5 Free Ebooks about money-making blogging you should have

Everyone loves freebies. Don’t you? When I started learning about Internet Marketing, I downloaded every free ebooks that I could. Indeed, there is no FREE lunch. Most of ebooks come with affiliate links to various products and services. I agree that the authors should get paid and compensated as they provide valuable information about Blogging, IM, and Make Money Online and spend time writing the books.

These are my favorites and personal preference. (Sorry, no affiliate links here):

Yaro Starak’s Blog Profits BluePrint

John Chow’s Make Money Online

Daniel Scocco’s Make Money Blogging

Robb Sutton’s Problogging Is Dead

Zac Johnson’s Six Figure Affiliate Blogging

These ebooks really help me to learn about the Real Business Model and how they do IM and Make Money Online. Instead of attaching all pdf files or showing you the direct download links (I’m not supposed to), I’d suggest you to opt-in their email list and receive their blog update and newsletter.

Side Note: Although they are free, you’d expect to pay to buy a domain, web hosting, wordpress themes, email autoresponder etc if you like to start doing IM and creating money making blog. No surprise and I assume you may have already known. If you have these, just go ahead and execute the gold-minded ideas.


I am only listing 5 ebooks as there are hundreds and thousands available out there. Any good one I’ve missed? Please kindly leave the links and I’d go ahead and download one.

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