How to select the best Amazon Product to promote

How to select the best Amazon Product to promote

Many readers asked me how I select Amazon Products to promote as an Amazon Affiliate. My secret is all about promote the best and great product in my product niche. Why to promote secondary products if no one is interested in buying and trusts?

How to select the best Amazon Product to promote
How to select the best Amazon Product to promote

However, promoting the best product would be very competitive. For example, everyone knows Apple iPad is the best in the Tablet niche and it’s super competitive and in high demand. So, most of time, I promote those in demand but not super competitive as I have better chance ranking the product review page and get decent traffic to Amazon (My initial goal as an Amazon Affiliate.) Amazon just converts well and even promotes related products that the shoppers are looking for.

Product Selection Criteria

My Personal Product Selection Criteria 2015 is:
1) Have more than 20 reviews
2) Average is 4 or above Star Reviews
3) Price Range is at least $80 or above (Just a note that I make more sale volume with those $50 product range.)
4) Have good and attractive product page (decent description and good user reviews.)

I love to talk about FREE method as I started out my IM journey with bunch of free tools and information too.

Simple enough, one could go to Amazon and look out the Best Sellers and Top Rated in any product category . In the screenshots, you would see how I do my product research in “Microwave Niche” as an example. Yes I made some money in Kitchen Appliance Niche too. This is a great niche as it’s ever green and people buy stuff or replace appliance everyday.

It’s a FREE tip that one can just dig out those Best Sellers List FREE:

Amazon Best Seller

However, Amazon website doesn’t let you to filter out the products that fitting my criteria (you may have yours). I used to spend a lot of time digging out all Top Sellers and check every single product page. It was very time consuming.

AmaSuite helping you to filter out great products to promote

I was looking for a solution that would save me time doing my product research, so I could spend more time on my product review writing and driving traffic to my niche sites. AMAsuite V4 is Under Sale and got me a lot of attention.

As you may know, Lyman’s ANSF Amazon Affiliate blueprint helping me to make low 5-digit a year in 2014. (I’m on track hitting another 5-digit 2015 too.)

This tool helps me save time to dig out those products to promote much FASTER!

There are 4 products in this V4 and Azon Prouduct Inspector is my Favorite Tool. To see the screenshot, you could tell how easy it is to search the best “microwave” in this product niche.

I typed in my keyword and set my criteria. Bingo. All the best Microwaves were just listed in under a minute – I like to sort out those most popular ones – Sale Ranking is included. It’s not a guess work to know which one sells and is being popular.

Azon Prouduct Inspector

This is a huge time saver for me. I don’t know how much is worthy your time doing Product Selection and Research? It does to me so I could do my product research more effective and free up my time working on other important tasks.

Not only that, check out those Training Bonus. The Azon Affiliate and Seller ones are awesome. I gonna look into FBA and have my own White Labeling product in 2015.

Believe me or not, doing product and keyword search is dry and boring. It would be productive – finding your product to promote and jump to writing a product review right the way.

Like I said, selecting a great (the best) product in your niche to promote is your first step to succeed.

AmaSuite is just awesome saving your time finding a great one to promote.

Another Keyword Research Ninja Trick

Most of us pull our Keyword Research Data from Google Keyword Planner. Yes, I do, and it works great with LongTail Pro (my favorite to-go keyword analysis tool running on my Desktop all day long.)

Many of you guys know that Amazon.com is a monster Buyer Intended Search Engine too. What would be nice if you could dig out those Amazon Keywords too.

With Azon Keyword Generator, one could dig out those keyword data directly from Amazon. For example, what people would search when they buy “Microwave” as an example on Amazon, do you know?

With under a minute, I could pull off those keywords.

Azon Keyword Generator

You can export all the keywords as .csv (microwave keywords) as a keyword list.

Then I could import this in my Favorite Keyword Tool to analysis and dig out my Winning Keywords.

Yes, in a minute, I digged out some ~1000 monthly search, KC is at 30 Winning Keywords to Target. That’s no brainer.

Long Tail Pro Keywords


This tool is not for everyone. If you decide to buy it via my affiliate link (No extra cost to you), I will offer 30 mins 1×1 skype coaching as a thank you. We can discuss about using it, keyword research, or anything about Amazon Niche Sites.


Do you know of any great way to select physical product to promote as an affiliate? Please feel free to share with us so I could learn your tips as well.

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