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My 2012 Make Extra Money Online Goals

In the first week of 2012, I was busy thinking and working out my Make Extra Money Online Goals and detailed to-do plans. Meanwhile, I was reading others as well. I’m revealing here so I get countable by you and love to catch up with yours.

After all, it’s my personal goals. Everyone is different. I am working hard to archive them on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis. I properly will do monthly and quarterly update here, revisit them, and be flexible to adjust them on demand.

My 2012 Make Extra Money Online Goals
My 2012 Make Extra Money Online Goals

1. Making $100 a day

To keep it simple and easy to break-down, I plan to make $100 extra a day in average. This is a great goal to set and make and would make very nice impact to my financial and family.

Extra $100 a day is my part-time income and I would make it as “passive” as possible.

Jan 2012 would be my income baseline for 2012, I will maintain and grow my Adsense and Amazon Affiliate income to make $100 daily consistently. For now, I am making $5 a day on Adsense and ~$30 on Amazon. (Last Nov and Dec were my peak and I had many $100 a day.)

This is a nice goal, then HOW?

I have some success and experience with Niche Site Building. Making money online with Niche Sites is a number game. My Goal is to have 10 High TrafficAdsense focus sites and 10 money-making Amazon Affiliate Sites by the end of this year.

In order to weed out the winners, I’m going to launch new site every week. I’m optimizing the process (More you do, it would be better) and plan to spend 5 hours and $50 per site launch (I gonna document the case-study, my process, and outcome in the near future.)

To get my exclusive weekly tips and blog update if you are interested, feel free to get your FREE  weekly tips update .

2. I put in 2 hours average ONLY a day

As you may know, I am working on this MMO part-time after 9-to-5. With busy schedule at work, spending time with the family in the evenings and on weekends, taking care of the kids to and out of schools, I only have 1-2 hour quality time working on this online business. Over the weekend, I prefer taking rest for my brain and spending time – reading and playing with my kids (they are the reasons I am working extra hours.)

My Ah-ha moment in 2011: I am working on this business as a Project Manager. I wanna get a part-time job managing web projects, rather than sitting in front of the computer screen longer. I do and work on the computers all day long in my day job already.

I need life-balance and got burned out a little bit in 2011. I realize I don’t need whole a lot of extra part-time income. 2 hour extra-work is all I could put in and shouldn’t de-quality my life like less sleep, more stress, and less time with the family.

Sometimes, I spent more than 5-10 hours on weekend in 2011, which was not desirable and expected anymore.

In order to just spend 1-2 hours a day, I am outsourcing my “growth area” which is article writing and backlinking. Day-in, Day-out, I think and plan about what to outsource and be effective.

3. I will spend $500 a month on this business

There is no free lunch and a push button to make money online. If there is one and working for you, please show me and let me know privately. 🙂

In order to work less and scale up my business, I plan to spend around $500 a month including web hosting, services, and outsourcing. The investment will grow when the income rolls in as well.

Also for continual education, I’d buy information products, training, WSOs, and Software so I could keep update myself and save time in different processes especially site building and backlinking.

I have a detailed break-down of my expesense for this month, I am just taking action to spend it!

4. Writing a Blog Post once a week

In 2010, I wrote 5 posts when this Internet Marketing Tips Blog was launched.

2011, I was a little motivated and posted another 5 whole year.

I didn’t really have schedule and goals to reach. This year, I’m posting at least once a week. This is not my highest priority, but I’m trying to make it.

The reason is there are so many hypes and spams in MMO niche. I was information overloaded and “spam’ed”. I wanna contribute back to this community, I made some extra money successfully and hope I could help others to archive it as well. It’s do-able for part-time income.

Please note that I am doing this NOT full-time. My capability, time and resource is limited, but scalable. I will promote products I am using and working for my business.

5. I will have an Income/Expense Statement every month

I have pretty mess up income / expense data and bank statements in 2011. I admit that this business wasn’t planned. I was doing it part-time for education and fun (as attitude) and didn’t really think as a business owner.

I was a little bit lost-track of my expenses across multiple paypal accounts, credit cards, and checking accounts. I probably need to sort out for the 2011 tax purpose this month.

My plan for 2012 is to simplify my Expense and Income booking in 1-2 Checking Account and a few Credit Cards. By the end of each month, I only need a little time and will find out how much I spend and make Online.

6. I read a business book every month

My college education, work, and background is all about software and engineering. In order to be effective running this Online Business, I learned and realized that I know very little.

I don’t like reading much and didn’t read many books completely. In order to grow myself and this business, I am reading ONE business book a month. There are tons of good books out there. I’m selecting and planning to read ONE a month.

Reading would let me think and learn new ideas. After thinking and exercising those, they would become part of me. 🙂

I got this in Dec and plan to finish it by the end of this month: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Jarv Eker (my aff linke and you could read the first chapter FREE online.)

Other Goals

As a side note, I do have other goals for my full-time job, family, and health in 2012.

I am doing exercises 3 times a week and schedule to have lunch or dinner out with my wife once a month. Will keep you guys on post. I’m just a typical family man and daddy. 🙂

Your Feedbacks

What are your goals in 2012? Would you share with me so I could keep you accountable and follow up with Email and on your blogs?


My Learned Lessons in 2011

2011 was over. What were your learned lessons in 2011? 2011 was very exciting to me as it’s the first year I made extra money online.  I’d like to do some reflective thinking and share my notes with you.

My Learned Lessons in 2011
My Learned Lessons in 2011

1. You should SET your GOAL and REACH it

In the beginning of 2011, I didn’t even set my goal how much I’d like to make or work hard online to archive 2011. The end result was that I didn’t publish new posts on this blog on regular basis, I didn’t work on regular basis in the early year (I was just reading and chasing around with different ideas.)

I didn’t even set my daily MMO income, so I didn’t try hard to make it until the last 3 months.

My take-away:

TO SET goals and try the best to MAKE it. (Set something do-able and stretch enough to push myself forward.)

e.g Making $1K a day is nice, but too far away from where I am so I may lose the motivation and even trying to think about.

Instead, I am setting a goal to make $100 a day this year. I’m working out the detailed plan and daily process to reach it. It’s just a number game.

2. Your Success is Just one Mile Away

As I said, I started with $0 passive income a month to nice 4-digit in Nov and Dec last year. I realize your success maybe just one mile away. Are you willing to run extra miles consistently and eventually, will hit your success and jackpot. I realize most of people trying to make money online would say it’s just damn hard and quit in the journey. They may going chase “shiny objects” and hopefully find another fast money making secret online.

Indeed, most of successful athletes just keep practicing at what they are good at and fine-tune their skills to run extra miles.

My New Minset:

I do the best and even exceed whatever I plan to do on regular basis.

Are you willing to run extra miles today so you would see your success faster? Your next success is just a mile away or even half mile, do you believe it and working hard to hit it?

Winner never quits. Are you a winner?

3. Say NO

I could imagine that you are many many Internet Marketer Email Alias and receive many emails on daily basis. I do and on some WSO alias.

I learned to SAY NO to different business ideas or opportunities. For example, I say NO to offline marketing, product creation, creating mobile apps, whatever new money making business ideas or secrets.

Instead of saying YES to all, buying info here and there, and going no-where, I am trying to shut my doors and only focus on my core business model which is creating niche sites for Amazon Associates and Google Adsense. I have some success and just keep improving the process to grow BIG.

Later this year, I may flip and sell some of those (which is new to me, but at least I am focusing what I am good at for now.)

My New Year Tips is:

Know when to say NO to what. I need to make fast decision to say NO to a lot of distraction, WSOs, and “new” information.

And you? What would like to say NO so you could focus on daily basis this year? It could change and you may take in new ideas after a period of time. It’s good be flexible, but not changing and chasing shiny objects all the time.


4. Failure is Your Best Friend

Many times, I was afraid of “failures” and even procrastinate doing something such as buying that domain name, publish that idea as a post on niche sites, or making change in the layout or even the color code of the Adsense.

I was “scared” of something bad imagined inside my brain, so I didn’t even take that action or execute that ideas. For example, create an email list and sending weekly tips newsletter.

INSTEAD, I should be thankful to my failures such as 10 domain don’t even rank and have traffic, in the sandbox I guess. I was losing at least $200 including the domain name and article outsoucing cost on them. (The lessons and returned value is huge though.)

New Year Take-Away:

I’m adjusting my thinking and behavior, don’t hesitant to fail and willing to FAIL quick.

Don’t fail to be failing. There are tons of niches and in order to weed out the winners, I need to build many mini-sites and willing to fail fast so I could move on next sooner or later. Also internet technology and industry is moving fast like bullets. There was Facebook a few years ago and Google+ last year. Who knows what will go hot this year?

I’m flexible enough to adapt new workflow and business processes on monthly basis. Try out something new and test it out so I could on-going grow my business.


What are your best learned lessons in 2011? Would you like to share with IMT community? I love to hear your stories and learn the wisdom.

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

2011 has been a great year for me as Make Extra Money Online Journey.

I am thankful for:

  • all IMT readers and followers – Your support and help is my motivation
  • my Internet Marketing friends and buddies – I have been learning so much from you guys via your blogs, comments, and social interaction
  • my family – they are the reason I work hard and make extra money online
  • my wonderful wife – Her love, support, encouragement, and taking care of my family does matter to me
  • failures – I created a few niche mini-sites that don’t have traffic and income; I learned a lot from them though
  • my persistence – It keeps me going and working for couple hours on this business everyday
  • my extra income – couple hundreds a month is not whole a lot but it keeps me motivated and let me invest in this business – paying for hosting, buying software & services, and outsourcing

Thank You all and Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

And you? What are you thankful for and love to share in this community?


My focus in 2011

Shall I have this kind of post in the beginning of 2011? Time flies and it’s already May 2011. 🙂

As you may see, it’s not much update on this IN marketing tips blog. I have been away due to busy full time work load and family starting this blog back to July 2010.

I have resumed my energy and dedication in May 2011. I am working on my niche sites and creating part time extra income. As an IM newbie, I was struggling with life priority shift, balance, and time management. Procrastination and fear of failure was my “friend”.

Many of you have full time work and family to consume, contribute, and spend most of your day time with. Making secondary and extra income online is great to have, but we just don’t have much time left. I know everyone has 24 hours a day. Pretty fair, isn’t it?

I am investing in some online training and software. I need to have a PLAN, to-do list, and build my business around the clock.  The income may not flow right the way, but I am confident that it would come in down on the road.

HOW? Rather than telling you what to buy here and there, I have reserved and would blog about my process, tools, failure, and outcome. Stay tuned.

It’s already May in the summer. Let’s focus and encourage, motivate, and inspire each other down in the road. Let us win in internet marketing together!


And you? How have you been so far this year?


InMarketingTips is born

It took me a few months to take courage to start this blog about Internet Marketing. In the beginning 2010, I was exposed to the idea about Make Money Online and Blogging. It was very interesting and I started reading and learning about it. I have encountered a lot of scam and e-products about Get Rich Quick. Most of sales pages showed how to make tons of money in short period of time.

I’ve downloaded free ebooks and signed up email alias whenever I encountered. I was information-overloaded (which is the dark-side). The more I study and read, I realize there is a pattern and real business model behind the scene.

This blog is to share my journey, tips/notes that I learn, and what working or not to me. I hope you find interesting, informative, and intuitive Internet Marketing Tips here.

In Marketing Tips is born
Image Credit

Here, I’d like to give special thank you to Rob Rammuny from He is one of my inspiration and encourages me as a newbie. His blog comes with a lot of creative and encouraging ideas living in Internet Life Style.

Also Josh Katherman from (Not my affilate link) who is a designer behind this theme. They do have beautiful WordPress themes and awesome friendly technical support.


Nice to meeting you here. What kind of IM tips would you like to see more here? Please feel free to drop down notes.