MMO Monthly Report February 2012

This is my second Make Extra Income Online Monthly Report. Feb was a short month and disappointing regarding to my Online Income, but I learned a lot during my reflection. I was very stressful and busy on weekends, but thankful that it was over and have added a few hundred dollars to my Offline Passive Income portfolio. (I will touch on that a little bit later.)

My Feb Online Income was a little disappointing

To be transparent, I am NOT here to “teach” you how to make money online. I am just an action-taker and read/learn how to MMO in the last year. Who said Making money online is easy and fast?

To document my journey and process, I’m here to INspire my readers how it is possible if you take actions and be patient persistently, it’s do-able. I’m doing this after 9-to-5, as a full time dad and husband (I wish those could be part-time and quit somethimes. 😉

I structure this report a little bit each time. I would talk about my learned lessons, my numbers, how I reach my Annual Goal, and the game plan for March.

MMO Learned Lessons in Feb 2012

Feb is super busy and very stressful to me due to my work and personal life.

I’d say my full-time work was not satisfied, I wasn’t very productivity. I met my deadlines, but know I could focus and did better job.

I wasn’t “productive” and lost FOCUS on this Online Niche Site Business in Feb. I admit that I failed and it was a good Failure Lesson. I was very distracted by my Offline Passive Income Project (Will be touch on that at the end of this report.)

That is life, and we need to have good balance spending time at Full-time job(if you have one and it’s sort of part of me and commitment.) You get regular paid-check and you are tight to your job commitment – time and energy. Family is important too and they are my reasons working extra hour. (Hey, I woke up 4:30am this morning and working on this monthly report, could you imagine?) I do enjoy writing this now.

Regarding to my Niche Site Traffic, it sucked pretty bad in Feb. My Amazon and Adsense Income Sinked and Dropped more than 50% comparing to Jan.

It happens and Web Traffic and Demand is so dynamic. I didn’t forsee that it would drop and cut my Online Income HALF though.

As a lesson, be prepared, and FOCUS on maintaining your business and GROWTH. If you don’t grow your business, it would just be doing Backward. You can’t expect it would be maintained without doing anything and laziness.

Procrastination is my buddy and I have been procrastinating with a lot of great good ideas. No matter they are great or not, TAKING actions is the key to see if it works or not. Do you have a lot of niche and business ideas? Are they dotted down? Do you have any action-item plans to execute them?

I do have some ideas flowing in my head. I got to drop them down, and schedule to make them happen. Otherwise, they are just “dreams” never happening.

Feb 2012 definitely was a great month learning more about myself and this business. I’m sure that when I look back, it motivates me not making the same mistakes again. I could be just a better person.

Don’t let Failures stop you. Learn and Take away from it. Failure is my buddy and I love to fail fast.

Show me the Number

My Total Online Income in Feb 2012 was $645.52 (Almost 50% off of $1203.95 Jan Income)

1. Amazon Affiliate Income ($412.81) (~60% off of $1,014.07 in Jan)

I’m not too surprised as I was monitoring this on daily basis.. which is not healthy. Just a few mins a day, but I could do other productive work.

Amazon Affiliate Income Feb 2012
Amazon Affiliate Income Feb 2012

In Jan, I saw the orders were slowing down and could tell that it won’t shipped much in Feb. Also I couldn’t and “failed” to hit Valentine’s Day Shopping Season.. I tried to rank a few pages, but failed. I didn’t start to rank them early enough. I learned so much that if I wanna hit the Shopping Seasons, I need to plan and act fast. This is how I hit almost 5-digit last Christmas Season.

7% Commission Rate for Feb is not too bad. I need to ship double volume to hit 7.5%.

$400 is good enough to fund my business for March and I gonna re-focus BIG time.

In March, I plan to add closed to 20 Product Review Posts and RANK them. You don’t need another new 20 Amazon Niche Sites to grow your business. All you need is High Traffic and Conversation Pages to make profit from this business models.
I’m super thankful to get AMASuitefor less than $20 and find some great products to promote fitting my Gold-mined Formula.

If you promote a $100 priced product (Have a well written and high traffic ones), get a sale at 7% commission rate everyday, that would be $200 a month, this is a simple formular comparing to what you think of as Make Money Online?

How about 10 High Demand and Popular products? that would be $2000 a month which is my current goal as for 2012.

If you haven’t made money from Amazon and want to test it out, feel free to grab this Killing Deal (70% off) NPC Training (I follow this blueprint making money from Amazon Affiliate) before it’s taken down. I got mine at $97 full price. And you?

2. Adsense Income ($53.27) (60% drop from $129.30 in Jan)

Yes, this is my first month not getting Adsense Paycheck since getting my first $100 Google Paid-check.

Adsene Income Feb 2012
Adsene Income Feb 2012

My Feb Adsense income dropped significantly, due to the traffic to my Adsense Niche Sites dropped almost half. I may have gotten Smart-pricing.

One of my money making ones dropped from $23 in Jan to $2 in Feb. The SERP of the keyword (Exact Match Domain) sinked from #3 to #14. (This is a five-page Adsense Niche Sites that I gonna replicate and build my Adsense Case Study around.)

As a side note, 336 x 280 and 160 x 600 Ads Blocks are my Favorites. I will unveil if you are interested later.

As clear as is, I should diversify My Adsense Sites, build a few Strong ones, and continue building up Micro-Niche ones to weed out the Winners. Stay tuned and I gonna have a series of blog posts about this and you will witness how I grow this on monthly-basis.

I will focus on growing this on DAILY basis – mentally and taking actions as well.

3. Other Affiliate Income ($179.44) +196% vs $60.58 in Jan

I got many emails from readers asking how I learned my Amazon Affiliate skills and what software and services I use on regular basis.

I haven’t hard-sold these as I just believe what I do and have.  I buy a lot of stuff on monthly basis – to save me money and make myself productive. Sometimes, I would just buy and promote if they are really helpful. 🙂 Many times, I don’t even talk about cramp stuff that I get – I am not a smart IM buyer.

Thank you for your trust buying Niche Profit Course via my Affiliate link. As I said, this is my blueprint getting paid check from Amazon proved by my Monthly Income reports.

For those who are seeking the next Shiny Objects, you don’t need another new business ideas to make profit online. Just pick one whatever you have purchased, focus on execution, to get there. Anything would work, it just depends how you do it.

Offline Passive Income was my Distraction

I don’t expect to mention much about my Full-time job income and Offline Passive Income (whatever that is.) I just wanna touch on this and how it could be distracting, but I’m thankful to have this HAPPY problem to work on and solved finally.

I worked a lot offline on weekends in Feb. I spent more than 40 hours (A week of full-time work) working on my Rental Property – Painting the home, Clean-up, DIY Fixing the home, Buying stuff at Home Depot,  Open House, Working with potential Tenants, All home rental stuff… you could imagine.

I’m glad that it was OVER. The new tenants moved in couple days ago. As Rich Dad Poor Dad does, I acquire Assets – this is a case of rental property, it’s by far the best Passive and Residual Income I could have. I am doing Property Manager myself, but forsee it wouldn’t take me much time (comparing to this part-time Online business) and add couple hundred profits to my pocket.

Well, the entry cost was very high though.. 5-digit figure to start with for my case. (If you look for rental property to invest in, it varies. The process is just long and stressful in my opinion.)

I love my Online Business much more as you could invest and start today with as little as $10 for the Domain Name and Web Hosting.

One of my dreams or goals, is to make Good Online Income, to fund my Rental Income Business. Eventually, I would hire a Property Manager and hand over all the work to a trusted Real Estate Agent.

Sorry for my boring money theory, I don’t think it applies too much to my Fans. 🙂

My 2012 Goal Progress

1. Making $100 a day (In Progress)

I had a few $40 a day in Feb. Feb income was 1/5 of my $3000 a month goal. I need to play a catch up game to reach my annual goal.

A lot of times, people only care how much you make. I do care.. but more than that, I care more how much I grow and learn from how others grow too. Learning and Growing never ends.

Thanks for your interest and I hope my journal could help you grow as well.

2. I put in 2 hours average ONLY a day (√)

Indeed, I work much fewer than 2 hours a day online due to the offline distraction. Also energy wise was low as I was so stress out renting out my property.

It’s not about how long you work – it’s how much and productive you work.

3. I will spend $500 a month on this business (√)

I spent totally about $ $498.85 (my best estimate including new domain names from Namecheap, Hostgator Web Hosting, a few WSOs especially AMASuite, UAW, Fiverr, and Article outsourcing)

Highlight of my Spending Feb 2012

– I bought 2 PR2 and 1 PR3 Aged Domain Names. I am building out my own Private Blog Network Slowly. I will do a lot of testing, blog about this later and how it may help or not my search ranking of my niche sites. I think it’s one of the best Investment for my business. I paid monthly for UAW, but it’s always good to diversify my backlinks.

– I start enjoy blogging and communicating with my readers and other Niche Site Bloggers. To re-invest in myself and have good education, I spent $97 on How to Start a Blog that Matters of Corbett Barr. Blogging is not for everyone. It’s a lot of hard-work. This is the best Blogging Training that I have so far. Corbett support on the site is awesome. I got my response in day. Also I could read what other students ask too.

Stay tuned – I am learning and executing what I learn from HSBTM here and you would see a Blog that Matters in the near future. 🙂

I’m building this blog contributing values to the world and being helpful to others. Is it always nice to make extra income online?

It’s all starting from You and how possible it is to make extra income – starting with you. I’m not living off by my Online Income only, but at least it’s paying off a portion of my mortgage and monthly bills.

– I am in love and promote AmaSuite. It is awesome but a little bit pricey at $40 now.  I grabbed mine at $20 when it was launched. Can’t believe it was sold more than 4500 copies in the last week or so. Sorry to tell you that this WSO gonna be closed on March 7th and probably doubled the price at Clickbank.

The reason that I got it is to SAVE TIME doing my Amazon Product Research. To reach my Amazon Goal ($2000 a month), I dig out the best product to promote and gonna rank my reviews high in a few months.

4. Writing a Blog Post once a week (√)

I met my schedule to post at least once a week in Feb. Traffic picked up pretty well and I have 50 visits average a day. My bounce Rate is as low as 30%, that means my readers love to stay around which is awesome! Some data is from my browsers though. 🙂

IMT Web Traffic Report Feb 2012
IMT Web Traffic Report Feb 2012

To grow my blog traffic double, I plan to write 2 blog posts a week in March – one would be full of tips and how-to as a part of the series of my Adsense Niche Site Case Study, one would be a little bit soft and motivating to your Online Business.

5. I will have an Income/Expense Statement every month (√)

I keep all my expenses in ONE checking account and paypal account, so it’s so easy to do my book-keeping and do all my numbers in a Spreadsheet.

6. I read a business book every month (√)

I’m proud finishing up Midas Touch and it’s a great book talking about Entrepreneurship.

My take-away is Entrepreneurship is not easy, We shall think about building up a business instead of running a Small Business (what I am doing.) The business should have business process in place to scale up big.

It’s not about me. Indeed, the process could be hand over and even be able to transfer and sell to someone else.

I’m trying to knock down my process so I could “Educate” others how I do it and Make Extra Money Online Together.

I’m still figuring out my passion and mission and why I am doing what I am doing – Creating Niche Sites and Blogging about my business. I am happy for my Extra Income Online, and hope I could help others accomplish that too. (Sorry that it’s NOT a push-button business I am peaching here.)

Online Business is a Real Business and involves time, investment, and dedication.

In March, I am reading The 4-Hour Workweek of Timothy Ferriss. I’ve heard a lot of great stuff about this book, and I know it’s inspiring.. don’t know if I really could just work 4 hour a week Online.

March Game Plan

Focus, Focus and Focus. Focusing on my daily task will drive me forward – at least a little bit closer to my goal. A lot of times, I am just distracted by reading blogs, tweets, free information, or just “dream” about what to do next.

To get closer to my goal, I will add in More Content on my niche sites (Content is the KING), and build backlinks to maintain and grow my search engine traffic on daily basis. Yes, I say.. it’s a daily process.

The beauty of this online business is that my niche sites and this blog working 24/7 for me. Some of my online income from Feb is an outcome of what I was working on in the last couple months.

Some of my product review posts still rank and have traffic and sales via Amazon Affiliates.

I’m adding a lot more Product Review Pages and Rank a few Amazon Niche Sites that are aged (3-6 months old.)

Also I am focusing on my Adsense Case Study, at least I will be building 8 brand new niche sites in March.


How did you do in Feb? Do you have a solid plan for March?

Do you have any productivity or focus tips to share? I look forward to hearing from you.

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