Amazon Affiliate Income Half Year 2016

Amazon Income Half Year

It’s a quick update about how I have been doing as an Amazon Affiliate and some take-away to share with others.

I do have my own struggle which is to scale even more traffic and income upcoming months.

The below screenshot is what I have been earning as an Amazon Associate (part-time extra income) this year.

Amazon Affiliate Income 2016

Amazon is a great Affiliate program as you can promote almost everything there; from Digital E-books to Electronic Gadgets, Clothes, and even Organic Food.

I’m not new to this as I started my first Site back to 2011. I stayed focus from 2014-2015 as part-timer learning and implementing.

I’d call it one of the best “passive” business model as you don’t need to buy your own inventory. Worry about shipping or refunding your customers if they return.

You can take off couple days or weeks and still have commissions coming in.

Also the Sky is unlimited as you can always grow your site, have multiple sites, or even sell them for 15-20x monthly income to cash out.

Of course there is risk involved if traffic goes down or your sites being hacked.

This is what I have done so far this year. (Still pending 2 month paid check from June to July).

How it works?

Basically you build niche websites that has traffic (people land and read on your sites). You provide helpful information and they click your Affiliate Links to Amazon.

They buy your recommended products or other random / related stuff. You earn commissions paid by Amazon various from 4 – 10%.

My 5 Main Take Away

1) Take Action Persistence.

Being honest, I started my earning sites back to 2014 & 2015.

I was persistently learning and getting things done last 2 years. It becomes my part-time hobby.

We all started with zero. If you feel over-whelmed with this whole business, you shall slow down understanding it.

2) Niche Selection and Keyword Research

I can’t agree more about this these days as there are so many competition out-there (Top 10 SERP results).

I see so many aged authority sites when I do my research. This is the way to go. I prefer being an authority in some niche.

Competition is always there, and you can outgrow yourself over-time too.

Find low competition keywords to start off with Longtail Pro (my to-go keyword research tool) or a cheaper online alternative KW Finder.

If you only start with 20 or 30 pieces of articles when kicking off your sites, always start with low competition ones.

Stay away from competition unless your sites have Authority over-time.

3) Content is the KING.

I mainly focus adding quality content over-time as more content you have, more longtail keywords are indexed.

Your site grows authority over-time.

Also more user engagement and they love sharing your content if they are in quality and helpful.

I have been adding a lot more informative posts serving my audience – following Bootcamp Module 3 Blueprint.

Offer Values first. Sale and income will follow you!

Format your content nicely. Make them look good and professional.

I get social sharing over-time as a proof here. That’s the best “back-linking” for you.

4) Outreach and building relationship with your niche circle is important.

That’s why outreaching links is the way to go.

I heard PBN (Private Blog Network) still works. Its different kind of budget and system if anymore.

Same as outreaching and emailing other sites to link back to you.

You can learn much more in BootCamp Module 5.

I’m heading down working more on Linkable Content and Reaching out. There is a business process in place. One just needs to follow it. It’s not a rocket science.

Get out of a Comfort Zone and start connecting following this blueprint.

Bonus Backlinking Tricks: Some Web 2.0 Sites that still work these days – they re still indexed after a year! See my list below:

1. wordpress.com

2. tumblr.com

3. medium.com

4. yola.com

5. blogger.com

5) Focus on Execution.

If you have a plan in place, go ahead and make things happen.

Many times we “worry” too much about if this works or not.

Be adult and make your own decisions taking actions.

I was learning on-going since 2014, still now. This is a good business model. I know others do extremely well with creating own products or Adsense sites.

They all work and come together when you focus.

Get away Shiny Objects and focus ONE project at a time.

I’m on my way hitting $50K Goal as Online Part-time Income this year. And you? Is it anything I can help you to accomplish?

Game Plan for the REST of 2016

With my last 2 year Nov/Dec Experience, I’m sure that it gonna be huge again.

I’m head down adding fresh content, test various “Call to Action” Buttons, and Reaching out for links – scaling out my Authority across my niche sites.

Also I’m building out some new ones and investing heavily into Linkable Asset Content (Informative and Helpful type posts).

As I said, always good to have a plan (calendar) layout and get things done.

I’ll spend time and make sure that the coaching students following through and have successful numbers to share later.

Opening up my Coaching Program and Access my Help

I was asked how to start off and if I had my own training. My answer is NO and I don’t have my own training course yet.

For now, I’d highly recommend this A-Z Amazon Training BootCamp.

I offer 30 mins 1×1 coaching call as a thank-you bonus for those signing up here.

Also you can access the forum and access help from other experienced members.

Note: Just clear your cookie when signing up and forward your receipt to bonus at nicheup.com

These are my coaching students testimonies:

jane coaching student testimony

craig coaching student testimony

arjun coaching student testimony

I enjoy coaching others implementing this BootCamp Training and be successful. We all learn the best as a community.


What’s holding you back as an Amazon Affiliate? What kind of help do you need?

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