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How do I dig out Low Competition Buyer Keywords

LongTail Pro was running huge discount like 70% off in July 2015. I don’t know when it will open up again.

It was only $27 during that special offer week, but not anymore:

LongTail Pro was running Special Discount Black Friday Weekend 2015. (It expired.)

There was an OTO offer for Platinum Version – which you will get KC score and be able to import 10000 keywords.

$197 is a steal. It’s about $16/mo average first year.. and Free 2nd year and forward.

I grabbed the one-time deal (life-time upgrade and feature use) myself in Feb early 2015. That’s a MUST-Have in my opinion.

For those with tight budget, monthly plan works. You can drop it out later.

Low Competition Long-Tail Keywords

Most of newbies make mistake to start off your first or few niche sites with Huge Demand and Very Competition Keywords / Niche to start with.

It’s pretty much going to Fight Giant (Authority Brand and Budget) with a nail (your limited time and budget).

That’s why LongTail Pro is a tool coming in place to help you filter out high volume, and low Competition (low KC) keywords to start off your project.

You have much more successful rate with it.


How to select the best Amazon Product to promote

Many readers asked me how I select Amazon Products to promote as an Amazon Affiliate. My secret is all about promote the best and great product in my product niche. Why to promote secondary products if no one is interested in buying and trusts?

How to select the best Amazon Product to promote
How to select the best Amazon Product to promote

However, promoting the best product would be very competitive. For example, everyone knows Apple iPad is the best in the Tablet niche and it’s super competitive and in high demand. So, most of time, I promote those in demand but not super competitive as I have better chance ranking the product review page and get decent traffic to Amazon (My initial goal as an Amazon Affiliate.) Amazon just converts well and even promotes related products that the shoppers are looking for.

Product Selection Criteria

My Personal Product Selection Criteria 2015 is:
1) Have more than 20 reviews
2) Average is 4 or above Star Reviews
3) Price Range is at least $80 or above (Just a note that I make more sale volume with those $50 product range.)
4) Have good and attractive product page (decent description and good user reviews.)

I love to talk about FREE method as I started out my IM journey with bunch of free tools and information too.

Simple enough, one could go to Amazon and look out the Best Sellers and Top Rated in any product category . In the screenshots, you would see how I do my product research in “Microwave Niche” as an example. Yes I made some money in Kitchen Appliance Niche too. This is a great niche as it’s ever green and people buy stuff or replace appliance everyday.

It’s a FREE tip that one can just dig out those Best Sellers List FREE:

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15 Sources to Find Keyword Seeds for Building Niche Sites

15 Sources to Find Keyword Seeds for Building Niche Sites
15 Sources to Find Keyword Seeds for Building Niche Sites

Do you have hard time to think about Keyword when building your Adsense Niche Sites? A year ago, I didn’t have any clue and hesitant to even start and buy my first keyword domain name.  I’m unveiling some of my best tips and hope they could help you create tons of “keyword seed” to build this Adsense Niche Site Empire.

Today, I’m starting a series about this Adsense Niche Site Business Process and How I approach my Case Study.  A year ago, I made $0 from Adsense and was seeking out free information and tools helping me to make my first $100 Adsense paycheck.

This post is sort of my combined notes collected in the past.

What is Keyword Seed?

I call it a Keyword Seed as like a seed helping you to gather hundreds of potential keywords to go after and rank for. For example, “Insurance” could be a keyword seed. This is a high CPC but very competitive though. Once you plug it in Google Keyword Tool, it will let you to have another 800 potential keywords to decide building niche sites on.

I spend time thinking about Keywords on daily basis and these sources could help you brainstorm keyword seeds

1. Google Trend

Do you know everyday, there are thousands of new terms being searched on Search Engines?

Google Trend tells you what is hot and people are searching.

Google Trend for finding keyword seeds
Google Trend for finding keyword seeds

2. TV Ads

Advertisers are paying millions for TV ads daily, that means there are demand and return for them. Those keywords are people searching online.

3. Thinking about Expensive Services

This is sort of like reverse engineering thinking..

What legal and medical services do you pay for hundreds and thousands? I am sure that there are service providers bidding on the Adsense Ads.

What kind of keywords are they competing for to get their Return of Investment (ROI)? Those could be your seed keywords such as DUI lawyer and Dentist as example.

4. Magazine Racks

Magazine racks
Magazine racks

There are tons of magazines and readers. There are niches. Check out the Advertising pages and you will get ever-end tons of keyword ideas.

Grab something that interest you such as Fitness, Beauty & Parenting Magazines when you go grocery shopping this weekend.

The potential is unlimited!

If there is a demand, there should be supply – your niche sites.

5. Consumer Report

I am also on Amazon Affiliate and I subscribe to Consumer Report. A lot of germs there and I will talk more about how Consumer Reports help me pick product niches.

Some Products pay extremely high CPC like HD TVs and Computers. Think about what expensive and high demand products that people are buying on daily basis.

6. Local Newspaper

I haven’t explored this local niche approach yet.  I have found many local business advertisers and there are market for sure.

I heard that Local Advertisers are not very “skillful” and they pay higher cost for those CPC bids.

You may be able to find some germs in those Free Community Newspapers too.

7. Walmart and Home Depot

Just open your eyes when go shopping in your favorite stores. There are tons of keywords flowing everywhere. Are you aware of those?

Walmart and Home Depot are my favorite stores to shop at. And you?

I love doing my niche keyword research and field trips once a while. Also you could catch up your product niche and trend. There are always new models coming out on annual cycle.

I read an interesting tips… The “sub-niche” products are at the bottom of shelves. They may not be most-demanded ones, so they are not so competitive either.

8. Evergreen Niche

Money, Health, Relationship, and Hobby are ever-green big niches if you haven’t heard about. 10 years from today, people are still looking for those solutions and information.

You can’t go wrong if you could dominate some related and high researched keywords

9. Problems

This is like end user search pattern that you need to be aware. People just type in their “questions” or “problems” in Google. Like “How do I make money online fast?” or like “How to sleep better?”.

When people have issues and problems in lives, they look for solution and they go Google. Those could be your seed and Longtail keywords.

10. Movies and TV Shows

I enjoy watching action movies and love stories + comedy type of movies. Sometimes I watch Disney movies with my kids. I picked up a few keywords while enjoying the entrainment.

Check out your favorite TV shows and sure that some money making keywords flowing around.

11. Glossary

This is a very powerful tips that you can’t miss. One of the best tips I have learned last year. Search your keyword + glossary in Google and you will find a lot of germs.

For example, Real Estate is a huge industry, do you know there are tons of words that you may not have heard of such as: “subordinate financing”, “sweat equity” etc.

Check these out and you should be amazed some of those have very high CPC such as “escrow account” – 4,400 Local Monthly Search – $11.01 CPC” on the search network bid.

Hop over this example and see if any keyword you could pick and compete.

12. Flippa

Yes, I always check out those high-paid Adsense and Amazon Niche Sites being sold or sold out on Flippa. They could be very inspiring about what could be selling and making hundreds and even thousands a month.

Check out these Flippa Auctions – High End Over $1000 a month ones

A few times, I could snap the ideas and pick related keywords to go after. Also you could do reverse engineering of what other selling sites are and why. (I may talk about how, so you could learn from real samples.)

13. Browsing web Around

Yes, I always encounter new vocabulary when browsing around and reading for fun.  I love checking out,, and content network, they always have some interesting news and ideas catching my attention.

14. Talking to your friends and relatives

I love talking to my co-workers and friends. Everyone is different and have various different hobbies and interest.

By knowing others, you would learn what they care and what their problems are. Most Likely, they google search those information on daily. Yeap, you get some new keywords almost in every conversation.

15. Keyword Research Package

I buy keyword packages on WSO ranging from $5 to $20. I bought many WSOs and they are just saving my time and be my inspiration. English is not my first language, I don’t even know some of vocabulary or usage exist. 🙂

You could even get those [FREE WSO] Keyword packages for inspiration too.


Open Your Eyes and be Sensitive to “Keywords” today. There are a lot of germs out there.

Don’t tell me you don’t have Keyword ideas anymore? Hope these tips inspire you to pick up a few winning keywords today!

Action Items

Go and find 10 Keyword Seeds this week. We will talk about How to generate related and potential keywords to build your Niche Sites next week.


How do you think of Seed keywords? Do I miss anything on this list?

Do you know any creative ways spilling out seed keywords?  Please kindly share in this IMT community.


How $500 builds $100 Adsense Monthly Income Case Study

How $500 builds $100 Adsense Monthly Income Case Study
How $500 builds $100 Adsense Monthly Income Case Study

1/29/2015 update: I prefer working on 1 Niche Authority Style Site with $500 Investment in Content outsourcing, to get to $100 Adsense + Amazon a month.

One of my goals is to have $100 a day Online Income in 2012. In order to accomplish that, I plan to grow my Adsense income as $1000 a month, that is around $30 a day. I haven’t focus much on building Adsense niche sites in the last two months yet.

This is my Case Study – Is it possible to invest $500 to build $100 Adsense Monthly Income?

I am not a “brand-new” guy trying to tell you how to make extra income with Adsense. I had some “success” and it’s time to scale it up big and fast. Writing this Case Study is to motivate myself to focus and Walk the Talk.

In case you don’t know me much, I have more success with Amazon Affiliate back in 2011, please feel free to check out my First Guest Post – $4,000 Month With Amazon In Under 1 Year (Student Results)

Below is my Adsense income history, I have been making $800 from Adsense last 8 months. That is almost $100 a month. A year ago, I knew nothing about Google Adsense and Niche Sites at all.

All it took is little steps, experiments, and trail-and-error. Is it possible? Sure it does if anyone put in effort, be patient, and persistent following a system and process.

My Adsense Income in the last 8 months
My Adsense Income in the last 8 months


I have been reading and learning from Pat Flynn, Spencer, Adsense Flipper, and Trent . If you don’t know all of them, you should follow their blogs.

They are my inspiration and I know this business models work. Each of them has different scale and capability earning from Adsense.

I’m committed to integrate and custom-make what I have learned from them and focus on growing my Adsense income on daily basis. Yes, I mean to focus growing it.  Everyday, I take actions to drive myself one step closer to my goal.

Is it possible? I have been thinking and planning about it this month while I was distracted by various 9-5 work, family, and offline income. It would be fun to make it as a Case-Study and unveil my plan, strategy, and action items. I am dedicated to build a set of 8 Adsense sites and have another $100 Adsense steam in 3 months.

It’s hard to find a FREE detailed step-by-step plan for this kind of information online. I hope my Case Study could inspire you to take actions if you buy in this.

When is the best time to plant a tree? Many said it’s 100 years ago. The next best time is today.

I’m building up new 8 Adsense Sites in March; Once I get used to the schedule, I plan to do it every month with some tune-up.

I love Micro-niche site approach as it’s the best to find the winner and scale up my site size smarter (You don’t want to work on something that is not your potential winner.) Failing fast is the secret.

8 Niche Site Approach and Break-down

– 2 Product Keywords (I will monetize with Amazon Affiliate links too.)
– 4 Information Keywords
– 2 Authority Site keywords (I will start with 10 piece content.)

My keyword criteria

– 1000 Exact Monthly Search with $1 CPC (My Minium Requirement)
– For the Authority Sites, I will aim for 5000 or above Exact Monthly Search keywords.

Since I am doing this as another part-time job beside my 9-to-5, I plan to do various outsourcing to accomplish my goals – not over-work online myself. How would I break down my $500 investment / expense?

My Initial $500 Investment break up:

Adsense Niche Site Case Study Cost
Adsense Niche Site Case Study Cost


How about Time Commitment?

Each site would take me around 3-hour work as:
1 hr  – main keyword research on average (It’s just a time-consuming process to dig out good keywords with decent search volume and low competition. I have heard about some paid services saving the time but I haven’t tried out myself yet and will do some experiment later.)
30 mins  – WordPress site setup including theme, plugins, and SEO setup
30 mins  – Content research and Outsource order
30 mins  – On-page SEO and post the content
30 mins  – Backlinking Order via Fiverr

In the upcoming 3 months, I gonna have weekly blog posts about my business process, schedule, income status, and let others know how these sites are doing.

I use paid services for productivity and saving my time. There is no way I could work less without them.  As future update, I will report my site SERP and Adsense income. This is a very exciting lessons for myself. I am sure that I will find some winners and grow my SEO skills and niche site experience even more.

In my experience, most of new Niche Sites would take about 3 months to rank and generate traffic. Meanwhile, I’m fine-tuning and document my process so I could outsource even more with full-time VA when my income reaches $2000 a month.

Adsense Case Study Ultimate Goal and Break Down

As an experiment, I’m focusing on spending $500 to build $100 a month Adsense Income for now.

My ultimate goal for Adsense is to make $1000 a month in 2012.

My break-down is as simple as to get 1000 Ad impression per day with many niche & authority sites and pages.  With 3% conversion rate, I will get 30 clicks a day.

Assuming that we have ~$1 per click, that would be $30 a day. With 30 days a month, that is closed to $1000 a month.

You may know once you have a set of niche sites making $100 Adsense a month consistently, you could flip and sell them out around 20x as $2000 on Flippa. Then, you could reinvest in this cycle and create anther set making $100 a month.

Sharing and Comments

Do you think $500 investment for $100 monthly income is worthy? Do you have any specific questions about my process so I could address in the future blog posts? Any suggestion to my case-study is more than welcomed.



Make Extra Money Online with Google Adsense

Make Extra Money Online with Google Adsense
Make Extra Money Online with Google Adsense

Tell you a “secret”, I make extra money online with Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. I received my first Google Adsense paid check back to September 2011. It was a great feeling – to receive a pay check from Google although it was roughly about $100. Since then, I receive Google check every month.

Before knowing what Google Adsense is, I thought Google pays you by getting you to click their Ads. 🙂

How? What did you do? This is not a make million quick scam as you may see those ads like Working for Google or Working from Home Business.

What is Google Adsense? How do I make extra income with it?

To keep it simple, it’s Google Advertising network that Advertisers pay them to put up Ads across Content Network. You could start a website or a blog and add some code given by Google Adsense.

Then the Google Ads will be displayed on your site. When your site visitors click those ads, Google will pay you via your Google Adsense Account.

My First Google Adsense Check

In Sept 2011, finally, I got my first paycheck from Google Adsense. It was very exciting and finally see all my penny clicks added up as a hundred which is the minimum amount to cut you a check.

First Google Adsense Check
First Google Adsense Check

In Dec 2011, I had roughly $170 extra online income from Adsense. The daily income was like roller-coaster and some good days I had about $10 as in the below graph. $200 is not whole a lot comparing to other Adsense Guru.. well, at least finally I found the KEY and gonna duplicate it massively this year.

Dec 2011 Adsense Income
Dec 2011 Adsense Income


Make Extra Money Online with Google Adsense Goal in 2012

One of my 2012 goals is to make $100 a day. Part of my strategy is to build Adsense Micro-niche sites following the blueprint from Trent from Niche Site Mastery. I plan to build out roughly ~30 Adsense sites this year and hope to get a set of 10 high traffic sites making $1000 a month in total. I could bundle up a few winners and sell as 20x monthly income on Flipper.

As my estimate and traffic goal for this year, if I could get roughly 30,000 total page reviews a month, with 3% CPC (which is what I normally get), and at least $1 per each Ads click, it would be around $900 Adsense income.

Meanwhile, I’m still designing how to build out my sites in a bunch and try out different content and backlinking strategy. To get the exclusive tips and blog update, kindly sign up my tips newsletter at the right sidebar —>

Writing content is not my strength and I do outsource. Each site would cost as low as $50 like:
1. $10 Domain Name from Namecheap
2. $20 – 4 piece of content from Fiverr
3. $20 – 4 orders of backlinking from Fiverr

$50 budget is very low (If you write content and do backlinking yourself, you could save up much more.) and it’s doable as I pick low competition keywords with Exact Domain Name Approach. For stronger competition, I will do more backlinking with a weekly schedule.

As 3/1/2012 Update,  I am focusing and working on my Adsense Case Study. Feel free to follow my process and progress in the future posts.

Google Adsense Niche Site Scale

I have learned that you could have various Adsense Niche Site Scale as:

1. 1-3 page mini-site

For the lowest budget and cost, I only target one keyword for the main domain, and add in 2 pages targeting Long Tail Keywords.

2. 5-10 Pages

This is normally how I build out an Adsense site. I would know if the new site is a winner or not in a month. I love to fail quick so I could move on and build other new niche sites.

3. Authority Site (At least 20 pages)

I plan to build out a few this year. It would be nice to build some as Authority Sites under Google radar. Every new search engine algorithm is targeted to bring up even better search result for end-users. I’m sure that Google would love to honor mine.

Some of my niche sites have PR 2 and 3 with only 10 or 15 pages to start with. I plan to grow them even further this year.

In summary, Google Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make extra money online. Google will do most of the work – get Advertisers, put the ads on your site for you, charge the advertiser client and cut you the check. I really like its payout cycle and have fast cash flow. You will get your paid-checks mailed to you or deposited in your bank account (income for the month) at the end of next month. Make Extra Money Online with Google Adsense is not that difficult as I originally started.

Side Note: I have been practicing On-page SEO if you know what it is. Do you know what I have done on optimizing this page regarding to SEO?


Have you heard about Google Adsense if you are a newbie in Internet Marketing? Have you gotten your first Google Adsense Check yet?

If you are new, feel free to raise your questions here and I am more than happy to help you out.

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