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MMO Monthly Report March 2012

MMO Monthly Report March 2012

March was over. It was slower and worse than I thought. Also there was Google update de-indexing “private blog network” especially BMR and Panda 3.4 worrying this IM industry and myself.

I was a little bit “panic” – how it would impact my niche site traffic and income mind going-on last 2 weeks. I was hesitant to take any actions like building too much backlinks and stuff. I was kind of “passive” observing the impact and how other bloggers react.

I’m glad that it was over and I could start from fresh in April again.

Learned Lessons in March

1. You should have multiple Online Income Streams and Niche Sites.

Some of my Amazon Niche Sites got ranking slapped and you could tell from my Amazon Income. Also some of my niche site fellows got Adsense Site Banned. It tells me that it could be happening to me and you should always have some backup plans. I was very sorry for those guys as Adsense is part of their major online income streams.

What is my action item? Yes, I gonna explore CJ, Clickbank, and EPN opportunities in Q2. (I will have more update in the next post about my game plan.)

I need to block out time to focus exploring in Q2. If I work on multiple projects, it would kill my productivity and becomes NO focus given I only work 1-2 hours online a day.

Building and ranking new niche sites do take time. Google wouldn’t honor and give you massive of traffic right the way.

From what I see, a few sites that I have built back to Jan… comes out of Sandbox (500+ ranking) and start getting some traffic. This is pretty nice and telling me that I am doing things right in Google eyes. I wish I had built much more new sites early in Dec and Jan…

Start planting your seeds today. If you wanna make profit out of niche sites, you won’t get Amazon and Adsense checks as I do right the way. It does take patience and right skills.

2. Working on many things means NO productivity and FOCUS.

I was working on other Amazon Niche Sites to grow my Amazon Income (They are higher ROI projects for me); and wrote 4 blogs posts on this blog; and built various backlinks etc.

Early March, I was focusing and working on my Adsense Case Study and building out some new niche sites.

My goal was:
1. Spend $500 totally
2. Spend 3 hours each site
3. TO make $100 a month out of Adsense totally.

I did pretty good and built 4 new sites in March. Will have more updates on those later. After First 2-week focus, I realize it’s out of my capacity and finding good and profitable keywords really takes time.

I am thankful that I just got Keyword Blaze Pro at $17 (First 5 hours after launch)

You may have heard about SEOockpit which is $77/month. I was “tempted” to get something like that to help me find High Profitable keywords and save me time.

I’m in love with Keyword Blaze Pro as this is a server side solution (It runs fast behind the scene.) Once I identify some potential keywords, I will double check in Competitor Analysis Module in LongTail Pro (which is my Number One tool) running on my Desktop all the time.

I’m positive that I could find more Winning Keywords in April and cut out the time doing keyword research. lol

Instead of building all 8 sites per my Case Study in a month, I’m spending time and working on this Case Study in 3 months.

The goal is not to “waste” $500 quick. I need to get it right, have right process and schedule in place, and add another $100 Adsense monthly income.

In my Adsense case study, when I reach my income goal, I will just repeat the same processon regular basis.

Once I have that “project experience” in place, I should be able to outsource, streamline and build & rank 8-10 sites in a month.

Also I am behind on my serial of Adsense How-to and Process blog posts. ☺ Need to get my blogging schedule in place and make it happen.

3. Work Less means Working More.

In March, I spent more time “thinking” about my to-do list and they occupied my mind – but I didn’t make all happened. It wasn’t productive as I wish.

4 Hour Work-week is a mind opening book to me. I am 30% done and the 80/20 rule rocks and like a baseball bat hitting my head big time last week.

Sometimes we work online and look very busy. Am I productive today? Hell no and sometimes I am reading on other blogs, too much tweets, and spending time on FB. I know engaging with your audience and do social is important. It’s part of my Online Branding.

What do I do make me productive? Adding new blog posts and building backlinks do. They are time-consuming, but they are the CORE of this business and how this process / model works.

I feel great publishing this post and other Niche Site posts today.. everyday.

March Online Income

My Total Online Income in March 2012 was $782.1 (+$136.58 comparing to Feb)

1. Amazon Affiliate ($290.83)

Amazon Affiliate Income March 2012
Amazon Affiliate Income March 2012

Amazon income was the lowest in the last 6 months. A reason is my niche site traffic went down(due to Panda update), and people are not “spending” much and busy with filing tax. I forsee that it will go in this pace for another 2 weeks before April 16th Tax File Deadline.

As you may see, I have some good Conversion Rate (>10%) on Amazon. I wish all 192 shipped items were at $100 priced. That would be like 192 x $100 x (7% commission rate) = $1,344 income stream from Amazon.

Well, reality is reality. Those $100 items that I promoted didn’t sell well in March.

Also I had some “high-priced” items returned and it hurt.

Amazon Return Items
Amazon Return Items

Another surprise, I don’t have any niche selling Jewelry, but someone bought “10k White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant” through my links. This is way better than a click from Adsense.

Diamond Sale
Diamond Sale

That’s why I love doing Amazon Affiliate comparing to Google Adsense as you are awarded by driving traffic to Amazon. Amazon is just converting and promotes/sells stuff to your visitors.

Per Niche Profit Course, I should have aimed for those $100 or above items to promote. Yes, I am building a few one that is in high price tag and more evergreen product niche – that people buy on regular basis (not seasonal – like those just selling hot in Christmas only.)

Many readers email me about how I start and do Amazon Affiliate, and I highly recommend Niche Profit Course as this is my blueprint and I have been following this for a year and received my $11,000 check from Amazon. [Note: the income result varies, all it take is picking right niches, writing good review content and driving traffic to make profit.]

Yes, I’m building some niche sites these days and working on my second $10,000 goal. It’s just slow moving up the ranking and traffic these months.

2. Google Adsense ($63.45)

Google Adsense March 2012
Google Adsense March 2012

I wish I could get back to those $100 level as in Jan. I had many $0 days as you may see in the chart. I know a few of my income sites have $1 or $2 a click.

I will spend more time adding content, building backlinks, and growing the traffic on my existing winner sites. Focusing too many sites means NO focus.

I am happy for that 20% growth, but still this is a small portion of my Online Income. Anyway, every pennies add up.

To grow this income, it’s not only about number of sites, it’s about the Page View Traffic on Daily basis. I will talk about my Q2 Game plan later.

3. Affiliate Income ($427.82)

Affiliate marketing is killing this month. This is by far the most growth and best month that I have regarding to the income source. This is pretty surprising.

I only promote what I do and use on my niche site business and I am thankful to all my IMT fans and those who buy through my Affiliate and Discount Links. Your support keeps funding this site.

Kindle Book Give Away

I’m still working on The 4-Hour Workweek of Timothy Ferriss that I started last month. This is really eye-opening to me and I’m reflecting on this slowly. In order to work less, one needs to set priorities, cut out those “bothers”, and automate the process.

Think and Grow Rich (Kindle Version) Give Away
Think and Grow Rich (Kindle Version) Give Away

In April, I gonna give away 5 copies of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill [Kindle Version]. This is a classic and I read good portion of it last year. Once I am done with 4HWW, I will go over this again.

I wanna have more discussion and sharing over this book with you guys. Yes, I am going to give away 5 copies – Kindle version so you could read on your computer, iOS and Android devices anywhere you like.

Just answer the question on the Contest Page here and I will do Random Draw and pick the best answer ones by April 15th 10:00 PST.

The Give-away winner will be announced on April 16th!

In Marketing Tips Facebook Fans Page was launched on April 2nd with new Timeline. This is a Fans page for those want to profit from niche sites.

We will have discussion, tricks, and news sharing here. The goal is to learn and help each others profit from Niche Sites.

Please feel free to post your blog posts related to building niche sites on the Fans Page too. (Those good ones will get promoted and shared.) It’s a community and hope we could motivate and help each others along.

In Marketing Tips Fans Page
In Marketing Tips Fans Page

2012 Q1 is over. I will have another blog post about the summary and my Q2 Game Plan next.

May you all have a great April.


How did you do in March? Did Google Update impact you much? Let us encourage and reach our business goal along the way.


3 Lessons I learned from my $11,000 Amazon Associates Income in the First Year

3 Lessons I learned from my $11,000 Amazon Associates Income in the First Year
3 Lessons I learned from my $11,000 Amazon Associates Income in the First Year

On March 14, 2011, I pushed the “Buy” button and took my first step to learn how Amazon Affiliate works and tricks to earn a paycheck from Amazon.

As one year anniversary (this blog post published on Mar 12 2012), I’d like to reflect about my first “success” and let you know my 3 learned lessons. Hope it inspires you to take actions on whatever you are doing.

2016 Update: I’m focusing on my Niche Site income these days and try to work for an hour-ish besides 9-to-5.

I plan to share more my lessons how I bounced back to 4-digit monthly Amazon Affiliate income in 2014-2016.

After all Google Penguin and Hummingbird update, I could bank in some good extra income regularly. Will share with the Niche Site Community later.

It’s a little bit history about what happened to me before taking Niche Profit Course.

Early 2010, I was spammed by Make Money Online ideas.

I finally bought my first domain name and started this blog early July 2010, I wrote about 5 posts in a few weeks with “excitement”,  my passion faded out and I gave up, It was just hard to blog about blogging, without making a dime online.

2010 was over and all the sudden I stopped all Online Business Activities except bought a few $7 training here and there and reading some blogs.  I would say it was a good break after the information overload after long period of time.

I was a little bit frustrated and wasn’t determined to success.  It didn’t work out for me.

Is there any real business model out there?

Early 2011, I learned about Niche Profit Course from Smart Passive Income Podcast Session 10. I saved up some money. On March 14, 2011, I finally took the courage and bought NPC. I finished watching the video in a week.

Then did my product research and bought the first niche domain name within a week. I was slowly creating content and building up the traffic. It wasn’t very successful. I had my first sale which was $1 in May.

I almost gave up because the commission rate 4% is just too low for me. Then I built a few more as experiment. Honestly, I didn’t really trust the model and I just wanna get the best out of $77.

Tell you the truth, I didn’t make $1000 a month for 11 months straight to make this income. Most of the sales were coming in from Oct to Feb.

Many of my niche sites are slowing down and sales dropped recently. Traffic and Online Business is very dynamic. I’m ramping up a few and building new ones on monthly basis. I’m still working on my second $10,000 these days.

I’m not selling you a Making Million Online Dream. I’m doing this part-time after 9-to-5 as many of you guys do.

Amazon Associates Income One Year
Amazon Associates Income One Year

(My First Year Amazon Affiliate Income back to 2011-2012)

These are the BIG lessons that I have learned through the process and hope they are inspiring to your Online Business no matter what you are doing.

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MMO Monthly Report February 2012

This is my second Make Extra Income Online Monthly Report. Feb was a short month and disappointing regarding to my Online Income, but I learned a lot during my reflection. I was very stressful and busy on weekends, but thankful that it was over and have added a few hundred dollars to my Offline Passive Income portfolio. (I will touch on that a little bit later.)

My Feb Online Income was a little disappointing

To be transparent, I am NOT here to “teach” you how to make money online. I am just an action-taker and read/learn how to MMO in the last year. Who said Making money online is easy and fast?

To document my journey and process, I’m here to INspire my readers how it is possible if you take actions and be patient persistently, it’s do-able. I’m doing this after 9-to-5, as a full time dad and husband (I wish those could be part-time and quit somethimes. 😉

I structure this report a little bit each time. I would talk about my learned lessons, my numbers, how I reach my Annual Goal, and the game plan for March.

MMO Learned Lessons in Feb 2012

Feb is super busy and very stressful to me due to my work and personal life.

I’d say my full-time work was not satisfied, I wasn’t very productivity. I met my deadlines, but know I could focus and did better job.

I wasn’t “productive” and lost FOCUS on this Online Niche Site Business in Feb. I admit that I failed and it was a good Failure Lesson. I was very distracted by my Offline Passive Income Project (Will be touch on that at the end of this report.)

That is life, and we need to have good balance spending time at Full-time job(if you have one and it’s sort of part of me and commitment.) You get regular paid-check and you are tight to your job commitment – time and energy. Family is important too and they are my reasons working extra hour. (Hey, I woke up 4:30am this morning and working on this monthly report, could you imagine?) I do enjoy writing this now.

Regarding to my Niche Site Traffic, it sucked pretty bad in Feb. My Amazon and Adsense Income Sinked and Dropped more than 50% comparing to Jan.

It happens and Web Traffic and Demand is so dynamic. I didn’t forsee that it would drop and cut my Online Income HALF though.

As a lesson, be prepared, and FOCUS on maintaining your business and GROWTH. If you don’t grow your business, it would just be doing Backward. You can’t expect it would be maintained without doing anything and laziness.

Procrastination is my buddy and I have been procrastinating with a lot of great good ideas. No matter they are great or not, TAKING actions is the key to see if it works or not. Do you have a lot of niche and business ideas? Are they dotted down? Do you have any action-item plans to execute them?

I do have some ideas flowing in my head. I got to drop them down, and schedule to make them happen. Otherwise, they are just “dreams” never happening.

Feb 2012 definitely was a great month learning more about myself and this business. I’m sure that when I look back, it motivates me not making the same mistakes again. I could be just a better person.

Don’t let Failures stop you. Learn and Take away from it. Failure is my buddy and I love to fail fast.

Show me the Number

My Total Online Income in Feb 2012 was $645.52 (Almost 50% off of $1203.95 Jan Income)

1. Amazon Affiliate Income ($412.81) (~60% off of $1,014.07 in Jan)

I’m not too surprised as I was monitoring this on daily basis.. which is not healthy. Just a few mins a day, but I could do other productive work.

Amazon Affiliate Income Feb 2012
Amazon Affiliate Income Feb 2012

In Jan, I saw the orders were slowing down and could tell that it won’t shipped much in Feb. Also I couldn’t and “failed” to hit Valentine’s Day Shopping Season.. I tried to rank a few pages, but failed. I didn’t start to rank them early enough. I learned so much that if I wanna hit the Shopping Seasons, I need to plan and act fast. This is how I hit almost 5-digit last Christmas Season.

7% Commission Rate for Feb is not too bad. I need to ship double volume to hit 7.5%.

$400 is good enough to fund my business for March and I gonna re-focus BIG time.

In March, I plan to add closed to 20 Product Review Posts and RANK them. You don’t need another new 20 Amazon Niche Sites to grow your business. All you need is High Traffic and Conversation Pages to make profit from this business models.
I’m super thankful to get AMASuitefor less than $20 and find some great products to promote fitting my Gold-mined Formula.

If you promote a $100 priced product (Have a well written and high traffic ones), get a sale at 7% commission rate everyday, that would be $200 a month, this is a simple formular comparing to what you think of as Make Money Online?

How about 10 High Demand and Popular products? that would be $2000 a month which is my current goal as for 2012.

If you haven’t made money from Amazon and want to test it out, feel free to grab this Killing Deal (70% off) NPC Training (I follow this blueprint making money from Amazon Affiliate) before it’s taken down. I got mine at $97 full price. And you?

2. Adsense Income ($53.27) (60% drop from $129.30 in Jan)

Yes, this is my first month not getting Adsense Paycheck since getting my first $100 Google Paid-check.

Adsene Income Feb 2012
Adsene Income Feb 2012

My Feb Adsense income dropped significantly, due to the traffic to my Adsense Niche Sites dropped almost half. I may have gotten Smart-pricing.

One of my money making ones dropped from $23 in Jan to $2 in Feb. The SERP of the keyword (Exact Match Domain) sinked from #3 to #14. (This is a five-page Adsense Niche Sites that I gonna replicate and build my Adsense Case Study around.)

As a side note, 336 x 280 and 160 x 600 Ads Blocks are my Favorites. I will unveil if you are interested later.

As clear as is, I should diversify My Adsense Sites, build a few Strong ones, and continue building up Micro-Niche ones to weed out the Winners. Stay tuned and I gonna have a series of blog posts about this and you will witness how I grow this on monthly-basis.

I will focus on growing this on DAILY basis – mentally and taking actions as well.

3. Other Affiliate Income ($179.44) +196% vs $60.58 in Jan

I got many emails from readers asking how I learned my Amazon Affiliate skills and what software and services I use on regular basis.

I haven’t hard-sold these as I just believe what I do and have.  I buy a lot of stuff on monthly basis – to save me money and make myself productive. Sometimes, I would just buy and promote if they are really helpful. 🙂 Many times, I don’t even talk about cramp stuff that I get – I am not a smart IM buyer.

Thank you for your trust buying Niche Profit Course via my Affiliate link. As I said, this is my blueprint getting paid check from Amazon proved by my Monthly Income reports.

For those who are seeking the next Shiny Objects, you don’t need another new business ideas to make profit online. Just pick one whatever you have purchased, focus on execution, to get there. Anything would work, it just depends how you do it.

Offline Passive Income was my Distraction

I don’t expect to mention much about my Full-time job income and Offline Passive Income (whatever that is.) I just wanna touch on this and how it could be distracting, but I’m thankful to have this HAPPY problem to work on and solved finally.

I worked a lot offline on weekends in Feb. I spent more than 40 hours (A week of full-time work) working on my Rental Property – Painting the home, Clean-up, DIY Fixing the home, Buying stuff at Home Depot,  Open House, Working with potential Tenants, All home rental stuff… you could imagine.

I’m glad that it was OVER. The new tenants moved in couple days ago. As Rich Dad Poor Dad does, I acquire Assets – this is a case of rental property, it’s by far the best Passive and Residual Income I could have. I am doing Property Manager myself, but forsee it wouldn’t take me much time (comparing to this part-time Online business) and add couple hundred profits to my pocket.

Well, the entry cost was very high though.. 5-digit figure to start with for my case. (If you look for rental property to invest in, it varies. The process is just long and stressful in my opinion.)

I love my Online Business much more as you could invest and start today with as little as $10 for the Domain Name and Web Hosting.

One of my dreams or goals, is to make Good Online Income, to fund my Rental Income Business. Eventually, I would hire a Property Manager and hand over all the work to a trusted Real Estate Agent.

Sorry for my boring money theory, I don’t think it applies too much to my Fans. 🙂

My 2012 Goal Progress

1. Making $100 a day (In Progress)

I had a few $40 a day in Feb. Feb income was 1/5 of my $3000 a month goal. I need to play a catch up game to reach my annual goal.

A lot of times, people only care how much you make. I do care.. but more than that, I care more how much I grow and learn from how others grow too. Learning and Growing never ends.

Thanks for your interest and I hope my journal could help you grow as well.

2. I put in 2 hours average ONLY a day (√)

Indeed, I work much fewer than 2 hours a day online due to the offline distraction. Also energy wise was low as I was so stress out renting out my property.

It’s not about how long you work – it’s how much and productive you work.

3. I will spend $500 a month on this business (√)

I spent totally about $ $498.85 (my best estimate including new domain names from NamecheapHostgator Web Hosting, a few WSOs especially AMASuite, UAW, Fiverr, and Article outsourcing)

Highlight of my Spending Feb 2012

– I bought 2 PR2 and 1 PR3 Aged Domain Names. I am building out my own Private Blog Network Slowly. I will do a lot of testing, blog about this later and how it may help or not my search ranking of my niche sites. I think it’s one of the best Investment for my business. I paid monthly for UAW, but it’s always good to diversify my backlinks.

– I start enjoy blogging and communicating with my readers and other Niche Site Bloggers. To re-invest in myself and have good education, I spent $97 on How to Start a Blog that Matters of Corbett Barr. Blogging is not for everyone. It’s a lot of hard-work. This is the best Blogging Training that I have so far. Corbett support on the site is awesome. I got my response in day. Also I could read what other students ask too.

Stay tuned – I am learning and executing what I learn from HSBTM here and you would see a Blog that Matters in the near future. 🙂

I’m building this blog contributing values to the world and being helpful to others. Is it always nice to make extra income online?

It’s all starting from You and how possible it is to make extra income – starting with you. I’m not living off by my Online Income only, but at least it’s paying off a portion of my mortgage and monthly bills.

– I am in love and promote AmaSuite. It is awesome but a little bit pricey at $40 now.  I grabbed mine at $20 when it was launched. Can’t believe it was sold more than 4500 copies in the last week or so. Sorry to tell you that this WSO gonna be closed on March 7th and probably doubled the price at Clickbank.

The reason that I got it is to SAVE TIME doing my Amazon Product Research. To reach my Amazon Goal ($2000 a month), I dig out the best product to promote and gonna rank my reviews high in a few months.

4. Writing a Blog Post once a week (√)

I met my schedule to post at least once a week in Feb. Traffic picked up pretty well and I have 50 visits average a day. My bounce Rate is as low as 30%, that means my readers love to stay around which is awesome! Some data is from my browsers though. 🙂

IMT Web Traffic Report Feb 2012
IMT Web Traffic Report Feb 2012

To grow my blog traffic double, I plan to write 2 blog posts a week in March – one would be full of tips and how-to as a part of the series of my Adsense Niche Site Case Study, one would be a little bit soft and motivating to your Online Business.

5. I will have an Income/Expense Statement every month (√)

I keep all my expenses in ONE checking account and paypal account, so it’s so easy to do my book-keeping and do all my numbers in a Spreadsheet.

6. I read a business book every month (√)

I’m proud finishing up Midas Touch and it’s a great book talking about Entrepreneurship.

My take-away is Entrepreneurship is not easy, We shall think about building up a business instead of running a Small Business (what I am doing.) The business should have business process in place to scale up big.

It’s not about me. Indeed, the process could be hand over and even be able to transfer and sell to someone else.

I’m trying to knock down my process so I could “Educate” others how I do it and Make Extra Money Online Together.

I’m still figuring out my passion and mission and why I am doing what I am doing – Creating Niche Sites and Blogging about my business. I am happy for my Extra Income Online, and hope I could help others accomplish that too. (Sorry that it’s NOT a push-button business I am peaching here.)

Online Business is a Real Business and involves time, investment, and dedication.

In March, I am reading The 4-Hour Workweek of Timothy Ferriss. I’ve heard a lot of great stuff about this book, and I know it’s inspiring.. don’t know if I really could just work 4 hour a week Online.

March Game Plan

Focus, Focus and Focus. Focusing on my daily task will drive me forward – at least a little bit closer to my goal. A lot of times, I am just distracted by reading blogs, tweets, free information, or just “dream” about what to do next.

To get closer to my goal, I will add in More Content on my niche sites (Content is the KING), and build backlinks to maintain and grow my search engine traffic on daily basis. Yes, I say.. it’s a daily process.

The beauty of this online business is that my niche sites and this blog working 24/7 for me. Some of my online income from Feb is an outcome of what I was working on in the last couple months.

Some of my product review posts still rank and have traffic and sales via Amazon Affiliates.

I’m adding a lot more Product Review Pages and Rank a few Amazon Niche Sites that are aged (3-6 months old.)

Also I am focusing on my Adsense Case Study, at least I will be building 8 brand new niche sites in March.


How did you do in Feb? Do you have a solid plan for March?

Do you have any productivity or focus tips to share? I look forward to hearing from you.


MMO Monthly Report January 2012

This is my first Make Extra Money Online Monthly Report. In the past, I was hesitate to talk about my Online Income. I am not boosting about how “much” I do. Indeed, it’s open and great to let others know and keep each other motivated. It’s not a huge money. Anyway, it’s an extra income and it’s do-able to do it part-time around the clock.

MMO Monthly Report January 2012
MMO Monthly Report January 2012

I’m proud of my accomplishment and my hard-working pays off. Indeed, it’s not “passive income” as I was sold to. Everything takes hard-work and dedication. It’s totally not a Get Rich Quick and Make Money Online Scam.

When I document this, I found that this is not only about how I was doing last month, it’s also about what I have learned and how to grow myself and the online income on monthly basis. Sometimes, people just care about your numbers. Indeed, it’s my journey and hope my learned lessons help you as well.

My Inspiration

I got to know Pat Flynn back to early 2010 and was very inspired and “jealous” by his famous income monthly reports.

I know it is possible and finally I have my own first one publicly online.

Please note that I would only document my Online Income. Indeed, my full-time and offline income are non-disclosure (Everyone is different.)

Why am I reporting this publicly?

I was inspired and thought it’s impossible. I wanna share that nothing is impossible. Taking baby steps will get you one mile closer to your goal whatever it is. I’m not here to boost my “success” or telling you that I am successful. I’m by way too far from it yet.

Also I’m here to have you keep me accountable. I’m growing and wanna contribute back to this MMO world. I was spammed and fooled many many times. I spent hundred and thousands helping others Make Money Online before I made my first penny. 🙂 I am here to inspire and share what it works or not. I love to talk about my failed lessons so it would save your time.

“Fool people learn from mistakes; Smart people learn from instruction” For me, I learn much more from mistakes and become even smarter.

To structure this a little bit and help myself reaching my annual goal. It would be like a monthly and quarterly check about my progress for myself.

Show me the Number

My Total Online Income in Jan 2012 is $1203.95

1. Amazon Affiliate Income ($1,014.07)

Amazon Affiliate Income Jan 2012
Amazon Affiliate Income Jan 2012

As you may know, there are tons of ways making extra money online. For me, focusing one would get you the best return so you could diversify and move on other venture.

I was working hard and lucky enough to break in a few niches and have a decent Amazon Affiliate income to motivate me and keep me going. Yes, I started with less $1 Amazon Income back to May 2011 as you could see from here:

This month is “disappointing” comparing to the last Nov and Dec 2011 – which is expected. I collected tons of traffic data and just don’t have time to analysis them all. I gonna break in many big niches this year and hope I could reproduce and even exceed my “success”.

I’m proud to “shipped” closed to 500 items via Amazon. I couldn’t get to 8% commission rate, it’s a number game and I’m confident that I hit again. What concerns me is that the web traffic of some of my authority sites is slowing and there were not many orders as in Nov & Jan last year which is totally expected.

In Feb, I plan to add more content and build more backlinks to my niche sites and build a few new ones. On-going, I learn about new product niches and try to compete in some strong ones.

2. Adsense Income ($129.30)

I have been following many big boys in this Adsense Income Niche and plan to play a catch up game on monthly-basis. Indeed, Adsense is one of my favorite MMO business model as it’s simple and straight-forward as is.

My Jan Adsense income dropped as expected as one of my income sites is a product-related one. The traffic dropped significantly in Jan that hurts. The good side is that I have definitely two winning niche sites making me $100 Adsense income. As I said, the first $100 is always difficult to meet. It took me couple months to get my first Google Check.

Adsense Income Jan 2012
Adsense Income Jan 2012

Why can’t I duplicate the formula and have 10x? Yes, I’m planning to grow my Adsense income to $1000 a month level. It will get me to 1/3 of my 2012 Extra Money Income Goal.

This is a number game. I have about 5 sites having traffic and Adsense income stream. Why can’t I have 20 or even 50 Adsense sites?

Stayed tune about my update. I gonna document my how-to and the whole process. Indeed, it’s just a bunch of business processes to build and rank Adsense sites.

3. Affiliate Income ($60.58)

I only promote what I have and works for me. (I own some products and I don’t even promote and mention about that.) Simple because I have been asked for many times and I know what I promote would help others to save time and be more productive as I do in my business. Only if you take actions and take advantage of the benefits, it would just pay it off.

Many times, we are promoted to various stuff for features. It really takes time to digest to get the “benefits”. There are tons of Training, Software, and services out there claiming that they could help you to make money online. I was sold and spent tons of money on them; indeed, I still do and spend on monthly basis. Now, I know what I need, I get and grab the benefits right the way.

Education is priceless. How much did you spend in your high school, colleges, and continual education in your profession? Committing to learn is one of my key success factors.

I truly believe in Niche Profit Course (this is a killing deal comparing to $97 original price when I got it) which is my blueprint making online income with Amazon Affiliate.

Here, I wanna say THANK you to those who trust and buy through my Affiliate link. My email support and follow-up is your bonus. Chris has great support on this training as you may know, but you could ping me for any help too.

For me, TIME is MONEY. If I didn’t take actions and implement what I have learned in reading blogs, training, and experiments, I wouldn’t have had my 5-digit online income in 2011.

WSO Affiliate Jan 2012
WSO Affiliate Jan 2012


My 2012 Goal Progress

1. Making $100 a day (In Progress)

I’m 1/3 reaching my monthly goal which is about $3000. In order to scale up to reach my goal. I gonna build many Amazon Affiliate and Adsense niche sites on monthly basis.

It would take time to do market research, build the site, add content, and drive traffic to. In a few months, I should see some site traffic growth. As I said, it’s a number game. If you build 10 sites, you will see 1-2 winner ones. The more you build, it would just be more effective and better.

2. I put in 2 hours average ONLY a day (Χ)

This goal is definitely failing. January was very distracting. I am working on this business part-time. Squeezing out 2-3 hours a day is not easy. Sometimes I am just exhausted by 10pm after all day work and taking care of the kids.

Some days, I worked more than 3 hours; sometimes, I only spend an hour or so.

  • First week – I was thinking about my annual goal and busy reading other blogger goals
  • Second week – I spent a lot of time to design my daily and weekly schedule. At least I finished buidling niche site
  • Third week – I built another niche site and trying to catch up my schedule
  • Forth week – My first Guest post was posted online by Chris. I was busy to catch up the comments and traffic from the guest post
  • Fifth week – this is very non-productive as I was busy with my full time work and life after work. You may say it’s nice to take a week off and a break online. 🙂

I need to figure out how to focus on my core business – niche site building and stay away from social media and life distraction. Everyday, I should be working on something that is growing and driving my business forward.

3. I will spend $500 a month on this business (Χ)

In Jan, I was going to spend majority of my expense on article outsourcing and backlinking via, but it failed.

I spent totally about $333.17 (my best estimate including new domain names from Namecheap, Hostgator Web Hosting, a few WSOs about niches and training, UAW, Fiverr, and Article outsourcing)

I would roll over $200 to Feb Expense and outsourcing big (I need to focus on this as it’s more time-consuming than I planned). Sometimes, it’s not about how much you spend, what concerns me is what I spend really worthy. Does it save your time, or just buy information / education that you can’t digest and have return?

4. Writing a Blog Post once a week (√)

I wrote 4 articles as meeting my post schedule. Indeed, blogging is not my strength and I take longer to fresh out an idea and publish a post. Content is the king. My traffic grew up a little bit in Jan. It was awesome to meet other niche site guys and we are in the community following Spencer, Adsense Flippers, and Smart Passive Income etc. It’s encouraging and nice learning from each other.

Blogging is fun and I meet great people in this IMT community. I feel energetic receiving reader emails and bounce ideas back and for.

As a blog traffic, I’m thankful to get closed to 800 in Jan. Thank you for all your support. My first guest post was up on Jan 24th and I had some traffic peak that day.

In Marketing Tips Traffic Jan 2012
In Marketing Tips Traffic Jan 2012

5. I will have an Income/Expense Statement every month (√)

I managed to stream line and only have one checking / paypal account to pay out my expenses. It’s easier to watch out how I spend and my income stream in. It’s all about Cash-flow management.

6. I read a business book every month (√)

I’m proud finishing Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Jarv Eker  and I have a few takes to share here:

  • Everyone has different money blueprint and they could be from our family, past experience, and childhood. Mine one is different from yours.
  • Rich people think differently. There are 17 mindsets mentioned in the book and my favorite ones are:
  • 5. Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles.
  • 13. Rich people focus on their net worth. Poor people focus on their working income.
  • 17. Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know.
  • After reading the book, I know I have Millionaire mindset. I gonna revisit this and see if I have adapted “new thinking”.
Midas Touch
Midas Touch

In Feb, I am reading Midas Touch by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Donald J. Trump

Midas Touch is all about Successful Entrepreneurship. Are you curious about why some entrepreneurs win, and some fail?

If you know Robet Kiyosaki, probably you know his Rich Dad Poor Dad Book. One of my favorite books all time.



I feel great about Feb and it is going to be better regarding to productivity and my business direction. I “worry” that my niche site web traffic would slow down and can’t keep my monthly income as 4-digit. Anyway, I should focus on my daily operation, maintain my revenue, and grow from there.

Fear won’t help you move forward. Focus, be proactive, and hard-working and it’s the way to go!

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How did you do in Jan? Do  you have any plan for Feb? Kindly let me know and I love to catch up with you.


How do I make extra money online as an Amazon Affiliate

How do I make extra money online as an Amazon Affiliate? I shop a lot on Amazon, but how do I make money and get a paid check from Amazon?

Journey back to 2010

In July 2010, I started out this blog and initially, I was thinking to blog about make money blogging without making any online income myself. I took couple days just to know how to install WordPress and customize a premium theme from themesheep.

Blogging and writing is not my strength and interest. I created about 3-4 post in 2010. That’s it. I’d say it wasn’t very successful. Blogging involves a lot of work and commitment.

Then what? I was looking for different ways making money online and talked about “Creative Ways”. Indeed, every work or projects involve a lot of time, energy, and creativity. I went nowhere.

Finally I made some extra money online in 2011

Thankful that I was hooked to Chris Guthrie’s Blog since June 2010. I was impressed with how he makes money with Amazon Affiliate. Some of his posts were eye-opening to me.

I saved a little bit early this year and paid $97 in March 2011 for his premium video training course Niche Profit Classroom (Original Price Site) – See the discount below. Indeed, it’s one of the best investment I have for my Internet Marketing Business. Note: I find that I learn much more in video instead of reading blogs. And you?

I finished up all his video (3 hr) in a few days. Grab the core concept, ideas and started creating a few product niche sites. The Azon WordPress Theme was a premium customizable theme and I love it. It helps me creating authority site fast and it is still one of my favorite Product Review Theme.

His Coaching Support is valuable way more than the cost. I learned so much by reading others’ questions and Chris’ feedbacks. Chris is very responsive and got his feedback within 1-2 days.

I’d say I am a hard-working student in the class. I was just focusing on writing great product related content and how-to following the training. Keep working on driving traffic to my niche sites. I had my first Amazon Affiliate Sales in May 2011. What? It was just $0.92?

Amazon First Sale May 2011

Seriously, the first dollar that you make online is precious. I still remember the excitment I received my first Adsense check from Google. Don’t you?

And over $10 in June. How nice? Indeed, the process and system was working out – sort of out of my expectation. Do people really read my niche sites and click through to buy on Amazon?

Unfortunately, Amazon suspended all Californian Affiliate in July. My Amazon income stream was just CUT off.

Since I had some traffic to my sites, I switched all over to Adsense and made some money from July-Sept 2011. Stay tuned and I will blog about my Adsense income journey.

If you really focus on ONE business model, spend time on it although it may take a few months or a year, it just works. I’m not telling you making money online is fast and easy. I have read tons of information these 2 years and spending hours and hours on the computer screen after long day full-time work.

Since Oct – My Amazon Income rocks in

Thank God that Amazon re-activated the Amazon Affiliate program in California early Oct 2011. Since then, I have sudden “success” due to the growing SEO Traffic.

I had a killing month in Nov 2011 due to the shopping seasons and it goes even better this month – Christmas Shopping Season.

As of writing, I had break-through record in the early Dec. I am working hard to hit 8.25% commission rate this month.

Dec 1 to 5 2011 Amazon Affiliate Income
Dec 1 to 5 2011 Amazon Affiliate Income


It was a long journey this year and 2011 is almost over.

How do I make extra money online as an Amazon Affiliate

This is how I get paid check from Amazon. To see my blueprint and steps-by-steps in Video Training, feel free to check out Niche Profit Course.

Step 1. Do market research and find the right product niche to promote.

Step 2. Build a niche mini-site with WordPress

Step 3. Write great product review content

Step 4. Drive Traffic to my sites. I do SEO and Search Engines bring in hundreds of traffic everyday to my sites.

Step 5. Monitor and Optimize my conversation rate.

Step 6. Repeat 3-5 in loop on this site. Or move on and start with step 1.

Finally, wait and receive my Amazon paid-check on monthly basis.

Is it You?

Maybe you are hopping around and going after Shiny Objects. I do and I am a WSO sucker. I buy information products here and there and going nowhere. I have tons of pdf and video on my harddisk that I don’t even have time to digest and open them. Sounds familiar?

If you have been looking for an Internet Marketing Blueprint and success business plan, there are tons in WSO, isn’t it? I am thankful that I found one and I just stick with it and get A’s in it. I’m still learning and trying new things everyday.

$97 is a huge investment for who looking for jobs or waiting for next assignment. Chris is generous to open door to his training with a killing price.

I promote it whole-heartily as it changed my life and bank balance in 2011.

Sorry, it was a long journey and kind of boring, isn’t it? Sorry to tell you that there is no short cut making money online fast. There is just a better training out there. It worked for me at least. You just need to grab ONE, focus, work hard, and be there.

I am his honor student and promoting this killing WSO deal before it’s closed. I paid $97 full price early 2011 and wish I got this no-brain deal. Anyway, TIME is money. How much IM education could you get with $30? It not only comes with the video training, but the bonus Azon Theme is super optimized and converting. You properly notice general premium WP themes cost way more than that.

Your success is my passion. Feel free to drop by my blog and claim your WordPress training on the right side bar if you need one.


Do you buy in Amazon Affiliate Business Model? Would you share with me about your first make-money-online experience? I’d like to learn more about your Make Money Online Journey as well.

Please feel free to comment in the below session, Contact Me, and I will get back to you shortly.