My Learned Lessons in 2011

2011 was over. What were your learned lessons in 2011? 2011 was very exciting to me as it’s the first year I made extra money online.  I’d like to do some reflective thinking and share my notes with you.

My Learned Lessons in 2011
My Learned Lessons in 2011

1. You should SET your GOAL and REACH it

In the beginning of 2011, I didn’t even set my goal how much I’d like to make or work hard online to archive 2011. The end result was that I didn’t publish new posts on this blog on regular basis, I didn’t work on regular basis in the early year (I was just reading and chasing around with different ideas.)

I didn’t even set my daily MMO income, so I didn’t try hard to make it until the last 3 months.

My take-away:

TO SET goals and try the best to MAKE it. (Set something do-able and stretch enough to push myself forward.)

e.g Making $1K a day is nice, but too far away from where I am so I may lose the motivation and even trying to think about.

Instead, I am setting a goal to make $100 a day this year. I’m working out the detailed plan and daily process to reach it. It’s just a number game.

2. Your Success is Just one Mile Away

As I said, I started with $0 passive income a month to nice 4-digit in Nov and Dec last year. I realize your success maybe just one mile away. Are you willing to run extra miles consistently and eventually, will hit your success and jackpot. I realize most of people trying to make money online would say it’s just damn hard and quit in the journey. They may going chase “shiny objects” and hopefully find another fast money making secret online.

Indeed, most of successful athletes just keep practicing at what they are good at and fine-tune their skills to run extra miles.

My New Minset:

I do the best and even exceed whatever I plan to do on regular basis.

Are you willing to run extra miles today so you would see your success faster? Your next success is just a mile away or even half mile, do you believe it and working hard to hit it?

Winner never quits. Are you a winner?

3. Say NO

I could imagine that you are many many Internet Marketer Email Alias and receive many emails on daily basis. I do and on some WSO alias.

I learned to SAY NO to different business ideas or opportunities. For example, I say NO to offline marketing, product creation, creating mobile apps, whatever new money making business ideas or secrets.

Instead of saying YES to all, buying info here and there, and going no-where, I am trying to shut my doors and only focus on my core business model which is creating niche sites for Amazon Associates and Google Adsense. I have some success and just keep improving the process to grow BIG.

Later this year, I may flip and sell some of those (which is new to me, but at least I am focusing what I am good at for now.)

My New Year Tips is:

Know when to say NO to what. I need to make fast decision to say NO to a lot of distraction, WSOs, and “new” information.

And you? What would like to say NO so you could focus on daily basis this year? It could change and you may take in new ideas after a period of time. It’s good be flexible, but not changing and chasing shiny objects all the time.


4. Failure is Your Best Friend

Many times, I was afraid of “failures” and even procrastinate doing something such as buying that domain name, publish that idea as a post on niche sites, or making change in the layout or even the color code of the Adsense.

I was “scared” of something bad imagined inside my brain, so I didn’t even take that action or execute that ideas. For example, create an email list and sending weekly tips newsletter.

INSTEAD, I should be thankful to my failures such as 10 domain don’t even rank and have traffic, in the sandbox I guess. I was losing at least $200 including the domain name and article outsoucing cost on them. (The lessons and returned value is huge though.)

New Year Take-Away:

I’m adjusting my thinking and behavior, don’t hesitant to fail and willing to FAIL quick.

Don’t fail to be failing. There are tons of niches and in order to weed out the winners, I need to build many mini-sites and willing to fail fast so I could move on next sooner or later. Also internet technology and industry is moving fast like bullets. There was Facebook a few years ago and Google+ last year. Who knows what will go hot this year?

I’m flexible enough to adapt new workflow and business processes on monthly basis. Try out something new and test it out so I could on-going grow my business.


What are your best learned lessons in 2011? Would you like to share with IMT community? I love to hear your stories and learn the wisdom.

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