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How do I make extra money online as an Amazon Affiliate

How do I make extra money online as an Amazon Affiliate? I shop a lot on Amazon, but how do I make money and get a paid check from Amazon?

Journey back to 2010

In July 2010, I started out this blog and initially, I was thinking to blog about make money blogging without making any online income myself. I took couple days just to know how to install WordPress and customize a premium theme from themesheep.

Blogging and writing is not my strength and interest. I created about 3-4 post in 2010. That’s it. I’d say it wasn’t very successful. Blogging involves a lot of work and commitment.

Then what? I was looking for different ways making money online and talked about “Creative Ways”. Indeed, every work or projects involve a lot of time, energy, and creativity. I went nowhere.

Finally I made some extra money online in 2011

Thankful that I was hooked to Chris Guthrie’s Blog since June 2010. I was impressed with how he makes money with Amazon Affiliate. Some of his posts were eye-opening to me.

I saved a little bit early this year and paid $97 in March 2011 for his premium video training course Niche Profit Classroom (Original Price Site) – See the discount below. Indeed, it’s one of the best investment I have for my Internet Marketing Business. Note: I find that I learn much more in video instead of reading blogs. And you?

I finished up all his video (3 hr) in a few days. Grab the core concept, ideas and started creating a few product niche sites. The Azon WordPress Theme was a premium customizable theme and I love it. It helps me creating authority site fast and it is still one of my favorite Product Review Theme.

His Coaching Support is valuable way more than the cost. I learned so much by reading others’ questions and Chris’ feedbacks. Chris is very responsive and got his feedback within 1-2 days.

I’d say I am a hard-working student in the class. I was just focusing on writing great product related content and how-to following the training. Keep working on driving traffic to my niche sites. I had my first Amazon Affiliate Sales in May 2011. What? It was just $0.92?

Amazon First Sale May 2011

Seriously, the first dollar that you make online is precious. I still remember the excitment I received my first Adsense check from Google. Don’t you?

And over $10 in June. How nice? Indeed, the process and system was working out – sort of out of my expectation. Do people really read my niche sites and click through to buy on Amazon?

Unfortunately, Amazon suspended all Californian Affiliate in July. My Amazon income stream was just CUT off.

Since I had some traffic to my sites, I switched all over to Adsense and made some money from July-Sept 2011. Stay tuned and I will blog about my Adsense income journey.

If you really focus on ONE business model, spend time on it although it may take a few months or a year, it just works. I’m not telling you making money online is fast and easy. I have read tons of information these 2 years and spending hours and hours on the computer screen after long day full-time work.

Since Oct – My Amazon Income rocks in

Thank God that Amazon re-activated the Amazon Affiliate program in California early Oct 2011. Since then, I have sudden “success” due to the growing SEO Traffic.

I had a killing month in Nov 2011 due to the shopping seasons and it goes even better this month – Christmas Shopping Season.

As of writing, I had break-through record in the early Dec. I am working hard to hit 8.25% commission rate this month.

Dec 1 to 5 2011 Amazon Affiliate Income
Dec 1 to 5 2011 Amazon Affiliate Income


It was a long journey this year and 2011 is almost over.

How do I make extra money online as an Amazon Affiliate

This is how I get paid check from Amazon. To see my blueprint and steps-by-steps in Video Training, feel free to check out Niche Profit Course.

Step 1. Do market research and find the right product niche to promote.

Step 2. Build a niche mini-site with WordPress

Step 3. Write great product review content

Step 4. Drive Traffic to my sites. I do SEO and Search Engines bring in hundreds of traffic everyday to my sites.

Step 5. Monitor and Optimize my conversation rate.

Step 6. Repeat 3-5 in loop on this site. Or move on and start with step 1.

Finally, wait and receive my Amazon paid-check on monthly basis.

Is it You?

Maybe you are hopping around and going after Shiny Objects. I do and I am a WSO sucker. I buy information products here and there and going nowhere. I have tons of pdf and video on my harddisk that I don’t even have time to digest and open them. Sounds familiar?

If you have been looking for an Internet Marketing Blueprint and success business plan, there are tons in WSO, isn’t it? I am thankful that I found one and I just stick with it and get A’s in it. I’m still learning and trying new things everyday.

$97 is a huge investment for who looking for jobs or waiting for next assignment. Chris is generous to open door to his training with a killing price.

I promote it whole-heartily as it changed my life and bank balance in 2011.

Sorry, it was a long journey and kind of boring, isn’t it? Sorry to tell you that there is no short cut making money online fast. There is just a better training out there. It worked for me at least. You just need to grab ONE, focus, work hard, and be there.

I am his honor student and promoting this killing WSO deal before it’s closed. I paid $97 full price early 2011 and wish I got this no-brain deal. Anyway, TIME is money. How much IM education could you get with $30? It not only comes with the video training, but the bonus Azon Theme is super optimized and converting. You properly notice general premium WP themes cost way more than that.

Your success is my passion. Feel free to drop by my blog and claim your WordPress training on the right side bar if you need one.


Do you buy in Amazon Affiliate Business Model? Would you share with me about your first make-money-online experience? I’d like to learn more about your Make Money Online Journey as well.

Please feel free to comment in the below session, Contact Me, and I will get back to you shortly.


My Learned Lessons in 2011

2011 was over. What were your learned lessons in 2011? 2011 was very exciting to me as it’s the first year I made extra money online.  I’d like to do some reflective thinking and share my notes with you.

My Learned Lessons in 2011
My Learned Lessons in 2011

1. You should SET your GOAL and REACH it

In the beginning of 2011, I didn’t even set my goal how much I’d like to make or work hard online to archive 2011. The end result was that I didn’t publish new posts on this blog on regular basis, I didn’t work on regular basis in the early year (I was just reading and chasing around with different ideas.)

I didn’t even set my daily MMO income, so I didn’t try hard to make it until the last 3 months.

My take-away:

TO SET goals and try the best to MAKE it. (Set something do-able and stretch enough to push myself forward.)

e.g Making $1K a day is nice, but too far away from where I am so I may lose the motivation and even trying to think about.

Instead, I am setting a goal to make $100 a day this year. I’m working out the detailed plan and daily process to reach it. It’s just a number game.

2. Your Success is Just one Mile Away

As I said, I started with $0 passive income a month to nice 4-digit in Nov and Dec last year. I realize your success maybe just one mile away. Are you willing to run extra miles consistently and eventually, will hit your success and jackpot. I realize most of people trying to make money online would say it’s just damn hard and quit in the journey. They may going chase “shiny objects” and hopefully find another fast money making secret online.

Indeed, most of successful athletes just keep practicing at what they are good at and fine-tune their skills to run extra miles.

My New Minset:

I do the best and even exceed whatever I plan to do on regular basis.

Are you willing to run extra miles today so you would see your success faster? Your next success is just a mile away or even half mile, do you believe it and working hard to hit it?

Winner never quits. Are you a winner?

3. Say NO

I could imagine that you are many many Internet Marketer Email Alias and receive many emails on daily basis. I do and on some WSO alias.

I learned to SAY NO to different business ideas or opportunities. For example, I say NO to offline marketing, product creation, creating mobile apps, whatever new money making business ideas or secrets.

Instead of saying YES to all, buying info here and there, and going no-where, I am trying to shut my doors and only focus on my core business model which is creating niche sites for Amazon Associates and Google Adsense. I have some success and just keep improving the process to grow BIG.

Later this year, I may flip and sell some of those (which is new to me, but at least I am focusing what I am good at for now.)

My New Year Tips is:

Know when to say NO to what. I need to make fast decision to say NO to a lot of distraction, WSOs, and “new” information.

And you? What would like to say NO so you could focus on daily basis this year? It could change and you may take in new ideas after a period of time. It’s good be flexible, but not changing and chasing shiny objects all the time.


4. Failure is Your Best Friend

Many times, I was afraid of “failures” and even procrastinate doing something such as buying that domain name, publish that idea as a post on niche sites, or making change in the layout or even the color code of the Adsense.

I was “scared” of something bad imagined inside my brain, so I didn’t even take that action or execute that ideas. For example, create an email list and sending weekly tips newsletter.

INSTEAD, I should be thankful to my failures such as 10 domain don’t even rank and have traffic, in the sandbox I guess. I was losing at least $200 including the domain name and article outsoucing cost on them. (The lessons and returned value is huge though.)

New Year Take-Away:

I’m adjusting my thinking and behavior, don’t hesitant to fail and willing to FAIL quick.

Don’t fail to be failing. There are tons of niches and in order to weed out the winners, I need to build many mini-sites and willing to fail fast so I could move on next sooner or later. Also internet technology and industry is moving fast like bullets. There was Facebook a few years ago and Google+ last year. Who knows what will go hot this year?

I’m flexible enough to adapt new workflow and business processes on monthly basis. Try out something new and test it out so I could on-going grow my business.


What are your best learned lessons in 2011? Would you like to share with IMT community? I love to hear your stories and learn the wisdom.


7 Steps to be Free from Information Overload

I was information overloaded, and you?

I was looking for “the shiny objects” as “5 Bucks a Day” book mentioned.

I was hungry for INFORMATION. 🙂

I am in software industry. For me, it’s not about technology, I do reading and sinking in all business and marketing ideas on daily basis.

7 Steps to Be Free from Information Overloaded

0. I filter all my emails, promotions, WSO pre-sells all into a folder. You could  do it super easily in Gmail. I go over and check out what’s new when I need to. You don’t need to check out and buy whatever people promote.

1. Slow down

2. Write down and know what you know. (Such as wordpess, seo, list building, content writing whatever you name it. You would be surprised you indeed know a lot.)

3. Know what you want to learn and read. (I on-going read and catch up SEO, link building, social SEO, etc.)

4. say NO and delete (I don’t read PPC, List building, create your own products, whatever that is not applied to my current and core business.)

5. Focus and execute. Reading info can’t get you to where you want to be, not even finishing up ONE single 5 BAD project. Just go and do it.

6. During working on one 5BAD process, you need to know HOW. Go and search what you need. Learn it piece by piece and execute.

Be Information Managed

You are Information Managed
You are Information Managed

Finally, you are not information “overloaded”, you are information “managed” and “leading”.

Information without digestion is NOTHING. If you manage, get it, and do it, it becomes your knowledge and part of YOU.

After these 2-year reading and making money online, I can’t say I am a guru. At least I know SEO & Affiliate Marketing more than what I knew 2 years ago. Indeed, before 2010, I was thinking all MMO is a SCAM. Why Google will send you a check?!

This industry and Internet/mobile industry is moving so fast. I keep learning and reading everyday.

Be information “managed”, not “overloaded” today.

After 2012 Break-down, Luckily that I narrowed and picked my ONE business model – Amazon Affiliate Authority Sites. It has been paying off very well 2014-2015.

Discussion and Sharing

Are you information overloaded? Do you have tips how to deal with it? Anything I could enhance and add on my step list? Thanks!


5 Creative Ways to Make Money Online

Are you looking for THE secret to make money online creatively? Have you been overloaded by tons of spams selling you how to make a bunch of money in a short period of time? I don’ t have an answer here as I am still learning in my journey.

As you may know, I have been reading about Blogging Tips, Make Money Online, Passive Income, Internet Marketing, Working from Home, and Online Lifestyles that kind of niche blogs for a while. I kind of enjoy learning and interacting with other bloggers. Sometimes interesting and creative ideas are fun to read and inspire our lives.

These are just creative examples in case you are not aware of them. I was just impressed and became their readers / subscribers. In my opinion, they are super creative. Just that they involve your creativity to be very successful in the competitive market.

1. Making money out of iPhone Apps

Pat from SmartPassiveIncome shows how much income he makes on iPhone Apps. I kind of enjoy reading his monthly reports and how things break down such as his June 2010 one.

Some of free apps make money out of Ads or upsell you to the paid one.


Mobile is still growing and there is a huge potential
It’s a proven model and more than 225,000+ apps in iPhone AppStore and 100,000 apps on Android MarketPlace.


It’s a very competitive market.
The learning curve is steep. Not everyone could develop Mobile Apps and make profit of it.
There are basic investment on hardware and developer cert publishing those apps on the mobile devices.
Technical is the first step. Marketing your apps is tough. There are thousands of apps in the store and market. Hard working is needed to stand out; Luck comes second.

2. Online Ads is way to go

Advertisers and Internet Marketers buy Social Ads on Facebook or CPC (Google Adwords for example) and direct the visitors to their offer or landing pages. If they pay and buy goods, advertisers get paid through affiliates.


You are going after targeted prospects.
It’s fun to monitor your Campaign and see money flowing in I guess.


Ads is costly.
You really need to know what you are doing; otherwise will lose the budget and no return coming in bucket.

3. You could make decent income through Amazon Associates

I love shopping on Amazon as it’s free sales tax and free shipping. I didn’t know you could make decent income with niche blogs selling their products. It’s hard work but possible.


You are promoting physcial goods instead of ClickBank Information Products
You are leveraging Amazon’s trusted branding
You don’t need to carry stocks and do customer support. They will handle all and you just need to send quality traffic to them.


Not friendly for international customers. People hate paying extra shipping.

Some niche are very competitive such as Baby Products and Electronic. You get to be creative and work extreme hard.

4. Flipping websites

I recall I read a few blogs about successful building their online business with flipping websites and selling them.


There are reliable channels to sell blogs and websites.
The entry cost is low; probably the domain name and hosting are required only.


You need to have process to transfer your blog after transaction.
You know the skills to build a profitable one.

5. Spamming around on Twitter and social network

Just kidding. Don’t do it and you will get people unfollow. :)Debate:
Do you have any other Creative ways making money online. Please feel free to share.


Easy, just create a free account to fish around with your product affiliate links.


Bad for yourself and your branding.


How to Start a Blog like a Pro

This blog is a couple days old and I am impressed with comments, feedback, and traffic I have received from the blogosphere. It would be nice to share my tips how to start it like a Pro although I am not a guru and pro yet. 🙂

Is it an article linking to bunch of hosting, themes, and products? No worries, it’s not a sales pitch and no advertising and affiliate links here.

Your Niche

Every blog has a purpose and is in a niche. I was reading many blogs about Make Money Online, Entrepreneurs, Blogging Tips, and designing your own life style. It’s a niche and highly demanding, but very competitive.

Finding one that you have passion with and you won’t run out of ideas down in the road. Write great content around it to build your readership. Your niche defines what kind of readers you would have attracted.

Your branding

Once you clear define your niche, do Domain Search and find one that is available and create your branding around it. Your name and the domain name is the brand that you go promote and market.

Web Hosting

All the pros use reliable ones and promote theirs as affiliates. Do your search and host with one. A web hosting is required. It hosts your blog and files on the web server. I don’t prefer using and services as you don’t have much control as hosting on your own.


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform among bloggers. It’s open-source and you could download and install on your host. Some people call it CMS (Content Management System). It comes with great features like Widgets, Categories, and Tags. The Administrative UI is user-friendly as using your own web email system.

I think the best part is the open-community plugins system. There are tons free ones available and it lets you extend your blog features. . As a pro, there are some setups that you should know. We will go over that in the near future.

Blog Layout and Theme

Your blog look and feel is kind of like your clothing. When WordPress is installed, it comes with the default one. Probably you would like to have an unique one representing your style and your public image.

There are tons of free or paid premium themes out there to choose. Finding one and customize on your own need. When your blog grows big enough, you may consider hiring a designer customizing and designing an unique one for your branding purpose.

I like DIY and bought a premium theme and doing customization by myself for now. I gonna write one about how to customize your own blog theme. Please stay tuned for the update.

Writing King Content

After all blogging setup and installation, it’s time to write great content. People follow and read your blog because of your branding and what you say / blog. Focus on this prospective and keep your content fresh, interesting, and useful to your readers. They will miss your blog like a Pro.

Also kindly check out Internet Marketing Enterprise and Online Business Opportunity.


In conclusion, starting a blog is not that hard. It involves some planning and time to setup and execute. If you are new in blogging, like a pro, you are on the way to be a Pro blogger.


Do you have Pro tips to share here? Do I miss anything that you’d like to enhance here?

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