My focus in 2011

Shall I have this kind of post in the beginning of 2011? Time flies and it’s already May 2011. 🙂

As you may see, it’s not much update on this IN marketing tips blog. I have been away due to busy full time work load and family starting this blog back to July 2010.

I have resumed my energy and dedication in May 2011. I am working on my niche sites and creating part time extra income. As an IM newbie, I was struggling with life priority shift, balance, and time management. Procrastination and fear of failure was my “friend”.

Many of you have full time work and family to consume, contribute, and spend most of your day time with. Making secondary and extra income online is great to have, but we just don’t have much time left. I know everyone has 24 hours a day. Pretty fair, isn’t it?

I am investing in some online training and software. I need to have a PLAN, to-do list, and build my business around the clock.  The income may not flow right the way, but I am confident that it would come in down on the road.

HOW? Rather than telling you what to buy here and there, I have reserved and would blog about my process, tools, failure, and outcome. Stay tuned.

It’s already May in the summer. Let’s focus and encourage, motivate, and inspire each other down in the road. Let us win in internet marketing together!


And you? How have you been so far this year?

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