15 Sources to Find Keyword Seeds for Building Niche Sites

15 Sources to Find Keyword Seeds for Building Niche Sites
15 Sources to Find Keyword Seeds for Building Niche Sites

Do you have hard time to think about Keyword when building your Adsense Niche Sites? A year ago, I didn’t have any clue and hesitant to even start and buy my first keyword domain name.  I’m unveiling some of my best tips and hope they could help you create tons of “keyword seed” to build this Adsense Niche Site Empire.

Today, I’m starting a series about this Adsense Niche Site Business Process and How I approach my Case Study.  A year ago, I made $0 from Adsense and was seeking out free information and tools helping me to make my first $100 Adsense paycheck.

This post is sort of my combined notes collected in the past.

What is Keyword Seed?

I call it a Keyword Seed as like a seed helping you to gather hundreds of potential keywords to go after and rank for. For example, “Insurance” could be a keyword seed. This is a high CPC but very competitive though. Once you plug it in Google Keyword Tool, it will let you to have another 800 potential keywords to decide building niche sites on.

I spend time thinking about Keywords on daily basis and these sources could help you brainstorm keyword seeds

1. Google Trend

Do you know everyday, there are thousands of new terms being searched on Search Engines?

Google Trend tells you what is hot and people are searching.

Google Trend for finding keyword seeds
Google Trend for finding keyword seeds

2. TV Ads

Advertisers are paying millions for TV ads daily, that means there are demand and return for them. Those keywords are people searching online.

3. Thinking about Expensive Services

This is sort of like reverse engineering thinking..

What legal and medical services do you pay for hundreds and thousands? I am sure that there are service providers bidding on the Adsense Ads.

What kind of keywords are they competing for to get their Return of Investment (ROI)? Those could be your seed keywords such as DUI lawyer and Dentist as example.

4. Magazine Racks

Magazine racks
Magazine racks

There are tons of magazines and readers. There are niches. Check out the Advertising pages and you will get ever-end tons of keyword ideas.

Grab something that interest you such as Fitness, Beauty & Parenting Magazines when you go grocery shopping this weekend.

The potential is unlimited!

If there is a demand, there should be supply – your niche sites.

5. Consumer Report

I am also on Amazon Affiliate and I subscribe to Consumer Report. A lot of germs there and I will talk more about how Consumer Reports help me pick product niches.

Some Products pay extremely high CPC like HD TVs and Computers. Think about what expensive and high demand products that people are buying on daily basis.

6. Local Newspaper

I haven’t explored this local niche approach yet.  I have found many local business advertisers and there are market for sure.

I heard that Local Advertisers are not very “skillful” and they pay higher cost for those CPC bids.

You may be able to find some germs in those Free Community Newspapers too.

7. Walmart and Home Depot

Just open your eyes when go shopping in your favorite stores. There are tons of keywords flowing everywhere. Are you aware of those?

Walmart and Home Depot are my favorite stores to shop at. And you?

I love doing my niche keyword research and field trips once a while. Also you could catch up your product niche and trend. There are always new models coming out on annual cycle.

I read an interesting tips… The “sub-niche” products are at the bottom of shelves. They may not be most-demanded ones, so they are not so competitive either.

8. Evergreen Niche

Money, Health, Relationship, and Hobby are ever-green big niches if you haven’t heard about. 10 years from today, people are still looking for those solutions and information.

You can’t go wrong if you could dominate some related and high researched keywords

9. Problems

This is like end user search pattern that you need to be aware. People just type in their “questions” or “problems” in Google. Like “How do I make money online fast?” or like “How to sleep better?”.

When people have issues and problems in lives, they look for solution and they go Google. Those could be your seed and Longtail keywords.

10. Movies and TV Shows

I enjoy watching action movies and love stories + comedy type of movies. Sometimes I watch Disney movies with my kids. I picked up a few keywords while enjoying the entrainment.

Check out your favorite TV shows and sure that some money making keywords flowing around.

11. Glossary

This is a very powerful tips that you can’t miss. One of the best tips I have learned last year. Search your keyword + glossary in Google and you will find a lot of germs.

For example, Real Estate is a huge industry, do you know there are tons of words that you may not have heard of such as: “subordinate financing”, “sweat equity” etc.

Check these out and you should be amazed some of those have very high CPC such as “escrow account” – 4,400 Local Monthly Search – $11.01 CPC” on the search network bid.

Hop over this example and see if any keyword you could pick and compete.


12. Flippa

Yes, I always check out those high-paid Adsense and Amazon Niche Sites being sold or sold out on Flippa. They could be very inspiring about what could be selling and making hundreds and even thousands a month.

Check out these Flippa Auctions – High End Over $1000 a month ones

A few times, I could snap the ideas and pick related keywords to go after. Also you could do reverse engineering of what other selling sites are and why. (I may talk about how, so you could learn from real samples.)

13. Browsing web Around

Yes, I always encounter new vocabulary when browsing around and reading for fun.  I love checking out yahoo.com, aol.com, and  msn.com content network, they always have some interesting news and ideas catching my attention.

14. Talking to your friends and relatives

I love talking to my co-workers and friends. Everyone is different and have various different hobbies and interest.

By knowing others, you would learn what they care and what their problems are. Most Likely, they google search those information on daily. Yeap, you get some new keywords almost in every conversation.

15. Keyword Research Package

I buy keyword packages on WSO ranging from $5 to $20. I bought many WSOs and they are just saving my time and be my inspiration. English is not my first language, I don’t even know some of vocabulary or usage exist. 🙂

You could even get those [FREE WSO] Keyword packages for inspiration too.


Open Your Eyes and be Sensitive to “Keywords” today. There are a lot of germs out there.

Don’t tell me you don’t have Keyword ideas anymore? Hope these tips inspire you to pick up a few winning keywords today!

Action Items

Go and find 10 Keyword Seeds this week. We will talk about How to generate related and potential keywords to build your Niche Sites next week.


How do you think of Seed keywords? Do I miss anything on this list?

Do you know any creative ways spilling out seed keywords?  Please kindly share in this IMT community.

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