InMarketingTips is born

It took me a few months to take courage to start this blog about Internet Marketing. In the beginning 2010, I was exposed to the idea about Make Money Online and Blogging. It was very interesting and I started reading and learning about it. I have encountered a lot of scam and e-products about Get Rich Quick. Most of sales pages showed how to make tons of money in short period of time.

I’ve downloaded free ebooks and signed up email alias whenever I encountered. I was information-overloaded (which is the dark-side). The more I study and read, I realize there is a pattern and real business model behind the scene.

This blog is to share my journey, tips/notes that I learn, and what working or not to me. I hope you find interesting, informative, and intuitive Internet Marketing Tips here.

In Marketing Tips is born
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Here, I’d like to give special thank you to Rob Rammuny from RobsWebTips.com. He is one of my inspiration and encourages me as a newbie. His blog comes with a lot of creative and encouraging ideas living in Internet Life Style.

Also Josh Katherman from themesheep.com (Not my affilate link) who is a designer behind this theme. They do have beautiful WordPress themes and awesome friendly technical support.


Nice to meeting you here. What kind of IM tips would you like to see more here? Please feel free to drop down notes.

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