one mile closer to your goal whatever it is. I’m not here to boost my “success” or telling you that I am successful. I’m by way too far from it yet.

Also I’m here to have you keep me accountable. I’m growing and wanna contribute back to this MMO world. I was spammed and fooled many many times. I spent hundred and thousands helping others Make Money Online before I made my first penny. 🙂 I am here to inspire and share what it works or not. I love to talk about my failed lessons so it would save your time.

“Fool people learn from mistakes; Smart people learn from instruction” For me, I learn much more from mistakes and become even smarter.

To structure this a little bit and help myself reaching my annual goal. It would be like a monthly and quarterly check about my progress for myself.

Show me the Number

My Total Online Income in Jan 2012 is $1203.95

1. Amazon Affiliate Income ($1,014.07)

Amazon Affiliate Income Jan 2012
Amazon Affiliate Income Jan 2012

As you may know, there are tons of ways making extra money online. For me, focusing one would get you the best return so you could diversify and move on other venture.

I was working hard and lucky enough to break in a few niches and have a decent Amazon Affiliate income to motivate me and keep me going. Yes, I started with less $1 Amazon Income back to May 2011 as you could see from here:

This month is “disappointing” comparing to the last Nov and Dec 2011 – which is expected. I collected tons of traffic data and just don’t have time to analysis them all. I gonna break in many big niches this year and hope I could reproduce and even exceed my “success”.

I’m proud to “shipped” closed to 500 items via Amazon. I couldn’t get to 8% commission rate, it’s a number game and I’m confident that I hit again. What concerns me is that the web traffic of some of my authority sites is slowing and there were not many orders as in Nov & Jan last year which is totally expected.

In Feb, I plan to add more content and build more backlinks to my niche sites and build a few new ones. On-going, I learn about new product niches and try to compete in some strong ones.

2. Adsense Income ($129.30)

I have been following many big boys in this Adsense Income Niche and plan to play a catch up game on monthly-basis. Indeed, Adsense is one of my favorite MMO business model as it’s simple and straight-forward as is.

My Jan Adsense income dropped as expected as one of my income sites is a product-related one. The traffic dropped significantly in Jan that hurts. The good side is that I have definitely two winning niche sites making me $100 Adsense income. As I said, the first $100 is always difficult to meet. It took me couple months to get my first Google Check.

Adsense Income Jan 2012
Adsense Income Jan 2012

Why can’t I duplicate the formula and have 10x? Yes, I’m planning to grow my Adsense income to $1000 a month level. It will get me to 1/3 of my 2012 Extra Money Income Goal.

This is a number game. I have about 5 sites having traffic and Adsense income stream. Why can’t I have 20 or even 50 Adsense sites?

Stayed tune about my update. I gonna document my how-to and the whole process. Indeed, it’s just a bunch of business processes to build and rank Adsense sites.

3. Affiliate Income ($60.58)

I only promote what I have and works for me. (I own some products and I don’t even promote and mention about that.) Simple because I have been asked for many times and I know what I promote would help others to save time and be more productive as I do in my business. Only if you take actions and take advantage of the benefits, it would just pay it off.

Many times, we are promoted to various stuff for features. It really takes time to digest to get the “benefits”. There are tons of Training, Software, and services out there claiming that they could help you to make money online. I was sold and spent tons of money on them; indeed, I still do and spend on monthly basis. Now, I know what I need, I get and grab the benefits right the way.

Education is priceless. How much did you spend in your high school, colleges, and continual education in your profession? Committing to learn is one of my key success factors.

I truly believe in Niche Profit Course (this is a killing deal comparing to $97 original price when I got it) which is my blueprint making online income with Amazon Affiliate.

Here, I wanna say THANK you to those who trust and buy through my Affiliate link. My email support and follow-up is your bonus. Chris has great support on this training as you may know, but you could ping me for any help too.

For me, TIME is MONEY. If I didn’t take actions and implement what I have learned in reading blogs, training, and experiments, I wouldn’t have had my 5-digit online income in 2011.

WSO Affiliate Jan 2012
WSO Affiliate Jan 2012


My 2012 Goal Progress

1. Making $100 a day (In Progress)

I’m 1/3 reaching my monthly goal which is about $3000. In order to scale up to reach my goal. I gonna build many Amazon Affiliate and Adsense niche sites on monthly basis.

It would take time to do market research, build the site, add content, and drive traffic to. In a few months, I should see some site traffic growth. As I said, it’s a number game. If you build 10 sites, you will see 1-2 winner ones. The more you build, it would just be more effective and better.

2. I put in 2 hours average ONLY a day (Χ)

This goal is definitely failing. January was very distracting. I am working on this business part-time. Squeezing out 2-3 hours a day is not easy. Sometimes I am just exhausted by 10pm after all day work and taking care of the kids.

Some days, I worked more than 3 hours; sometimes, I only spend an hour or so.

  • First week – I was thinking about my annual goal and busy reading other blogger goals
  • Second week – I spent a lot of time to design my daily and weekly schedule. At least I finished buidling niche site
  • Third week – I built another niche site and trying to catch up my schedule
  • Forth week – My first Guest post was posted online by Chris. I was busy to catch up the comments and traffic from the guest post http://www.makemoneyontheinternet.com/4000-month-with-amazon-in-under-1-year-student-results/
  • Fifth week – this is very non-productive as I was busy with my full time work and life after work. You may say it’s nice to take a week off and a break online. 🙂

I need to figure out how to focus on my core business – niche site building and stay away from social media and life distraction. Everyday, I should be working on something that is growing and driving my business forward.

3. I will spend $500 a month on this business (Χ)

In Jan, I was going to spend majority of my expense on article outsourcing and backlinking via Fiverr.com, but it failed.

I spent totally about $333.17 (my best estimate including new domain names from Namecheap, Hostgator Web Hosting, a few WSOs about niches and training, UAW, Fiverr, and Article outsourcing)

I would roll over $200 to Feb Expense and outsourcing big (I need to focus on this as it’s more time-consuming than I planned). Sometimes, it’s not about how much you spend, what concerns me is what I spend really worthy. Does it save your time, or just buy information / education that you can’t digest and have return?

4. Writing a Blog Post once a week (√)

I wrote 4 articles as meeting my post schedule. Indeed, blogging is not my strength and I take longer to fresh out an idea and publish a post. Content is the king. My traffic grew up a little bit in Jan. It was awesome to meet other niche site guys and we are in the community following Spencer, Adsense Flippers, and Smart Passive Income etc. It’s encouraging and nice learning from each other.

Blogging is fun and I meet great people in this IMT community. I feel energetic receiving reader emails and bounce ideas back and for.

As a blog traffic, I’m thankful to get closed to 800 in Jan. Thank you for all your support. My first guest post was up on Jan 24th and I had some traffic peak that day.

In Marketing Tips Traffic Jan 2012
In Marketing Tips Traffic Jan 2012

5. I will have an Income/Expense Statement every month (√)

I managed to stream line and only have one checking / paypal account to pay out my expenses. It’s easier to watch out how I spend and my income stream in. It’s all about Cash-flow management.

6. I read a business book every month (√)

I’m proud finishing Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Jarv Eker  and I have a few takes to share here:

  • Everyone has different money blueprint and they could be from our family, past experience, and childhood. Mine one is different from yours.
  • Rich people think differently. There are 17 mindsets mentioned in the book and my favorite ones are:
  • 5. Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles.
  • 13. Rich people focus on their net worth. Poor people focus on their working income.
  • 17. Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know.
  • After reading the book, I know I have Millionaire mindset. I gonna revisit this and see if I have adapted “new thinking”.
Midas Touch
Midas Touch

In Feb, I am reading Midas Touch by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Donald J. Trump

Midas Touch is all about Successful Entrepreneurship. Are you curious about why some entrepreneurs win, and some fail?

If you know Robet Kiyosaki, probably you know his Rich Dad Poor Dad Book. One of my favorite books all time.



I feel great about Feb and it is going to be better regarding to productivity and my business direction. I “worry” that my niche site web traffic would slow down and can’t keep my monthly income as 4-digit. Anyway, I should focus on my daily operation, maintain my revenue, and grow from there.

Fear won’t help you move forward. Focus, be proactive, and hard-working and it’s the way to go!

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How did you do in Jan? Do  you have any plan for Feb? Kindly let me know and I love to catch up with you.

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