Niche Site Business Monthly Income Report May 2012

Online Income Report May 2012
Online Income Report May 2012

May was over and I’d say it was a good month to shake things out. Finally my Major money making site got hit by Penguin 1.1 update on 5/26 (right before the memorial long weekend.)

What’ve happened in May

1. Frustration

I didn’t accomplish my May “goals”. Main reason was I was “procrastinate” and fear to build “new sites” and sort of wanna wait for the penguin update settle-down. I was lucky that it didn’t hit my money site right after 4/24. The traffic was steady for the entire month until 5/26 Long weekend.

No dobut that this is the lowest income month since I have actively blogged about my online business on inmarketingtips.com

Be honest, I am feeling a little bit frustrated and all my hard-work since last Sept flushed in the toilet over Penguin update over night.

My “christmas” success keeps me going, but I need to figure out what would my next big success be.

2. This is not truly Passive Income

I totally bought in “Passive Income” scheme and thought my niche site business is “passive”. I was naive to think that my Amazon Affiliate income would keep up.

Reality is not. My niche site traffic would be slap by Google Search Engine Algorithm update. It may go up and down and out of my control.

I used to spend good 2 hours a day working on my niche sites and thought my hard-working would pay off.

Well, I could say there is a passive income, but it may not be residual and “passive” as I have “dreamed” out. It definitely keeps consistent hard-working.

In the beginning of my MMO Journey, I took hundreds of hours reading and learning. While I was making more than $100 a day in Nov/Dec, I was working even hard and trying to write fresh content and build backlinks.

Not only that, I used to spend hundreds buying WSOs on monthly basis. I was looking for that “secret sauce” and had the dream what is the next making me thousands.

This is the reality check for myself. This Online Business is dynamic and not easy as people scam.

3. Need a break to refresh my mind – to be positive and motivated

I keep reading the WHY I am making extra money online and my family is the core reason I am working hard.

This is not my first time I really feel hurt. Last Oct, my site was sent to sandbox for 2 weeks and I was disappointed that I didn’t get much Adsense back then.

New Thinking and Thoughts?

Shall I start looking something new like creating Kindle books,  iPhone App creation, and on-going grow my Amazon Aff and Google Adsense income with new sites?

How shall I backlink that is naturally and good to Google Eyes? Would they have another Zebra update and hit my niche site traffic?

To Recover my Traffic

I have read many good reference regarding to Google Penguin and how other sites are now ranking with their diversified anchor text profiles. (I probably will have another post this week about my game plan.)

I admit that I did some “blackhat” stuff like building links with ALN and UAW. The links landed on some low-quality article directories that look spammy to Google. They used to work really well and Google gave me hundreds visit a day.

Positive Mindset and Thinking

Is SEO sky falling? At the same time, some of my spammy competitors got hurt pretty bad too.

You may have heard “Threat” and “Opportunities” in Chinese Word. When there is a threat, there is an opportunity. 🙂

Show me the Number – Online Income in May

My Total Online Income of May 2012 was ~$399.18

1. Amazon ($244.18)

Amazon Affiliate Income May 2012
Amazon Affiliate Income May 2012

I am thankful that about 79 items were shipped in May. I forsee that June would be much worse due to the Traffic hit of Penguin.

$240 is still a good money for me to reinvest into the exciting and new sites.

I know this Amazon Affiliate business model works and I’m just trying to figure out how to gain the traffic and hit another Jackpot Product Niche in the near future.

To see my Amazon $11K Success, please refer back to this post.

2. Adsense ~$140

I had about 15% growth on my Adsense income. Definitely it’s on the right track and I know I need to have 10x traffic and page view to hit $1000 a month.

This is not a rocket science. I haven’t had chance to focus building new big sites per my Case Study yet. (I decided that Amazon Affiliate is my niche site focus for now.)

3. Affiliate ($15)

My Affiliate income didn’t rock in May, mostly I was focusing on my Niche sites and didn’t have much update on IMT blog.

Niche Profit Course WSO was closed on May 7th finally. The price was very attractive (more than 50% off) and I had some Affiliate sale last couple months.(This is something that I have promoted heavily on my blog as this is my blueprint and how I learned and reached my first online success.)

I’d say the current NPC offer is a little bit expensive and it’s not for everyone, but you decide to get access it with my Affiliate. That is great appreciated!

Game Plan for June

I gonna take 2 weeks off and I will spend time with my Family in Guam and Hong Kong in Asia. Yes, I have grown up in Hong Kong and it’s awesome to see my family and friends again.

Meanwhile, I am going to add in new fresh content to  my money making sites and create new pages for those that I used to rank and had tons of traffic. I will build new Web 2.0 links to them and gain more social signals with SocialAdr.

In the same niche, I’m creating a new site and plan to have it as an authority style site.

Many readers have asked me if there is any great guide for building Authority Site. So far, I think 60 mins to 100 dollar days by Nate Rivers is my favorite. Making $100 a day is my goal and this simple book covers the key elements with 6 video showing how-to.

Video 3 about Creating Your Content shows some good examples and provides some great ideas I could model and create fresh content for my new sites.

Happy Summer! I feel like I’m taking to myself – being frustrated and at the same time, being positive and motivating myself to work hard.

I found the key but couldn’t keep it long. Anyway, I gonna duplicate many of those and win in upcoming Christmas seasons.

🙂 Only positive attitude and hard-working helps me move forward and reach my goals.

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I finally got hurt by Penguin 1.1 update. Hope 1.2 will retrieve some of my niche sites.

What do you think about my Game Plan? Do you have any tips and encouragement to share with us? Looking forward to your feedback.

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