5 Creative Ways to Make Money Online

Are you looking for THE secret to make money online creatively? Have you been overloaded by tons of spams selling you how to make a bunch of money in a short period of time? I don’ t have an answer here as I am still learning in my journey.

As you may know, I have been reading about Blogging Tips, Make Money Online, Passive Income, Internet Marketing, Working from Home, and Online Lifestyles that kind of niche blogs for a while. I kind of enjoy learning and interacting with other bloggers. Sometimes interesting and creative ideas are fun to read and inspire our lives.

These are just creative examples in case you are not aware of them. I was just impressed and became their readers / subscribers. In my opinion, they are super creative. Just that they involve your creativity to be very successful in the competitive market.

1. Making money out of iPhone Apps

Pat from SmartPassiveIncome shows how much income he makes on iPhone Apps. I kind of enjoy reading his monthly reports and how things break down such as his June 2010 one.

Some of free apps make money out of Ads or upsell you to the paid one.


Mobile is still growing and there is a huge potential
It’s a proven model and more than 225,000+ apps in iPhone AppStore and 100,000 apps on Android MarketPlace.


It’s a very competitive market.
The learning curve is steep. Not everyone could develop Mobile Apps and make profit of it.
There are basic investment on hardware and developer cert publishing those apps on the mobile devices.
Technical is the first step. Marketing your apps is tough. There are thousands of apps in the store and market. Hard working is needed to stand out; Luck comes second.

2. Online Ads is way to go

Advertisers and Internet Marketers buy Social Ads on Facebook or CPC (Google Adwords for example) and direct the visitors to their offer or landing pages. If they pay and buy goods, advertisers get paid through affiliates.


You are going after targeted prospects.
It’s fun to monitor your Campaign and see money flowing in I guess.


Ads is costly.
You really need to know what you are doing; otherwise will lose the budget and no return coming in bucket.

3. You could make decent income through Amazon Associates

I love shopping on Amazon as it’s free sales tax and free shipping. I didn’t know you could make decent income with niche blogs selling their products. It’s hard work but possible.


You are promoting physcial goods instead of ClickBank Information Products
You are leveraging Amazon’s trusted branding
You don’t need to carry stocks and do customer support. They will handle all and you just need to send quality traffic to them.


Not friendly for international customers. People hate paying extra shipping.

Some niche are very competitive such as Baby Products and Electronic. You get to be creative and work extreme hard.

4. Flipping websites

I recall I read a few blogs about successful building their online business with flipping websites and selling them.


There are reliable channels to sell blogs and websites.
The entry cost is low; probably the domain name and hosting are required only.


You need to have process to transfer your blog after transaction.
You know the skills to build a profitable one.

5. Spamming around on Twitter and social network

Just kidding. Don’t do it and you will get people unfollow. :)Debate:
Do you have any other Creative ways making money online. Please feel free to share.


Easy, just create a free account to fish around with your product affiliate links.


Bad for yourself and your branding.

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