I am in 30 Day Challenge (Day 1)

Yes, I am back and had a refreshing vacation in June. It was awesome to be away from IM for 2 weeks in Asia.

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Early June, I was reading and learning about this 30 Day Challenge blog post and wanna give it a shot.

Kris from Detailed Success has invited me to join over email. Check out the Challenge and feel free to catch up with other Participants as well:

The Goal is:

“The goal is to learn and share knowledge with other people and to prove that niche sites aren’t completely dead. With many different people in this challenge we can find out what strategies work the best.”

For me, it’s to have some accountability. I was hit by Penguin 1.1 update and love to build a new set of niche sites with better approach and new “backlinking” strategy.

I have a series of process in place and wanna do it in a complete cycle. After all, just rise and repeat for another month and so.

• The challenge starts on July 1st.
• You have 30 days to find the niche, build the site, write articles and do SEO.
• You can’t register your domain before July 1st.
• You don’t have to reveal your niche and website.
• We will compare our achievements after 120 days or November 1st.
• On the 60th and 90th day mark you can boost your niche site for one day!

Let’s to have a refreshing July, I am working on some projects at the same time. I gonna spend about $100 and 30-min a day on this challenge.

My Ultimate goal is to make my investment back and hit another Home Run in the Shopping Seasons in Nov & Dec.

I may not be able to document the process in detailed as other participants. Please feel free to check other notes if you are interested.

My time is wisely spent on “high priority” and long-term retuned value tasks and projects. I have been thinking and playing 80/20 rules.

I will keep a 30 Day Challenge Task Log and let you know what’s going on and how much could be done in 1 month.

Today is Day 1 of 30 Day Challenge. I have been brain-storming some seed keywords following this process (My previous post: 15 sources to find keyword seeds)


What would you like to know about my process in 30 Day Challenge? I will reserve some time blogging and addressing your concern.

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