7 Steps to be Free from Information Overload

I was information overloaded, and you?

I was looking for “the shiny objects” as “5 Bucks a Day” book mentioned.

I was hungry for INFORMATION. 🙂

I am in software industry. For me, it’s not about technology, I do reading and sinking in all business and marketing ideas on daily basis.

7 Steps to Be Free from Information Overloaded

0. I filter all my emails, promotions, WSO pre-sells all into a folder. You could  do it super easily in Gmail. I go over and check out what’s new when I need to. You don’t need to check out and buy whatever people promote.

1. Slow down

2. Write down and know what you know. (Such as wordpess, seo, list building, content writing whatever you name it. You would be surprised you indeed know a lot.)

3. Know what you want to learn and read. (I on-going read and catch up SEO, link building, social SEO, etc.)

4. say NO and delete (I don’t read PPC, List building, create your own products, whatever that is not applied to my current and core business.)

5. Focus and execute. Reading info can’t get you to where you want to be, not even finishing up ONE single 5 BAD project. Just go and do it.

6. During working on one 5BAD process, you need to know HOW. Go and search what you need. Learn it piece by piece and execute.

Be Information Managed

You are Information Managed
You are Information Managed

Finally, you are not information “overloaded”, you are information “managed” and “leading”.

Information without digestion is NOTHING. If you manage, get it, and do it, it becomes your knowledge and part of YOU.

After these 2-year reading and making money online, I can’t say I am a guru. At least I know SEO & Affiliate Marketing more than what I knew 2 years ago. Indeed, before 2010, I was thinking all MMO is a SCAM. Why Google will send you a check?!

This industry and Internet/mobile industry is moving so fast. I keep learning and reading everyday.

Be information “managed”, not “overloaded” today.

After 2012 Break-down, Luckily that I narrowed and picked my ONE business model – Amazon Affiliate Authority Sites. It has been paying off very well 2014-2015.

Discussion and Sharing

Are you information overloaded? Do you have tips how to deal with it? Anything I could enhance and add on my step list? Thanks!

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