Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012, IMT Community!

Definitely 2012 is a blessing to me, my family, and my Online Business.
Happy Thanksgiving 2012

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After I was hit by Penguin 1.1 update in late May, my Online Business sort of died out and my niche site traffic slowed down pretty bad. Indeed, it’s a blessing to me and my family. I used to spend and work extra 10-20 a week in early part of 2012. I was “thinking” too hard.

My Online Business slows down; so did I. I took a good break during the summer. I work and read a few hours on weekly basis to catch up. I have been thinking about something long term and big (just a few sites that I have passion with and on-going update them.)

Up to this point, I have made over $4,000 from Amazon Affiliate, Google Adsense, and various Affiliate programs in
2012. It’s not a huge money, but at least it pays off my business expense, and I know how this “Make Money Online” works. (At least I have accomplished something.)

Instead of building tons of thin and tiny Niche Sites (like 1 to 5 page ones), I prefer working on Authority Type of Sites, and work hard to build something long term without bearing Google to give me traffic and ranking. It’s a truly “passive income” per say.

Something I truly am thankful for:

1) My family – they are the reasons I work extra hours
2) My health – my energy and passion keeps me going and growing as a husband, father, employee, and online marketer.
3) My friends – especially those new friendship and relationship I have made during my Online Journey. I’m getting old in 30’s. Truly it’s hard to make new friends out of my circle.
4) Extra Income – nothing big as I was planning for this year; what I gain is time and different prospective about Business and Money
5) My full-time 9-to-5 job – I love what I do for living; especially I do more mobile, coding, and automation these days. It pays off my bills, health insurance, and let me save some cash.
6) Who I am and what I have – Have a thankful heart for what I have and who I am. Life is great if you appreciate yourself and what you have around you. Not for those that you don’t have.

I got burn out and worked too many extra hours on computer this year. Making extra money online is not for everyone. It works with dedication, time, and great process.

2012 is so shaky regarding to the Google update and how the IM industry is changing.
I’m making extra dollars during this Thanksgiving and Christmas Shopping Seasons. Say Cheers to Internet!


How are you doing in your Online Business in 2012? Any great thanksgiving and sharing to share with us?

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