Know your Why and Reasons Make Money Online

Know your Why and Reasons Make Money Online
Know your Why and Reasons Make Money Online

Do you know your Why and Reasons make money online and want to have your own Online Business? A lot of times, we look for How to make money online. Did you spend sometime to think about your why?

Everyone is different. Your why would be different from me and his/her.

Do you Know Your Why?

I’d like to share mine and hope it could be Inspiring and Interesting to you.

Extra Income

In this kind of bad economy, there were many laid-off in Silicon Valley last couple years. The job market is just bad and more than 10% in the US and around the world. There is no “real” job security anymore. Making extra income for me is a big deal. If I could make couple thousands a month, at least I could still pay my mortgage when I am let go one day.

With Extra income, I could have “more” nice meals and buy some cool toys and clothes for my kids. I could buy more gadgets, huge LED TV, whatever you name it in the shopping mall.

Indeed, not that I don’t have the cash to buy those stuff. It would be even better when they are paid with my extra income instead of my saving.

With extra income made online, I have more saving cash in my saving for rainy days. What I get really sick and need money for treatment. What about family emergency?

You could see I wouldn’t spend all extra income right the way, I do invest and save as I mentioned on this how to spend $1000 extra income.

As Rich Dad Poor Dad said, poor work for money, rich let money work for them.

For me, I’m building and acquiring assets making the positive cash flow. Real Estate could be the “ultimate” assets for me, just that entry cost is high and it’s not truly “passive”.

I feel great

I feel great
I feel great

Many times, I was asking why I wake up like 5 or 6am early in the mornings while the kids are still in sleep. Why do I work on my computers a few hours more each day?

Because I feel great and am proud of my own “business”. It’s awesome to have my own business no matter how big or small it is.

When I was in high school and college, I wasn’t super smart and was a “B” student. I didn’t think much that I could have my own business and empire.

Well, I am doing this part-time so the business scale is very different comparing to those gurus that I look up to. Indeed, I have less worries and concerns; sometimes I just take day off online and my niche sites are still generating passive income that is awesome.

I feel great that my business grows and is still generating income 24/7 even when I am in sleep, eating, and at bathroom.

I feel great that I make myself bonus everyday and every month.

If you work extra hours and even hard at work, it’s for your company and you are making profit for them.

I love my full-time 9-to-5 and I’m not peaching you how to have your own job and quit. Indeed, I hate working from home whole day. I did and it’s boring.

My family is the core reason I am doing what I am doing. I also spend quality time with them so I feel even greater!


I have kids and family, and other responsibilities. For me, it’s not about Life-style Design and traveling around the world while working online. It’s a cool dream and I wish I could do it when I’m in 50’s when the kids are in college. Maybe could be retired and don’t need to work online.



I think working on this business part-time, is that I’m not trading hours for money like working in a pizza store or fast food restaurant. I could work an hour here and there when I feel like it, and around the clock.

This is the “FREEDOM” I’d call. I’m not selling you the dream to be your own BOSS. Indeed, it’s hard and involves dedication and focus. I’m writing up this post 6:30am on Sunday morning.

Trust me. When you have your own business, you get to think and work hard after 9-to-5. Before working on my Online Niche Site business, I think less and just relax on weekends. I was thinking more like where to go and eat, and have fun. Now, I still do, but feeling more “controlled” in my life.


Last Thought

These are the reasons why I make extra money online. They keep me motivated, wake up early, and get moving.

I had some failing months; one month, my money-making sites was in sand-box and no traffic for weeks. (I could share more about what happened later.) It was disappointing and depressing; my WHY reasons kept me up and continue working hard towards my goals.

Open Discussion

And you? Do you know your WHY and reasons to make money online? If not, spend some time to think about the WHY down in your heart.

This WHY question is super powerful to keep you moving forward. Mine keep me going.

What are yours? I look forward hearing from you.

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