3 Lessons I learned from my $11,000 Amazon Associates Income in the First Year

3 Lessons I learned from my $11,000 Amazon Associates Income in the First Year
3 Lessons I learned from my $11,000 Amazon Associates Income in the First Year

On March 14, 2011, I pushed the “Buy” button and took my first step to learn how Amazon Affiliate works and tricks to earn a paycheck from Amazon.

As one year anniversary (this blog post published on Mar 12 2012), I’d like to reflect about my first “success” and let you know my 3 learned lessons. Hope it inspires you to take actions on whatever you are doing.

2015 Update: I’m focusing on my Niche Site income these days and try to work for an hour-ish besides 9-to-5.

I plan to share my lessons to bounce back to 4-digit Amazon Affiliate income in 2014-2015.

After all Google Penguin and Hummingbird update, I could bank in some good extra income regularly. Will share with the Niche Site Community later.

It’s a little bit history about what happened to me before taking Niche Profit Course.

Early 2010, I was spammed by Make Money Online ideas.

I finally bought my first domain name and started this blog early July 2010, I wrote about 5 posts in a few weeks with “excitement”,  my passion faded out and I gave up, It was just hard to blog about blogging, without making a dime online.

2010 was over and all the sudden I stopped all Online Business Activities except bought a few $7 training here and there and reading some blogs.  I would say it was a good break after the information overload after long period of time.

I was a little bit frustrated and wasn’t determined to success.  It didn’t work out for me.

Is there any real business model out there?

Early 2011, I learned about Niche Profit Course from Smart Passive Income Podcast Session 10. I saved up some money. On March 14, 2011, I finally took the courage and bought NPC. I finished watching the video in a week.

Then did my product research and bought the first niche domain name within a week. I was slowly creating content and building up the traffic. It wasn’t very successful. I had my first sale which was $1 in May.

I almost gave up because the commission rate 4% is just too low for me. Then I built a few more as experiment. Honestly, I didn’t really trust the model and I just wanna get the best out of $77.

Tell you the truth, I didn’t make $1000 a month for 11 months straight to make this income. Most of the sales were coming in from Oct to Feb.

Many of my niche sites are slowing down and sales dropped recently. Traffic and Online Business is very dynamic. I’m ramping up a few and building new ones on monthly basis. I’m still working on my second $10,000 these days.

I’m not selling you a Making Million Online Dream. I’m doing this part-time after 9-to-5 as many of you guys do.

Amazon Associates Income One Year
Amazon Associates Income One Year


These are the BIG lessons that I have learned through the process and hope they are inspiring to your Online Business no matter what you are doing.

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How I made $900+ Extra Money as an Amazon Associate on Black Friday

How I made extra money online on Black Friday

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” – Derek Bok

I’ve learned about this lesson a while ago. Great IM education and taking massive actions pays off.

I’d like to share one of my best extra income days in 2015! I made some extra cash like $900+ on Black Friday. How?

What is Amazon Associate?

Amazon Associates is an Affiliate Program of Amazon. You promote products on Amazon. When your readers visit and buy on Amazon through your Affiliate links, you make some income commissions varying from 4% up to 8.5% – depends on how many items.

This is not a get-quick scam as I did put in hours of work ahead of time.

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Web Hosting and ANSF Black Friday Bonus

HUGE Web Hosting Discounts this Weekend

Many of my Amazon Niche Sites are hosted on Hostgator (this Blog) and BlueHost.

The Hostings are running Black Friday and Cyber Monday Special Discounts this weekend.

To help you to boost up your Amazon Niche Site Business, I gonna install ANSF WordPress Template when you order the new hosting via my Affiliate links.

Yes, Amazon Nice Site Formula (ANSF) comes with An Ecom or Review Style Premium Theme and Plugins and I am more than happy to install it on your new hosting.

This will help jump start your Niche site business big time.

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