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How I made $900+ Extra Money as an Amazon Associate on Black Friday

How I made extra money online on Black Friday

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” – Derek Bok

I’ve learned about this lesson a while ago. Great IM education and taking massive actions pays off.

I’d like to share one of my best extra income days in 2015! I made some extra cash like $900+ on Black Friday. How?

What is Amazon Associate?

Amazon Associates is an Affiliate Program of Amazon. You promote products on Amazon. When your readers visit and buy on Amazon through your Affiliate links, you make some income commissions varying from 4% up to 8.5% – depends on how many items.

This is not a get-quick scam as I did put in hours of work ahead of time.

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Niche Site Business Monthly Income Report May 2012

Online Income Report May 2012
Online Income Report May 2012

May was over and I’d say it was a good month to shake things out. Finally my Major money making site got hit by Penguin 1.1 update on 5/26 (right before the memorial long weekend.)

What’ve happened in May

1. Frustration

I didn’t accomplish my May “goals”. Main reason was I was “procrastinate” and fear to build “new sites” and sort of wanna wait for the penguin update settle-down. I was lucky that it didn’t hit my money site right after 4/24. The traffic was steady for the entire month until 5/26 Long weekend.

No dobut that this is the lowest income month since I have actively blogged about my online business on

Be honest, I am feeling a little bit frustrated and all my hard-work since last Sept flushed in the toilet over Penguin update over night.

My “christmas” success keeps me going, but I need to figure out what would my next big success be.

2. This is not truly Passive Income

I totally bought in “Passive Income” scheme and thought my niche site business is “passive”. I was naive to think that my Amazon Affiliate income would keep up.

Reality is not. My niche site traffic would be slap by Google Search Engine Algorithm update. It may go up and down and out of my control.

I used to spend good 2 hours a day working on my niche sites and thought my hard-working would pay off.

Well, I could say there is a passive income, but it may not be residual and “passive” as I have “dreamed” out. It definitely keeps consistent hard-working.

In the beginning of my MMO Journey, I took hundreds of hours reading and learning. While I was making more than $100 a day in Nov/Dec, I was working even hard and trying to write fresh content and build backlinks.

Not only that, I used to spend hundreds buying WSOs on monthly basis. I was looking for that “secret sauce” and had the dream what is the next making me thousands.

This is the reality check for myself. This Online Business is dynamic and not easy as people scam.
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