MMO Monthly Report March 2012

MMO Monthly Report March 2012

March was over. It was slower and worse than I thought. Also there was Google update de-indexing “private blog network” especially BMR and Panda 3.4 worrying this IM industry and myself.

I was a little bit “panic” – how it would impact my niche site traffic and income mind going-on last 2 weeks. I was hesitant to take any actions like building too much backlinks and stuff. I was kind of “passive” observing the impact and how other bloggers react.

I’m glad that it was over and I could start from fresh in April again.

Learned Lessons in March

1. You should have multiple Online Income Streams and Niche Sites.

Some of my Amazon Niche Sites got ranking slapped and you could tell from my Amazon Income. Also some of my niche site fellows got Adsense Site Banned. It tells me that it could be happening to me and you should always have some backup plans. I was very sorry for those guys as Adsense is part of their major online income streams.

What is my action item? Yes, I gonna explore CJ, Clickbank, and EPN opportunities in Q2. (I will have more update in the next post about my game plan.)

I need to block out time to focus exploring in Q2. If I work on multiple projects, it would kill my productivity and becomes NO focus given I only work 1-2 hours online a day.

Building and ranking new niche sites do take time. Google wouldn’t honor and give you massive of traffic right the way.

From what I see, a few sites that I have built back to Jan… comes out of Sandbox (500+ ranking) and start getting some traffic. This is pretty nice and telling me that I am doing things right in Google eyes. I wish I had built much more new sites early in Dec and Jan…

Start planting your seeds today. If you wanna make profit out of niche sites, you won’t get Amazon and Adsense checks as I do right the way. It does take patience and right skills.

2. Working on many things means NO productivity and FOCUS.

I was working on other Amazon Niche Sites to grow my Amazon Income (They are higher ROI projects for me); and wrote 4 blogs posts on this blog; and built various backlinks etc.

Early March, I was focusing and working on my Adsense Case Study and building out some new niche sites.

My goal was:
1. Spend $500 totally
2. Spend 3 hours each site
3. TO make $100 a month out of Adsense totally.

I did pretty good and built 4 new sites in March. Will have more updates on those later. After First 2-week focus, I realize it’s out of my capacity and finding good and profitable keywords really takes time.

I am thankful that I just got Keyword Blaze Pro at $17 (First 5 hours after launch)

You may have heard about SEOockpit which is $77/month. I was “tempted” to get something like that to help me find High Profitable keywords and save me time.

I’m in love with Keyword Blaze Pro as this is a server side solution (It runs fast behind the scene.) Once I identify some potential keywords, I will double check in Competitor Analysis Module in LongTail Pro (which is my Number One tool) running on my Desktop all the time.

I’m positive that I could find more Winning Keywords in April and cut out the time doing keyword research. lol

Instead of building all 8 sites per my Case Study in a month, I’m spending time and working on this Case Study in 3 months.

The goal is not to “waste” $500 quick. I need to get it right, have right process and schedule in place, and add another $100 Adsense monthly income.

In my Adsense case study, when I reach my income goal, I will just repeat the same processon regular basis.

Once I have that “project experience” in place, I should be able to outsource, streamline and build & rank 8-10 sites in a month.

Also I am behind on my serial of Adsense How-to and Process blog posts. ☺ Need to get my blogging schedule in place and make it happen.

3. Work Less means Working More.

In March, I spent more time “thinking” about my to-do list and they occupied my mind – but I didn’t make all happened. It wasn’t productive as I wish.

4 Hour Work-week is a mind opening book to me. I am 30% done and the 80/20 rule rocks and like a baseball bat hitting my head big time last week.

Sometimes we work online and look very busy. Am I productive today? Hell no and sometimes I am reading on other blogs, too much tweets, and spending time on FB. I know engaging with your audience and do social is important. It’s part of my Online Branding.

What do I do make me productive? Adding new blog posts and building backlinks do. They are time-consuming, but they are the CORE of this business and how this process / model works.

I feel great publishing this post and other Niche Site posts today.. everyday.

March Online Income

My Total Online Income in March 2012 was $782.1 (+$136.58 comparing to Feb)

1. Amazon Affiliate ($290.83)

Amazon Affiliate Income March 2012
Amazon Affiliate Income March 2012

Amazon income was the lowest in the last 6 months. A reason is my niche site traffic went down(due to Panda update), and people are not “spending” much and busy with filing tax. I forsee that it will go in this pace for another 2 weeks before April 16th Tax File Deadline.

As you may see, I have some good Conversion Rate (>10%) on Amazon. I wish all 192 shipped items were at $100 priced. That would be like 192 x $100 x (7% commission rate) = $1,344 income stream from Amazon.

Well, reality is reality. Those $100 items that I promoted didn’t sell well in March.

Also I had some “high-priced” items returned and it hurt.

Amazon Return Items
Amazon Return Items

Another surprise, I don’t have any niche selling Jewelry, but someone bought “10k White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant” through my links. This is way better than a click from Adsense.

Diamond Sale
Diamond Sale

That’s why I love doing Amazon Affiliate comparing to Google Adsense as you are awarded by driving traffic to Amazon. Amazon is just converting and promotes/sells stuff to your visitors.

Per Niche Profit Course, I should have aimed for those $100 or above items to promote. Yes, I am building a few one that is in high price tag and more evergreen product niche – that people buy on regular basis (not seasonal – like those just selling hot in Christmas only.)

Many readers email me about how I start and do Amazon Affiliate, and I highly recommend Niche Profit Course as this is my blueprint and I have been following this for a year and received my $11,000 check from Amazon. [Note: the income result varies, all it take is picking right niches, writing good review content and driving traffic to make profit.]

Yes, I’m building some niche sites these days and working on my second $10,000 goal. It’s just slow moving up the ranking and traffic these months.

2. Google Adsense ($63.45)

Google Adsense March 2012
Google Adsense March 2012

I wish I could get back to those $100 level as in Jan. I had many $0 days as you may see in the chart. I know a few of my income sites have $1 or $2 a click.

I will spend more time adding content, building backlinks, and growing the traffic on my existing winner sites. Focusing too many sites means NO focus.

I am happy for that 20% growth, but still this is a small portion of my Online Income. Anyway, every pennies add up.

To grow this income, it’s not only about number of sites, it’s about the Page View Traffic on Daily basis. I will talk about my Q2 Game plan later.

3. Affiliate Income ($427.82)

Affiliate marketing is killing this month. This is by far the most growth and best month that I have regarding to the income source. This is pretty surprising.

I only promote what I do and use on my niche site business and I am thankful to all my IMT fans and those who buy through my Affiliate and Discount Links. Your support keeps funding this site.

Kindle Book Give Away

I’m still working on The 4-Hour Workweek of Timothy Ferriss that I started last month. This is really eye-opening to me and I’m reflecting on this slowly. In order to work less, one needs to set priorities, cut out those “bothers”, and automate the process.

Think and Grow Rich (Kindle Version) Give Away
Think and Grow Rich (Kindle Version) Give Away

In April, I gonna give away 5 copies of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill [Kindle Version]. This is a classic and I read good portion of it last year. Once I am done with 4HWW, I will go over this again.

I wanna have more discussion and sharing over this book with you guys. Yes, I am going to give away 5 copies – Kindle version so you could read on your computer, iOS and Android devices anywhere you like.

Just answer the question on the Contest Page here and I will do Random Draw and pick the best answer ones by April 15th 10:00 PST.

The Give-away winner will be announced on April 16th!

In Marketing Tips Facebook Fans Page was launched on April 2nd with new Timeline. This is a Fans page for those want to profit from niche sites.

We will have discussion, tricks, and news sharing here. The goal is to learn and help each others profit from Niche Sites.

Please feel free to post your blog posts related to building niche sites on the Fans Page too. (Those good ones will get promoted and shared.) It’s a community and hope we could motivate and help each others along.

In Marketing Tips Fans Page
In Marketing Tips Fans Page

2012 Q1 is over. I will have another blog post about the summary and my Q2 Game Plan next.

May you all have a great April.


How did you do in March? Did Google Update impact you much? Let us encourage and reach our business goal along the way.

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