How do I make extra money online as an Amazon Affiliate

How do I make extra money online as an Amazon Affiliate? I shop a lot on Amazon, but how do I make money and get a paid check from Amazon?

Journey back to 2010

In July 2010, I started out this blog and initially, I was thinking to blog about make money blogging without making any online income myself. I took couple days just to know how to install WordPress and customize a premium theme from themesheep.

Blogging and writing is not my strength and interest. I created about 3-4 post in 2010. That’s it. I’d say it wasn’t very successful. Blogging involves a lot of work and commitment.

Then what? I was looking for different ways making money online and talked about “Creative Ways”. Indeed, every work or projects involve a lot of time, energy, and creativity. I went nowhere.

Finally I made some extra money online in 2011

Thankful that I was hooked to Chris Guthrie’s Blog since June 2010. I was impressed with how he makes money with Amazon Affiliate. Some of his posts were eye-opening to me.

I saved a little bit early this year and paid $97 in March 2011 for his premium video training course Niche Profit Classroom (Original Price Site) – See the discount below. Indeed, it’s one of the best investment I have for my Internet Marketing Business. Note: I find that I learn much more in video instead of reading blogs. And you?

I finished up all his video (3 hr) in a few days. Grab the core concept, ideas and started creating a few product niche sites. The Azon WordPress Theme was a premium customizable theme and I love it. It helps me creating authority site fast and it is still one of my favorite Product Review Theme.

His Coaching Support is valuable way more than the cost. I learned so much by reading others’ questions and Chris’ feedbacks. Chris is very responsive and got his feedback within 1-2 days.

I’d say I am a hard-working student in the class. I was just focusing on writing great product related content and how-to following the training. Keep working on driving traffic to my niche sites. I had my first Amazon Affiliate Sales in May 2011. What? It was just $0.92?

Amazon First Sale May 2011

Seriously, the first dollar that you make online is precious. I still remember the excitment I received my first Adsense check from Google. Don’t you?

And over $10 in June. How nice? Indeed, the process and system was working out – sort of out of my expectation. Do people really read my niche sites and click through to buy on Amazon?

Unfortunately, Amazon suspended all Californian Affiliate in July. My Amazon income stream was just CUT off.

Since I had some traffic to my sites, I switched all over to Adsense and made some money from July-Sept 2011. Stay tuned and I will blog about my Adsense income journey.

If you really focus on ONE business model, spend time on it although it may take a few months or a year, it just works. I’m not telling you making money online is fast and easy. I have read tons of information these 2 years and spending hours and hours on the computer screen after long day full-time work.

Since Oct – My Amazon Income rocks in

Thank God that Amazon re-activated the Amazon Affiliate program in California early Oct 2011. Since then, I have sudden “success” due to the growing SEO Traffic.

I had a killing month in Nov 2011 due to the shopping seasons and it goes even better this month – Christmas Shopping Season.

As of writing, I had break-through record in the early Dec. I am working hard to hit 8.25% commission rate this month.

Dec 1 to 5 2011 Amazon Affiliate Income
Dec 1 to 5 2011 Amazon Affiliate Income


It was a long journey this year and 2011 is almost over.

How do I make extra money online as an Amazon Affiliate

This is how I get paid check from Amazon. To see my blueprint and steps-by-steps in Video Training, feel free to check out Niche Profit Course.

Step 1. Do market research and find the right product niche to promote.

Step 2. Build a niche mini-site with WordPress

Step 3. Write great product review content

Step 4. Drive Traffic to my sites. I do SEO and Search Engines bring in hundreds of traffic everyday to my sites.

Step 5. Monitor and Optimize my conversation rate.

Step 6. Repeat 3-5 in loop on this site. Or move on and start with step 1.

Finally, wait and receive my Amazon paid-check on monthly basis.

Is it You?

Maybe you are hopping around and going after Shiny Objects. I do and I am a WSO sucker. I buy information products here and there and going nowhere. I have tons of pdf and video on my harddisk that I don’t even have time to digest and open them. Sounds familiar?

If you have been looking for an Internet Marketing Blueprint and success business plan, there are tons in WSO, isn’t it? I am thankful that I found one and I just stick with it and get A’s in it. I’m still learning and trying new things everyday.

$97 is a huge investment for who looking for jobs or waiting for next assignment. Chris is generous to open door to his training with a killing price.

I promote it whole-heartily as it changed my life and bank balance in 2011.

Sorry, it was a long journey and kind of boring, isn’t it? Sorry to tell you that there is no short cut making money online fast. There is just a better training out there. It worked for me at least. You just need to grab ONE, focus, work hard, and be there.

I am his honor student and promoting this killing WSO deal before it’s closed. I paid $97 full price early 2011 and wish I got this no-brain deal. Anyway, TIME is money. How much IM education could you get with $30? It not only comes with the video training, but the bonus Azon Theme is super optimized and converting. You properly notice general premium WP themes cost way more than that.

Your success is my passion. Feel free to drop by my blog and claim your WordPress training on the right side bar if you need one.


Do you buy in Amazon Affiliate Business Model? Would you share with me about your first make-money-online experience? I’d like to learn more about your Make Money Online Journey as well.

Please feel free to comment in the below session, Contact Me, and I will get back to you shortly.

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