Welcome to Niche Up Community. This is Kent Chow. I am living in the Bay Area, California with my beautiful wife and 2 kids. I do software for living.

I enjoy reading and working on the internet, mobile and software. In Free time, I’d spend time with my kids and watch movies.

Past Experience

In the past, I thought making money online is a scam. In the beginning of 2010, I exposed to Make Money Blogging. I downloaded tons of free ebooks and opt-in’ed many email alias.

I was information-overloaded. It took me some time to really sit down, digest, and understand the business models.

I was just amazed about Internet Marketing and how people make real money through Affiliates and Advertising.

Early July 2010, I started this blog (inmarketingtips.com) to document my Online Business Journey.

How’s this different?

In this blog, you will find Inspiring, Interesting and Informative tips about Niche Sites and Make Extra Money Online.

I’d like to share about what it works, my learning notes, action items, and tips/tricks to help you success and make more income online.

After all, it’s NOT about how much I make online. It’s ALL about you and how  you take actions  and keep it going.

Why is this blog?

This is a good question. There are thousands of MMO blogs out there. I’m not a guru at all and just a regular guy making extra money online for my family.

I was spammed and don’t wanna create another spammy Niche Site blog.

I can’t give what I don’t have.

With my continual growth, it’s a new passion to add values to others and help others growing their Online Income.

How am I am doing?

In 2011, I took actions and focus on building niche sites for Amazon and Adsense and made my first $10,000 online.

2012, I am focusing on growing my niche site traffic and building new ones. My goal in 2012 is $100 a day – which is $30,000 a year. (Didn’t make it as I was hit by Penguin 1.1 – my First Online Temporary defeat.)

2013, I was still struggling about what’s my next Online. Amazon / Adsense Niche Sites were hot.

In 2014, I had my second low 5-digit year.

Now 2015, my goal is $100 / Day. If I can do it regularly, I will figure out how to scale.


How have you been in your Online Business? I’d like to know more about your story and get to know you more.