Make Extra Money Online with Google Adsense

Make Extra Money Online with Google Adsense
Make Extra Money Online with Google Adsense

Tell you a “secret”, I make extra money online with Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. I received my first Google Adsense paid check back to September 2011. It was a great feeling – to receive a pay check from Google although it was roughly about $100. Since then, I receive Google check every month.

Before knowing what Google Adsense is, I thought Google pays you by getting you to click their Ads. 🙂

How? What did you do? This is not a make million quick scam as you may see those ads like Working for Google or Working from Home Business.

What is Google Adsense? How do I make extra income with it?

To keep it simple, it’s Google Advertising network that Advertisers pay them to put up Ads across Content Network. You could start a website or a blog and add some code given by Google Adsense.

Then the Google Ads will be displayed on your site. When your site visitors click those ads, Google will pay you via your Google Adsense Account.

My First Google Adsense Check

In Sept 2011, finally, I got my first paycheck from Google Adsense. It was very exciting and finally see all my penny clicks added up as a hundred which is the minimum amount to cut you a check.

First Google Adsense Check
First Google Adsense Check

In Dec 2011, I had roughly $170 extra online income from Adsense. The daily income was like roller-coaster and some good days I had about $10 as in the below graph. $200 is not whole a lot comparing to other Adsense Guru.. well, at least finally I found the KEY and gonna duplicate it massively this year.

Dec 2011 Adsense Income
Dec 2011 Adsense Income


Make Extra Money Online with Google Adsense Goal in 2012

One of my 2012 goals is to make $100 a day. Part of my strategy is to build Adsense Micro-niche sites following the blueprint from Trent from Niche Site Mastery. I plan to build out roughly ~30 Adsense sites this year and hope to get a set of 10 high traffic sites making $1000 a month in total. I could bundle up a few winners and sell as 20x monthly income on Flipper.

As my estimate and traffic goal for this year, if I could get roughly 30,000 total page reviews a month, with 3% CPC (which is what I normally get), and at least $1 per each Ads click, it would be around $900 Adsense income.

Meanwhile, I’m still designing how to build out my sites in a bunch and try out different content and backlinking strategy. To get the exclusive tips and blog update, kindly sign up my tips newsletter at the right sidebar —>

Writing content is not my strength and I do outsource. Each site would cost as low as $50 like:
1. $10 Domain Name from Namecheap
2. $20 – 4 piece of content from Fiverr
3. $20 – 4 orders of backlinking from Fiverr

$50 budget is very low (If you write content and do backlinking yourself, you could save up much more.) and it’s doable as I pick low competition keywords with Exact Domain Name Approach. For stronger competition, I will do more backlinking with a weekly schedule.

As 3/1/2012 Update,  I am focusing and working on my Adsense Case Study. Feel free to follow my process and progress in the future posts.

Google Adsense Niche Site Scale

I have learned that you could have various Adsense Niche Site Scale as:

1. 1-3 page mini-site

For the lowest budget and cost, I only target one keyword for the main domain, and add in 2 pages targeting Long Tail Keywords.

2. 5-10 Pages

This is normally how I build out an Adsense site. I would know if the new site is a winner or not in a month. I love to fail quick so I could move on and build other new niche sites.

3. Authority Site (At least 20 pages)

I plan to build out a few this year. It would be nice to build some as Authority Sites under Google radar. Every new search engine algorithm is targeted to bring up even better search result for end-users. I’m sure that Google would love to honor mine.

Some of my niche sites have PR 2 and 3 with only 10 or 15 pages to start with. I plan to grow them even further this year.

In summary, Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make extra money online. Google will do most of the work – get Advertisers, put the ads on your site for you, charge the advertiser client and cut you the check. I really like its payout cycle and have fast cash flow. You will get your paid-checks mailed to you or deposited in your bank account (income for the month) at the end of next month. Make Extra Money Online with Google Adsense is not that difficult as I originally started.

Side Note: I have been practicing On-page SEO if you know what it is. Do you know what I have done on optimizing this page regarding to SEO?


Have you heard about Google Adsense if you are a newbie in Internet Marketing? Have you gotten your first Google Adsense Check yet?

If you are new, feel free to raise your questions here and I am more than happy to help you out.

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