Meet CopySean Making $10K a Month without Google Traffic

Meet CopySean Making $10K Monthly

Meet CopySean Making $10K Monthly

I met Sean on a blog comment and conversation. I was very impressed by his monthly online income and the way how he drove traffic. I’m sure that you will be inspired by his success too.

1. Sean, I am very excited to have you here, would you introduce and tell us more about yourself?

My name is Sean King and I’m a 21 year old dude making a full time income from my dorm room. I never expected to become an “entrepreneur.” Growing up, I thought this required you to either invent something awesome or build a giant and thriving business. Luckily I stumbled upon making money online in October 2010 and have since found awesome success with one website.

2. Awesome to see you have success in such as a short time. How did you get into this Make Money Online business?

During my 3rd year in college, I heard that the founder of a popular site was making money online with a silly website. I thought I could easily recreate a similar website with a different concept and make some side money. This led me to study all I could about “making money online” and opened my eyes to a new world. I found that hundreds of thousands of people were making money in all different kinds of ways.

3. Sure that you are a fast learner. Why do you do what you are doing?

I’m sharing my journey of how I am able to make over $10,000 at CopySean.com because I learned countless of free information to get me to where I am today. I believe that you only need one hit or spark of an idea to become a success. I’m hoping that my journey will show that every success story is different and there are so many unique paths to “making it.”

4. I visited your blog and you do have an interesting journey. What is your 1st Successful Mindset to keep you going?

For some reason, I always knew that I would make it someday. For me, it was just a matter of getting through all the failures as quickly as possible. Having confident in myself was one of the most important factors because if you don’t even believe in yourself, who will? I saw other people making a killing online and I knew that if I put out my 100% I would be able to achieve the same. ANYONE and EVERYONE can do the same. The hard part is actually going out there and just DOING IT.

5. Very encouraging. From your blog, I know you are into Dating/Relationship niche? How did you stumble upon and approach this niche?

This past summer, my friend was using dating websites to meet new people in person. I met several of these people and found that dating websites no longer have that stereotype attached to it that it did years ago. I found a market of desperate people who wanted to make friends and meet potential partners. When I launched my site, an overwhelming number of the audience were women, so gradually the site morphed into a dating advice site for women, but from a guy’s perspective. It sounds crazy, I know. But it just goes to show that you can build a success niche in almost anything! Uniqueness and creativity is key.

6. How do you rank and do SEO on your niche sites?

I don’t do any ranking or SEO. I have a very large audience of women who love my content. Every blog post I have (I only update once a week) averages over 1,000 Facebook Shares so my growth is very natural. I don’t rely on Google at all. However, I’m starting to see many of my keywords climb the rankings because I have a hunch that social media is beginning to play an important role in SEO.

7. Very impressed to know your FB traffic especially after all the Google Panda and Penguin in April. How do you do it and do you have any tips to us?

Use images! Images on Facebook get shared like crazy. I also include a watermark of my site’s URL on every image so I get a lot of direct traffic from people who see an image and type the URL into their browser. Another tip would be to actually use the words “like” and “share” when posting an image. For example, my status will read: LIKE if you agree with this.

8. Do you have any suggestion about building Facebook Fans pages? Especially for those Adsense and Amazon Niche Site owners?

To be honest, unless your adsense and amazon niche site amass a huge following and gets lots of traffic, I don’t think that Facebook Fans Pages should be your number one priority. It definitely depends on the content of your site, but most sites I see can only generate maybe 1,000 fans at most. I know most bloggers stress the importance of social media, but I believe that you should only be present where you are seeing actual results. And then going all out on those methods. If I were to create an adsense or amazon niche site, I wouldn’t focus my efforts on fan pages.

9. Great feedback. By the way, what was your biggest success online?

My biggest success online was creating an authority website that grew a loyal following on it’s own and then releasing an eBook that was a hit with my audience. I will never forget January of this year when I made $15,000 online for the first time.

10. Do you have any “failure” lessons to share with you?

Before my current authority site, I went through many, many, many failures. Failure is inevitable as an entrepreneur. It’s bound to happen. The key is to realize that you WILL fail until you finally find the one project that works well for you. Take each failure, learn from it, and bounce right back up. The word “fail” has such a harsh stigma to it, but in the entrepreneurial world, we all fail and it’s really nothing. No big deal. Just move on!

11. For those newbies, what would you suggest for going into this business?

I would suggest learning as much as you can from free content online and brewing up several ideas. Different approaches work for different people. You will never know which approach works best for you until you go out and do it. I’ve tried an adsense site, niche site, email newsletter site, etc. But found that an authority site works best for me. Just go out there and start something! The best teacher is experience!

12. Any inspiration and encouragement to share with us here?

If you have the drive and motivation, you will succeed in anything you do. I grew up in a very, very poor family with a single mother. I wanted to provide for and support my mother and sister more than anything else in the world. This crazy obsession made me have no other option but to succeed online. Find what drives you. If you think you have what it takes then go out there and truly give it your 100%. If not, you may be able to find some success online, but it will take you much longer and you may never reach your fullest potential.

After Thought

I am very into Amazon and Adsense Niche Sites these days. Sometimes it’s great to meet others doing well with other models. With Sean’s Authority Site approach, it’s about to identify a niche and target audience, create great content to solve their problems and serve them really well. Create a community and let your fans share and drive you “free traffic”. I was very impressed and this is something creative to me.

I do Facebook LIKE and Twitter Tweets to do backlinking to my niche sites. This Facebook Fans page traffic is something new and totally awesome! I love to explore this approach with my upcoming Authority Site Projects too.


Do you have any questions for Sean? Please feel free to check out CopySean.com and leave your comments here.

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