Learning and Following Niche Site Masters and Buddies

Learning and Following Niche Site Masters and Buddies
Learning and Following Niche Site Masters and Buddies

After the Panda Update 3.4, my main money-making site traffic sank to ~150 daily traffic. It was about 300 daily 2 months ago.

I’m back to Zero.. Learning and on Action Taking Mode these days.

Also, I just grabbed this Azon Classroom training for $20. The training video quality and content is awesome. The core value is in the forum and community that I am pretty active getting involved with. I could have direct access to Jeff and Dave, who are making great Affiliate income from Amazon. Also I picked up some new tips that are new to me and I could execute on my Amazon Niche Sites.

I treasure education a lot as they help me become a better niche blogger and marketer. I run and take actions with some tips that I have learned recently. They will make me money..

Also I buy plugins and services. They not only save me time, but also make me extra money. For example, I bought an Amazon plugin and I just checked recently. It made me $200 Amazon Commission last couple months. ☺ Crazy enough, if you don’t try, you never know if it works or not. $20 was an awesome investment as an education. I am making way more than that from Amazon some days.

Niche Site Masters you should know

Regarding to free education, these are the guys that I look upon on regular basis. You could learn a lot of great tips and improving your business. These are something that I had love reading last couple weeks.

These guys are making their full-time income from home. Although they have different scale and time working on this business.

1. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

I have been following him since 2010. It’s awesome to see his growth. His income reports are always inspiring to me. I hope I could grow my brand as great as SPI.

2. Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits

I got to know Spencer from Pat’s Niche Duel. Spencer has been providing a lot of great and free values on his blog. His LongTail Pro is my favorite keyword research tool and is running on my Desktop most of time.

3. Adsense Flippers

Joe and Justin are rocking and I love their podcast shows. They are very strong in their progress – outsourcing in Philiphiss. I have been learning so much on growing my Adsense niche site with their tips. Check out their recent release FREE
Building a Niche Site Empire guide here. It’s in high quality and one of the best FREE ebook you could have online.

4. Chris Guthrie from Make Money On the Internet

Chris is my first mentor making money with Amazon Affiliate. His NPC has helped me to make my first $10K online. He has various online business and I’m following his footprint on building Amazon Affiliate niche sites.

Niche Site Buddies that I interact with

These are Niche Site Buddies that I contact, follow, and learn practical tips from them. Their income reports keep me motivated too as we are walking along together. The list is growing, join the band!

1. Wesley Chasing Pace

Wesley is a real deal and I’m excited to see his Amazon Affiliate income growth last couple months. His dream house is very motivating.

Recently, he had an interesting post about what type of links convert the best? For me, anchor text and product image links convert the best. I love to test out those “Buy Now” buttons too.

2. Eric My 4 Work Hour Week

Eric is an tax consultant and has been working on his “4 Hour Workweek” since Feb, 2010. He has many interesting case study for Amazon and Adsense that I have been following. Passive income is hard work and you could get some insights following his blog .

This is an interesting one that he “unveiled” some of his top earning niche sites.

3. Andre Garde

Great to get to know another Online Daddy and Family Man – Andre Garde. Awesome to see your Adsense growth in March. Hard work pays off.

I picked up some tips about Buying high PR domain from his post How to buy a high pagerank domain

4. Mike from Maine

I’m very impressed with Mike’s aggressive Niche Site expense and his Growth. I was wondering if I shall scale up my niche site creation like that. Anyway, I’m still fine-turning my business process and love to catch up with Mike’s journey too.

How nice! Mike had his $100 Adsense Day recently. Congrats!

5. Tom from Leaving Work Behind

Would it be nice to be your own boss and leave work behind? Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy doing software and my 9-to-5. It was nice to meet from UK. He quit his job and working on his online business – a full time writer and various online business.

Also he had a lot of success with guest blogging and growing his blog traffic.

6. Adem from UK

Adem was very cool and I got to know him from my blog comments. He has pretty profitable Adsense profile and he writes the niche site content himself.


From all these follows, I learn that this business is pretty dynamic. You can’t just follow ONE set of how-to and rule to succeed. Everyone has his/her own process, investment, business models, and focus.

I’m trying to figure out my Own way and process too. If you wanna grow big, you should have those in place while figuring out the How-To.

After all, niche selection, keyword research, creating content, driving traffic, and conversion are the CORE of Online Niche Site Business. You can’t go wrong if you master these skills.

I’d say working on this Online business behind the screen could be boring and dry sometimes. Let us motivate and learn from each other along the way.

As Internet Marketing and SEO Landscape evolves, so do my education and keeping up with other IM buddies.

Note: I am behind on my blog post these weeks, sometimes you just need to push the “publish” button and enhance along the way.


Do you know of any Big Niche Site guys I should follow. Are you willing to be my Niche Site Buddy too? Join me at IMT Facebook

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